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$40 Vodafone Prepaid SIM Starter Kit $9.90 Delivered @ Vodafone


$40 Prepaid Combo Plus Starter Pack for $9.90 from Vodafone including free delivery.

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  • can i use this to activate as pay and go of $40 value for 365 days ? just curious as just need and extra sim for longer run.

  • I went to activate one of these for my daughter's iPad the other day and you need to give them a credit card number now, which they charge $1 to make sure it's real… even if you're not setting up, or planning to use auto recharge… no credit card, no prepaid account :(

  • Thanks, picked up a few of these. Catch is dying and will need something to port out of Kogan with.

  • Catch Connect have removed their 40GB for $4.90, this is a good alternative along with Kogan $4.95 for 40GB. Thanks!

    • Oh, you're right. I just realised it's 35 days expiry on the combo plan. Oh goodie.

      RIP Catchconnect profit.

  • What is the expiry date for these?

  • Can anyone confirm if the first recharge is 45GB as it reads like only those made using auto recharge will be the full 45GB.

    • Yes you need to opt in to auto recharge when you first activate to receive the 45GB (20GB +25GB bonus). But you can opt out fairly easily once you receive your bonus data. From vodafone: "You can opt-out of Automatic Recharge by texting ‘NO ATR’ to 1263. Opting out of Automatic Recharge won’t remove your saved card so you can recharge via SMS or online."

  • Does any knows whether Vodafone has any port out port in restrictions? With Kogan I think you can't port out and then back in less than 30 days apart.

  • Thanks OP. Just got one for the Child's mobile.

    Also I have just confirmed with Vodafone online chat, that the $50 starter kit can be activated as pay and go for $40 credit for 365 days.

  • For people who purchased this have you been charged for it yet? So far Vodafone has only done a preauthorise deduction of $1 from my account which is strange as they should have just deducted the purchase amount. The bank card is due to expire in days and I have already received the sim from Vodafone. So I have no idea when they are going to charge me for it.