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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max AU $799.20 Delivered @ Official AU Roborock eBay Store


With $100 eBay gift card included this brings the cost to $699.20 with AU Warranty (Seller removed eBay gift card in the listing.)
To check if you ordered whilst the eBay gift card offer was still on, when you click on the listing you should see an alert on the top as shown below.

The listing below has been updated by the seller, but you can see the item you purchased. When you click on the item link you can see if the gift card option is mentioned in the description.

Roborock S5 Max has better mopping support compared to S5 and S6. Detailed review here
Comparison with S6 MaxV review here.

Stock Shipped from Sydney.
Regular price: $999

Original Coupon Deal

ABN 94 613 433 800

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    Just purchased, thanks for posting. I have a noob question though, is the "$100 eBay Gift Card" posted or emailed or just added to the account.

    • +2

      It's mentioned in the listing:

      The FREE $100 eBay Gift Card will be included inside the Roborock S5 Max delivery parcel.

      • thanks for that, I checked everything else except the description hahah

      • +1

        Maybe I'm blind but is the $100 gift card still mentioned in the description?

        I can't find it and noticed the listing description was edited around 13:30 AEST.

        • +1

          nah you're not. It's not there anymore, it was mentioned where with the "Free AusPost Delivery" and within the listing.

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    I paid $655 including delivery about 4 weeks ago at Tobysdeals. Took a while to get delivered but it’s here and fantastic!

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    Selling quite fast close to 20 so far today wonder how much stock they have or when it will be ozbargained.

  • Waiting for s6 max or s7, has better navigation with cameras.

    • +1

      I would have too but it's hard to find or know if and when they will be released, there will always be something better in future models just have to settle with one at a point in time for an ok price.

    • From this comparison video and comments what I gather is if the camera is turned off, the two are similar.

      S6 MaxV is great for pets/poop and if you have toddlers with lot of toys and footwear lying around. Also looks like as per their release cycle the probable release date is around August. Long wait and uncertainty of price is what weighing in favour of S5 Max imo.

  • +1

    Good price, good product (got S5 Max in first Oz release by Roborock-AU).

  • +3

    After reading too many reviews which confuse you more finally pulled the trigger

  • +1

    Thanks OP, have been waiting for s5 max deal. Bought one!

  • +1

    where is the $100 gift card mentioned? I cannot find it when I go to ebay page…

    • +1

      Looks they removed $100 gift card offer

      • Yep, they have updated the listing. Updated the post.

  • Hopefully they will send it for orders it was advertised for as I don't have a screenshot for proof

    • If you click on the listing, you will see a note on the top saying seller has updated the listing, you can see the listing you purchased. When I click on that I can see the eBay $100 gift card offer.

      • OK i see it on the desktop browser previously was checking on the phone app it don't show all that information. Sales are now slowing because no gift card included.

  • Is TobysDeals deal better - https://www.tobydealsau.com/en_AU/product/rpmvwkh6t7yrystjun... - $619 AUD at the moment, though it is an EU version

    • Typical of any grey import item. Local warranty not available. Although many have taken this path.

  • Been using the s5 max the past 2 days. Was holding off for the s6 maxV but I honestly have no regrets, it's amazing, should have purchased it earlier.

    • Got it delivered today. Yet to unbox. How long did it take for the setup and get go?

      • Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Ozbargain doesn't notify me when I get a reply on my comment. I am sure you have figured it out by now lol. Legit just pressed clean and it started mapping and cleaning at the same time. Then I brought the charger upstairs, updated firmware and made a new map for the upstairs layout. The mopping leaves much to be desired though. I heard Braava mop is much suited for this though.

        How has your personal experience been with it thus far?

  • S5 max or S6 for $849 on special at the moment?

    • S6 is an older model if you did not find out yet. The naming system is strange.

      • Ah ok

        So from latest to oldest does it go:

        S6 pure
        S5 max

        Mainly have floorboards that need a regular mop.

        Leaning towards the s5 max at the moment.

        • +1

          The mopping is pretty underwhelming on my floorboards; have 90% floorboards. Go with the iRobot Braava Jet m6 if mopping is priority.

  • anyone else received their s5max with no $100 ebay giftcard inside the box?

    • It's inside the main packaging box as soon as you open the top flaps it's there, also check if you order included giftcard.

    • I got mine inside the main packaging, same as the comment above.

      • +1

        yeah def looked through the whole box nothing was there,

        they said they would cancel that card and send me a new one (given me tracking number and its in the post already)

        really great customer service from roborock, very happy so far :)

        just thought i'd share the above

        • +1

          That's good customer service!

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