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Free to Rent Documentaries - I Am Not Your Negro | 3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets | Gurrumul | Westwind | Murundak @ Google & YouTube


Normally $4.99 each.

Also available on YouTube without having to log in (thanks to simhanada for the info).

I Am Not Your Negro - 7.9/10 (16,703 ratings) on IMDb - YouTube

Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck returns with a transcendent documentary examining the life and work of literary iconoclast and queer icon James Baldwin. The Oscar-nominated I Am Not Your Negro is based on Baldwin's unfinished manuscript Remember This House, a stirring, personal account of the lives and deaths of his friends and US Civil Rights Movement leaders Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Narrated by Samuel L Jackson and over a decade in the making, I Am Not Your Negro seamlessly interweaves the historical and contemporary into an experience that blurs the past and present, demanding its audience consider how far we've come since the 1960s. 2017 Magnolia Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets - 7.2/10 (1,671 ratings) on IMDb - YouTube

3 1/2 MINUTES, TEN BULLETS dissects the aftermath of the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis and the trial of Michael Dunn who, in 2012, shot him repeatedly at a Florida gas station for playing his music too loudly. 2015 Jordan Davis Movie LLC, All Rights Reserved.

Gurrumul - 8.0/10 (200 ratings) on IMDb - YouTube

Celebrated by audiences at home and abroad, Indigenous artist Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu was one of the most important and acclaimed voices to ever come out of Australia. Blind from birth, he found purpose and meaning through songs and music inspired by his community and country on Elcho Island in far North East Arnhem Land. Living a traditional Yolngu life, his breakthrough album ‘Gurrumul’ brought him to a crossroads as audiences and artists around the world began to embrace his music.
GURRUMUL is a portrait of an artist on the brink of global reverence, and the struggles he and those closest to him faced in balancing that which mattered most to him and keeping the show on the road.

Westwind: Djalu's Legacy - 7.0/10 (8 ratings) on IMDb - YouTube

WESTWIND: DJALU’S LEGACY is an enlightening and powerful film which profiles internationally revered musician, craftsman and spiritual leader Djalu Gurriwiwi. As an important custodian of aboriginal culture, Djalu and his community must find a new voice and leader to carry their songlines and traditions through future generations. The film follows Djalu and his son on an important journey which features musician Gotye and artist Ghostpatrol to keep this culture alive.

Murundak: Songs Of Freedom - 6.3/10 (14 ratings) on IMDb - YouTube

MURUNDAK: SONGS OF FREEDOM journeys into the heart of Aboriginal protest music following the Black Arm Band, a gathering of some of Australia’s finest Indigenous musicians, as they take to the road with their songs of resistance and liberty. From the concert halls of the Sydney Opera House to remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory, murundak - meaning ‘alive’ in Woirurrung language - brings together pioneering singers including Archie Roach, Bart Willoughby and the late Ruby Hunter, and a stellar lineup of emerging Indigenous talent including Dan Sultan, Shellie Morris and Emma Donovan. 2011 Daybreak Films, Screen Australia, Film Victoria

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      clearly so do Queensland Trolls.

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              @miq: Another observation: "Alt right" = "Anyone I disagree with" (and done without first checking what alt-right actually means).

              • @Faulty P xel: Yep. Same can be said for Bigot, Nazi etc. Catch cry of the left.

  • +63

    Some users in here appear very upset over some free documentaries…

    • +17

      Just like some people were very upset over free religious material

    • +4

      It seems so.
      These five videos were apparently $4.99 each; now free.

      Meanwhile, this "deal" was always free and has 289 + votes.

      Which is the bigger Bargain?

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      these "some" users are probably supporters of Pauline Hanson's One Nation party (and they admire trump)

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        Yeah! Orange man bad!!!

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          I laughed. Have an upvote.

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    To all those who have some how been offended by this post, I suggest you actually watch "I Am Not Your Negro". It is an amazing doco. James Baldwin is incredibly thoughtful and intelligent… If you watch it and still have a problem with it, I think you need to question why?

    • +6

      nice to have a level headed post

    • +1

      Seconded, its a good documentary, and I am not necessary a fan of the man's politics (for electic reasons too long to set out here).

  • +21

    Thanks OP, never too old to continue my education or (heaven forbid) learn from an experience other than my own.

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    Black stories from black voices are very important and these are free. What more can you ask for?

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      As long as those voices are honest. ;-) I remember a certain book penned by an aboriginal woman claiming white settlers formed a line and walked across Tasmania exterminating aboriginals as they went. It turned out to be a complete lie but it didn't stop the lie being taught in schools and turning up on reading lists. A similar thing is happening atm with some guy whose name escapes me. His ancestors are all documented white europeans but he decided one day to claim he's aboriginal and write a book claiming aboriginals had towns of hundreds of people and advanced infrastructure like buildings. Even the tribes he claims he belongs to disown him but the ABC has been pushing his fantasies as fact and I think his book too might be on the school reading list. These reprehensible grifters 'white'washing history do nothing to solve real problems.

      • +1

        On a partially related note (about authenticity and intellectual honesty), I went to a film festival with a mixed race (angle, aboriginal) film maker, where the guy basically slammed white culture as environmentally destructive for an hour during a discussion after the film, and praised Aboriginal culture for living in harmony with the environment.

        He was half white. And half black. Which meant in his eyes he was 100% black. I'm like, dude, keep criticising white people all you like, just realise you're part white too.

        Didn't say anything as I didn't want anyone to throw a shoe at me.

        • -1

          A rock would of been more environmental plus historical accurate.

      • +1

        I like free. Honesty you can judge for yourself

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        I remember a certain book penned by an aboriginal woman claiming white settlers formed a line and walked across Tasmania exterminating aboriginals as they went. It turned out to be a complete lie

        Are you talking about The Black Line? That really happened in 1830
        Australian Museum

        A similar thing is happening atm with some guy whose name escapes me. His ancestors are all documented white europeans but he decided one day to claim he's aboriginal

        Sounds like you mean Bruce Pascoe, author of Black Emu

        His claims haven't been debunked, and lots of Aboriginal people and historians support him, but for some reason there has been a massive campaign against him by the Murdoch media. I guess the mud sticks. Why don't you read the book and make up your own mind?

        • +2

          Yeah, I read the comment above, and thought, hang on a sec, that actually happened. There was a good account of it given in The Fatal Shore. It was a stupid idea from the start, given the terrain of Tasmania. When they closed the dragnet, only two indigenous people were in it, an old man and a young boy.

          • @cannedhams: Sigh… no it didn't. They did not line up with the goal to EXTERMINATE every Aboriginal person.

        • The link you provided supports what I said. That the purpose was not to exterminate every Tasmanian Aboriginal person…. as the first link I provided from the same site also showed.

          Everyone has some agenda or bias so I don't care what a source is. I have enough honesty to listen to a source then check their claims because what matters is facts. And the cold hard facts are his documented ancestors are all white Europeans, the very tribes he lays claims to have flat out denied his claims of Aboriginal heritage (when typically they would both welcome and cite such claims in support of their own agenda), he refuses to provide evidence of his personal claims, and there is no archeological evidence supporting the claims in his book.

          I'll trust documented evidence and elders of the actual tribes over some white dude who makes unsubstantiated claims contradicted by evidence. And I certainly wouldn't fund another slight against aboriginal people by adding to his wallet by purchasing his product. However I have read word-for-word excerpts from it and the best that can said about them is they are thin air.

          As for the ABC they abandoned real journalism long ago as have most others. I watched that 'panel' show of theirs years ago. The one where about five people sit behind a bench facing the audience and that grey-haired guy Tony something with grey hair and glasses. After it I watched the unedited video provided by the person who was 'on trial'. The ABC had taken video of the person from 20 minutes away and inserted it after a question asked, to make it appear they were dumbfounded and couldn't answer the question. Total intellectual dishonesty. Then I saw another example, and another. That's not journalism that's brainwashing. So I stopped watching. They should have been defunded well over a decade ago.

          The mass media is not dying because of the internet because online 'journalism' such as Buzzfeed, Guardian, etc are all laying off staff and dying too. I believe the real reason they're dying is simple: they don't report facts/reality. Instead they present a personal bias then manipulate or omit facts to support only their personal bias. And people don't like being lied to. So when they realise they're being lied to they walk away and don't return just like I did. Thus the mass media FORCES people to look elsewhere for news/facts/reality.

          I'm perplexed someone would call presenting facts a 'campaign'. Perhaps it is. A campaign of honesty/journalist integrity.

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    Compelling. Thank you for posting.

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    Is this about Joe Biden lol

  • +11

    I was lucky enough to see Gurramul live before he passed away.

    I still remember his voice ringing through the block in Redfern. I've never found a recording, live or studio, where he sounded as powerful and present as that evening.

    Anyway, black or not black, political or not political, PR move or not… beauty is beauty folks. appreciate some.

  • I'm doing my bit, crossing my fingers the NBA season will restart!

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    If you want to stay out of having to login to the google ecosystem you can watch the documentaries through the Madman website


  • but are you my book?

  • +6

    Thanks. Always good to learn things from different points of views.

  • +4

    Thanks for the post, always something new I can learn.

    Youtube links below:


    I Am Not Your Negro

    Murundak: Songs of Freedom

    Westwind Djalu's Legacy

    3 1/2 Minutes. Ten Bullets

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      TriHard 7

  • shit imdb ratings for a doco ima pass

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    Alot of people Neg deals when it is pushing an agenda, I dont see how these ones are any different, might as well post everything free, such media sheeps tbh

    • +4

      Comments like this are embarrassing.

      • How?

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            @Freshisbest: Ignorance is being a sheep and protesting in a pandemic which is more embarrassing @Dog

  • Such a shitty name for a documentary, should have a more serious name so people won't unnecessarily joke about it.

  • Unfortunately, such a dumb statement begs the question "then whose?"

    • Back in the US slavery days, fugitive slaves faced a multitude of charges for running away including absconding with another's property (themselves)

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