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[eBay Plus] ASUS ZenWiFi CT8 Wireless AC3000 Router $489 Delivered @ Titan Gear eBay


$489.09 delivered with eBay Plus using code PVOLTAGE - lowest price ever for the CT8, I think?

I gave up on waiting for the RBK50 to come back on sale, seems that ship sailed long ago. I ended up getting the CT8 and I think (for me) is the better choice anyway, as AiMesh provides that extra flexibility if you need/want to change things up with your network down the track. Have had these units at my place for about a month now, no issues whatsoever.

  • AC3000 Tri-band Whole-Home Mesh WiFi System
  • Coverage up to 5,400 Sq. ft (500sqm) or 4+ rooms
  • 3 Gbps WiFi, 3 SSIDs
  • life-time free network security and parental controls
  • 4x gigabit ports

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  • does this support wifi6?

    • +1

      No, that would be the ZenWifi XT8 which is around $900 or so

      • how does this compare with the RT-AX3000? https://www.asus.com/au/Networking/RT-AX3000/

        I am getting the RT-AX3000 for $339 from Amazon AU.

        • The router you mentioned is dual band, CT8 is tri band. Also, it comes with 2 units thus you should be able to get more consistent wifi across your home. I’m sure there are plenty of other differences but these 2 are big ones.

    • No, the ZenWiFi AX8 does however is much more expensive.

    • No wifi 6 would be a ax router not an ac. But that's also double the price

  • I wish we had some idea about extra satellites being available.

    • You can buy 2 sets and you’d have 4 nodes, as they are all the same (you just pick one to be the router). Otherwise any of the other ASUS AiMesh compatible routers can be added to the network.

      • I have ac ac88u as the router in my orbi setup (as the Orbi in router mode looses connection regularly) won't the ac88u be missing the dedicated backhaul if you added it?

        • Yeah I guess so, if you are going wireless backhaul. If you go ethernet backhaul I think it should be fine though? (Someone correct me if this is not the case.)

        • Not exactly no. I believe you currently have the Orbi connected to RT-AC88U via ethernet, you can do the same for the first CT8 Node. The second will connect with the first via third Band. If you can run ethernet far enough for the first one that should be possible.

          • @Bigboomboom: Thanks, Bigboomboom, I'm thinking of getting the CT8, as I prefer the asus gui, security and usability features. If I keep the88U in the mix, I get asus merlin and Diversion adblocker running across the network. Pity merlin doesn't run on the CT8.

            • @Bludger: If you want to keep AC88U in the Mesh system you will need to reflash stock firmware, otherwise it will just be the router without working in Mesh mode.

              If you can keep the AC88U in Mesh router mode rather than just router mode, it will offer better coverage than just the two CT8 alone. Ethernet backhaul to the first CT8 unit would be great but even without third band for backhaul on the AC88U i don't think you are going to miss much. Unless you have >100Mbps internet that is.

  • I’m tossing up between this and the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus (3-pack).
    They’re both around the same price range.
    Been looking at this review https://www.digitalcitizen.life/asus-zenwifi-ac-ct8-review?p...

    I don’t need router functionality as I have a Mikrotik configured which takes care of my NAT, Static DHCP, OpenVPN etc.
    I’ll be using this as pure AP with mesh (1 node won’t have an Ethernet backhaul)

    Very on the fence with which one to go with.
    I think having 3 nodes would provide me with better coverage.

    Also pondering spending a bit more and going with a Unifi AC Pro/Lite and 2 AC-M mesh units. Decisions decisions.
    Undergoing analysis paralysis 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Which way would you guys go?

    • I bought this a few weeks ago for $498 ($50 off deal on eBay) and it's been great so far. I was looking at the Deco M9 as well but the reviews I saw put the CT8 ahead on performance and stability. I've had no issues with just two nodes, and I'm in a 3BR house with plenty of walls to interfere, and yet I get full coverage right around the house. The neighbours probably get it too! :)

      • +1

        Good to hear that your experience has been good..
        I pulled the trigger this morning on a pair of CT8s after a lot of research and a night of deliberation.

        After reading a few more reviews of the Deco M9 and how limited it was when it came to configuration (you can't even change wifi channels), decided not to go down that path. They don't seem to be very configurable.
        Yeah, I'm getting 2 units instead of 3 but the specs on the CT8 hopefully should make up for it.
        Besides, with AiMesh, I can add on other compatible ASUS products if required at a later stage.
        Maybe even add-on the XT8s some time in the far future when the price comes down lol

        Decided not to go down the Ubiquiti path (I love that its very configurable and prosumer/near enterprise grade), but I don't have existing ethernet wiring (and don't plan to run any). Most of their units are meant to be ceiling or wall-mounted which won't work for me because of the non-existent wiring and antenna radiation patterns (if it's just sitting on a flat surface).
        It would also have cost me more if I went down that path as I would have gotten at least an AC-Pro and two AC-M or AC-HD and two NanoHDs (for MU-MIMO).

        This will be replacing the existing configuration of 3 x Mikrotik RB750G APs that have been running for quite a while.
        Should receive it next week.. Will see how it goes.

  • Great price. Just wish the XT8 was on there and part of the sale.

  • I just purchased the RBK23 from TGG delivered for $499 + delivery.

    They have a special until the 17th June, you get $80 store credit. On top of that, can stack with cashrewards for extra 5%. So comes down to around $400.

    I chose the Orbi over the Nest because the satellites have LAN ports and the fact that the satellites 4 antennas capable of AC2200 unlike the Nest points that are only rated at AC1200 which is different to the Nest router at AC2200. So I suspect the Orbi will have better transfer rates from the Satellite points further away as you daisy chain.

    • +1

      I considered the RBK23 too given it's one of the few Orbi's with availability right now, but ended up going with Asus CT8. I didn't bother with the Nest ones though because transfer speeds are so much lower and it doesn't seem to be any cheaper than the faster competition. But from what I've seen the Nest is SUPER easy to use (but possibly too simplistic if you have more advanced needs). The CT8 units have a huge number of network features which is great if you're comfortable in that space but probably overwhelming if you want the bare bones.

      • Yes, agreed…I ended up cancelling my RBK23 order and got the CT8 as well!

  • Just wondering, will it be achieving 4K or 8k video streaming?
    I will be getting connected to FTTC soon. Not sure should I pull trigger on this one or wait for XT8 to come on sale?

    • +1

      FTTC will most likely be what prevents you from streaming 8k comfortably, not your choice of router.

    • Yeah, your internet is more likely to dictate the speed you get. I don't have CT8 but using AX88U and AC68U in AiMesh mode, i can cover essentially 700sqm not just my house but sitting way back in the back yard I'm still getting 80-100Mbps on WiFi. The 'dead zone' in the house was getting around 220Mbps.

  • Does this have vlan?

    • I don't believe so. I can't find anything for it in the admin GUI.

      • On Asus VLAN 802.1q is under advanced settings, LAN, IPTV.

    • VLAN tag 802.1q or VLAN to segregate your smart home stuff?

      • internet vlan ID where I need to put in number 2

        Only Internode uses it for their NBN

        I've had Vodafone before and they don't . Also heard Telstra and Optus don't use either.

        Only a select list of routers have vlan for internet. Not smart home stuff

        • Yeah the Asus CT8 does have VLAN tag 802.1q. Refer to IPTV section on the user guide

          Not only Internode, iinet and TPG use it too and Telstra and Optus don't use it.

          • @Twix: Yup I guess all.the companies owned by TPG right?

            • @Poor Ass: Yeah iinet and Internode fall under the ISPs owned by TPG group.

  • I’ve been eying these and keen to order. Does anyone know if it will work fine with Optus and Cable? Assuming it will be fine but want to check!!

    • Yeah it's fine.

  • Has anyone received their item? I have ordered as soon as OP posted the deal, but the seller hasn't even shipped my item till now. The seller is not even responding to my messages. He keep selling more, so just be cautious.

    • me too

    • Received notification from eBay 15mins ago that it has just been shipped.
      Tracking number provided but not in Auspost system yet.
      Will see how it goes.

      • I just received a notification too. not showing in Auspost app yet.

        I also got a generic response for my messages at the same time..

        • I guess i just have to be patient, no tracking or message response

          • @sifun: getting impatient.

            Glad you guys have got your items :D

      • Received the delivery today woohoo.
        Will configure it tonight.

        • So far so good. Running in AP mode 👍🏻

          • @syngen: May I ask why you aren’t running it in mesh mode? For what you’re paying for these isn’t that really the main feature? Otherwise you could have gotten 2 cheaper routers and just run them in ap mode?

            • +1

              @dwhes: Oh, maybe wrong choice of phrasing.
              I’m running them in AP mode instead of Router mode but using AiMesh (so it’s mesh). My main router is an existing Mikrotik Router.

              CT8-2 <— wireless —> CT8-1 (wan port) <— wired —> GB switch <— wired —> Mikrotik Router <—> NBN

              The CT8’s were purchased so that the dedicated backhaul feature could be use as this part of the house doesn’t have a hardwired point and previous test with PowerLine device was slow (different phase)

              Also looking at getting another lower-cost dual-band Asus AiMesh router which will hardwired (existing Ethernet port) at another part of the house to extend coverage (looking at AC67/68/86U or Blue Cave).

              • @syngen: Ah ok that makes more sense now. I’m currently running 2 netgear R7000s in aimesh with Merlin vortex firmware and really trying to decide if I want to upgrade to these. Part of me really thinks I’ll regret not going wifi6 though. The XT8s are so expensive though.

    • Still waiting to receive any notification as well.

    • I also received mine and configured today. Very happy with the purchase.

  • Just received an email that the Black colour is out of stock at the supplier, and that they can fulfil my order with the White colour but not till at least mid-July.

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