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WD 14TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - $416.19 + Delivery (Free with Amazon Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


First time posting. Have been looking for a 14TB HDD to store all my.. umm.. "collections" ;)

In stock on June 24, 2020

Equates to around $29 per TB.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Wow 14TB. That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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    What kind of drive inside?

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      Model : WDC WD140EMFZ-11A0WA0

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          Thanks. Didn't say if you would need the 3V trick?

          • @congo: That will put me off buying if that's the case.

            I've got the 24tb duo drive on Harvey Norman and I'm wanting to check if those 2 can be easily shucked

            I've read it only effects some power supplies, any more clarity on that? If it's just a simple molex to sata adapter I can live with that…

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              @scuderiarmani: Yes molex to sata should work fine as it doesn't carry the 3.3V line (It only does 5V and 12V)

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              @scuderiarmani: If you get molex, you would need to get a good one.
              Seen cases online where a dodgy one caught fire.

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              @scuderiarmani: You know what they say mate.

              Molex to SATA, lose all your data.

          • @congo: Assume WD drives require it

        • Can I insert this into a synology no problem?

          • @dualcore: The 3V trick isn't really a huge issue, most modern cases with hot-swap bays won't need any modification, and if you do just cut a piece of electrical tape to cover the pin - that's all. No MOLEX adapter needed.

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      a hard one

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    I've got room for one more HDD, but my last 12TB hasn't even arrived yet. Can't believe i spent thousands on hard drives. If I had a wife she would have left me over stuff like this by now.

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      I justify it my working a few extra shifts

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        If I did extra shifts i could build a whole new server and fill it with six more drives. and it could double as a second lite gaming PC, so my future wife can play with me

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          Very hopeful of you to be a PC gamer with a wife.

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      Justify purchase with Kondo. "Will it spark joy?"

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        Well yeah, that 12tb of porn is gonna spark a lot of things.

        • What's the other 2TB for?

          • @D C: This is "14TB", aka 12.7TiB you will see in Windows.

            • @dualcore: Ok, what's the other 0.7TB for then?

              And why are pedants so serious?

    • Whats your RAID setup? IF youve got room for one more drive the extra 2TB here might be unusuable if youve already got 12TB drives in your NAS/PC?

      • No RAID, just individual drives for storage. No backups except for the 9TB of music.

        • 9TB of music?! wot, thats insane.

          Lossless FLAC files im assuming? Whats your collection look like?

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          I like Audio quality too but there comes a point where Spotify is just too easy

          • @scuderiarmani: I use paid Apple Music as well which thankfully means I don’t need to download as much music.

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      I remember buying 300 and 500gb drives at $1 per gig.

      Not sure I have actually saved any money on games, movies, and subscription TV services over the decades when I really think about it.

      • At least you didn’t have to look at ads. I tried to compare the quality of a web rip to the Nine app stream, to see which one was better. I gave up after the eighth ad in a row, didn’t even manage to get to the show. Just killed the app and forgot about it. Ads are very easy invasive. If I had a girlfriend who made ad sounds every few minutes I’d dump her.

        • +1

          Actually you know you've absolutely nailed the key reason I have been unplugged from free to air or subscription TV all this time.

          I hate ads. Don't tell me what I need. I'll go looking for your product if I want it.

          I use adblockers online, and now when I see an ad it just trips me out. "She wasn't interested until she saw my American express card" or "I was a bad mother until I started using OMO".

          Oh man, no thanks. Tried SBS and ABC streaming with the same response as you.

    • If you had a wife you probably wouldn’t need multiple terabyte drives ….

  • Would be great if it's a drive I can use in my nas, will have to find out what drive they use.

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      I read that sentence far too quickly and thought you said something else entirely.

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    personal idea. I would buy two 8tbs, mother said don't put eggs in the same basket

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      Buy two 14TB's.

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      your baskets are too small

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        Time to collect Linux

        • +5

          My collection dates back to 1 January 1970 00:00:00

    • Yeah, I agree. My not-often-used 3T Seagate stopped working recently and I'm still seething. I can't imagine how much more pain when 14T of pictures gone.

      • I’ve tossed multiple 3/4tb drives. Ideally when they break you can’t really remember what was on them, so you don’t have to grieve.

        • Wow! Just found out about these 3T Seagate drives:


          My Seagate model is ST3000DM001, one of the models mentioned in the article.

          These hard drives are supposed to last as I still have many 200G to 888G drives ways from the Windows XP era, some are even IDEs and they still work. Come to think of it now, I mainly have Maxtor, Samsung, Hitachi & WD maybe 1 or 2 Seagates.

          I'll try to stick to drives under 4T and will avoid Seagate if possible

  • Does power brick do 240v?

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      If you get a US plug, just register your device on WD website and contact support, they'll send one out free.

      • Do I have to call or email them?

        • +3

          Register device and email, takes 5 minutes and they will respond within the day and send out your power supply.

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    what type of 'collections' 😉

    • +29

      Linux ISOs

    • +3


      • I think I still have Japanese tentacle pron in 240p on a 2gb IDE drive somewhere.

        • -1

          What the heck is this? Naked octopussies?

    • Russian camel toe in 4K

  • Damn - great price for a 14TB, would have to be the lowest price for a 14TB i think.

    • Yes it is.

      • +1

        Yeah $/TB can be beter on the 10 & 12TB models (*during a sale) but this is very good for 14TB.

        WD White = Ultrastar (former HGST/Hitachi) solid drives! Way better than the desktop barracuda's Seagate use in theirs.

        • HGST/Hitachi are good?
          I thought that they were bad?

          • +2

            @congo: Noooo, they are (were) very good! I imported a whole bunch back in 2014, they've been on 24/7 in my NAS since and going like brand new. There is literally nothing on them to suggest they are so old other than the time-on hours.

            WD absorbed them and now use their Ultrastars in their Enterprise/Datacenter line up, which says something to their quality.

            I looked into things and it appears these WD White (rebranded Ultrastars) could be Enterprise rejects, ie drives that can't consistently manage 7200rpm so they've been repurposed as 5400rpm external drives. If that's true, essentially we're getting a high quality drive at a big discount. 5400rpm to me is preferred in my NAS.

            Toshiba is another high end option but just cost way too much. I think these cheap externals have gotten good enough that consumers don't need to pay more for the higher end products unless you have a specific need for it.

            • +1

              @Click_It: Sweet. Thanks for the info.
              Got one :)

              • @congo: Nice. I'm now deciding if I buy 3 to start my new NAS Raid 5. Those 3 can replace 11 current drives (2 arrays in raid 6 so 4 drives are doing nothing)

        • Just to clarify are you saying only the 14TB is HGST Ultrastar equivalent or all WD Whites?

          (I also am running 2x 3TB HGST in my Synology NAS but thought this might be a nice upgrade)

          • +1

            @jace88: I've only just started looking into this recently but it would seem that all WD Whites from 8TB up use Ultrastar drives. Steer clear of anything under 8TB because that's SMR territory. If there is a "U" in the HDD Model Number then it's an Ultrastar.

            Another HGST fan huh. Hands down the best drives I've ever owned. In my experience they last longer than you will have a use for them. But with 14TB and my lower consumption habits I'm aiming to keep these in circulation for 10 years.

  • does this have ethernet port? if connected to router, can this be used likea nas?

    • +1

      Its a USB drive. no ethernet. You can plug it into your router via usb - depending on what model of router you have will determine the functionality you will get out of it.

      • -1

        No router would be able to utilise 14tb. I think.

        • sorry, but why? I dont know why there would be a limitation

          • -1

            @TightTerry: Too heavy.

            • +1
              • -1

                @TightTerry: Put it this way, can you imagine running 14tb on old pentium processor? Or perhaps, why do you think cpu and motherboard have maximum drive size supported?

                • +2

                  @DisabledUser225214: No I understand that but you arnt running 14tb of data all at once it’s just a data share. I’m sure there are plenty of new routers that would take it as a usb 3 connection and you could share from it. There are routers that can be run as plex media servers.

  • Can i use this on ps4

    • CoD taking up too much room?

    • +2

      why would you need 14tb with a ps4?

      • 14tb worth of games

        • Respect, thats a lot of games!

    • +1

      No you can't I made the mistake buying a 12TB when the PS4 supports a max 8TB

  • So if you shuck this are they a helium drive?

    • +4

      Yes. Look at Lostoutback earlier post with reddit link

      • Thanks

  • What’s the drive rpm?

    • 5400rpm. According to reddit they're 7200 drives that have been slowed to 5400 due to either heat or not passing QC at that speed.

      • So the question is, do you trust your data on something that failed QC? Maybe that's why they only provide 2 years warranty for these.

        • The question is was it because of QC or because the enclosure couldn't handle the heat?

          • +1

            @Clear: If it can't handle the heat….Then it should stay out the kitchen.


  • I wish there were a wiki table somewhere with the current cheapest drives for various sizes and price per GB

    • +2

      Its pretty much these WD drives via amazon or some similar seagate ones really. These come in 6-8-10-12-14 and regularly go on sale at just about as cheap as they go. These are best bang for their buck atm, just browse ozbargain with the size and youll get some history.

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  • 14tb?? do you work for the C.I.A.?

  • +1

    Will this work in as a usb thumb drive?

  • Bought, thanks OP. I was half-looking for a new drive for my home server - I only have 7TB of 26TB free, so I'm very gradually running out of space. I've gt the HP Microserver with only 4 HDDs (10TB, 8TB and 2x4TB), so the bigger capacity drives are perfect if they don't have a huge price premium.

    Of course, a more cost effective solution would be to just delete some stuff - or even just not duplicate some of it. But I prefer to buy a new drive and try not to think about the cost.

  • +1

    Just built a 16bay DAS. 16x 14tb if i had the money.

    • +1

      What enclosure do you use?

  • Noob question, if your router have some USB ports, why not plug two of these into the router and save on not having to buy a NAS (around $600)?
    If you don't required RAID, any other benefits for NAS?

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