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Aqium 1L Hand Sanitiser $29.50 (+ $14.99 Delivery) @ Tassway


Aqium Instant Hand Sanitiser

Make aqium a part of your Daily hand hygiene routine

It offers a quick and convenient way to sanitise your hands on the go
Is a hospital strength formula
Kills 99.99% of germs fast
Is non-sticky and air dries quickly so you don’t need to wash, rinse or dry your hands
Australian made
Leaves your hands refreshed and hygienically clean

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    Is it free?

    • +1


      • Is it discounted?

      • -1

        Then follow the guidelines please

      • Are you stocking aqium and resales it now. Lol

  • Cool free samples

  • Terrible price

  • expensive

  • Was $14.95 now $29.50 Not a bargain !

  • 29.5 lol…. wish your company is well during pandemic. With this offer i would say no.

  • Definitely not a bargain.

  • absolute price gouging

  • Uh oh.. 2 months too late!

  • How is this a bargain? Please delete!!!

  • +2

    Standard Price at Chemist Warehouse is $14.49

    • -3

      great bargain from chemist warehouse, except that they don't have stock!!

      • …any more

      • +3

        except that they don't have stock!!

        So you decide to price gouge customers ???

        How is that a bargain ?

      • so what.. am not desperate to buy over price hand sanitizer.

  • +1

    Dirty business the sanitiser trade…

  • I think you are tad late to the price gouging party on hand sanitisers given how easily one can buy them from local stores for a lot less now.

  • +3

    $45 per litre

    to have it delivered ?????

    What planet are you from ?

    Under $15 here for the same brand

    • +2

      planet wuhan

    • This deal is terrible but not sure about to reference to CW considering it has been out of stock ever since the world went crazy!

      • +1

        I got a litre at Aldi for $10 the other week.

        That should get me through wave 2…

  • It is price gouging but at the same time, people were still paying much more than this a couple of weeks back and they were still considered a deal. Nevertheless it doesn't justify the price gouging on this one. It's unfortunate that people are taking advantage in already such terrible times, when people are losing jobs and struggling otherwise. If Aquim raised the RRP on the other-hand then shame on them!

    • UBER would call it surge pricing

  • Member since 16min ago! At 4.11

  • And they are selling toilet paper as well..lol

    • stockist

  • so quickly to expired lmao

  • No.

  • -1

    is this alcohol based product?

    • +1

      There was a good alcohol deal at liquorland earlier today…

    • You can drink it and it may kill corona as per Donnie's advised

  • Definately better deals out there without the delivery fee. Hard NO vote from me

  • Tasswank 👉👌

  • Hello Police.. I'd like to report a Tassway employee being murdered in the comments.

  • Do you want your store to be banned from Ozbargain? Cos this is how you get your store banned from Ozbargain.

  • The alcohol tax must have hit this one hard!

    Definitely not a deal.

    https://www.kogan.com/au/shop/?q=hand+sanitiser for example.

  • +1


    I guess the T is silent?

    Gee $45 for 1lt hand sanitiser
    or $10 from Kmart (always seems to have have stock around inner city Melbourne)

    or $20 delivered

    • +1

      I guess the T is silent?

      Ouch !!!

  • What a rort.

  • +2

    It's 19.50 now, lmao.

  • Your advertised price doesn't even include GST, which is tacked on during the checkout. Poor form.

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