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[NSW, NT] Free Two-Year Pass to Booderee National Park, Free One-Year Pass to Uluru @ Parks Australia


Parks Australia has waived fees for a two-year pass to Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay, NSW.
Uluru pass valid for 12 months, found here
Similar to this post but for a two-year pass at Booderee.
Save $74 on a vehicle pass.
To purchase the pass, choose your entry date ( I chose early July), enter details and the fees come to $0.

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  • Might be worth including what state at least.

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      Technically not in NSW, it's in Jervis Bay Territory of Australia.

      Edit: but practically it's within NSW. I only mentioned it because I think it's interesting.

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        It's an army base and aboriginal community or something

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          and the home to lots of Killer Wildlife

          It's well worth a visit IMO…

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          Navy, HMAS Creswell. When young I accidentally got too close to their boundary playing in the water and was told to move.

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            @eDust: That's a lot of downvotes for saying 'army or something' when it's actually navy!

      • learnt something new today!

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    Also says on the site that the park entry fees for Kakadu and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Parks in the NThas been waived

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      You can get a 1 year pass to UKT, but only 14 day pass to Kakadu.

  • I'd like to go there but it's a long way.
    I don't think there are any commonwealth gov national parks near me.

    • There probably are!

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    Great post OP! Absolutely beautiful place to visit.

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    Thanks OP - great deal!

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    Awesome Thank you!

    I wont be getting back to the mainland this year, but I'm likely to in the next couple of years…

    I grabbed a 2 year pass starting on December 31st, so:
    Valid: 31/12/20 - 31/12/22

    Got Uluru for a year also:
    Valid: 31/10/20 - 31/10/21

    • Did the same.

    • For Uluru free annual pass, When I select the start date: 31-10-2020, I am required to select: from 1day to 5 days, so I click 5 days but there is no button to select one year or 2 years choice, Why ? Any advice to get free annual pass for Uluru, Thank you.

      • It seems the party has ended, it was Ozbargained.. They must have picked up on all the long-term passes being grabbed for free and removed them..

  • Beautiful part of Australia, go there every year.

    • Is it feasbile/safe for a person to drive there (someone who isnjust familiar driving to bathurst and back only)

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        Yeh, no problems at all, the roads into there are good… There's some gravel out the back at Boodeere if you venture to places like the lighthouse ruins and such, but that's fine if you dive to the conditions, it was in good nick when I was there in 2018…

        Worth a visit:

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    Thanks OP

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    Beautiful part of the world- I call it home. The South Coast region was really heavily impacted by the bushfires and then COVID-19, so to see tourists coming back again and supporting local businesses would be lovely!

  • Thank you also got a pass from 1/7/2020-1/7/2020 for Booderee National Park

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      You don’t like hanging around parks do you

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    Planned a camping trip next week, just in time. Thanks OP

  • Page not found
    Oops! The page you're looking for has been moved or doesn't exist.

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      Argh, I tried to add two hyperlinks
      Now fixed

  • Bought thanks…

  • Thanks !

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    Thanks OP, done!

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      Agree, the only reason to visit a huge rock in a middle of nowhere and they banned it.
      Don't worry, everybody speaks the universal "money" language, so when they see less and less tourism maybe they will start thinking.

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    For those not aware:
    Concession card holders can get a free annual pass for all NSW parks:

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      Not really. Just pensioners and veterans.

      Not eligible for healthcare/student/tertiary and others.

      Bit bullshit tbh, given how hard life will be for many students going forward through this crisis and they're still happy to wring dollars from their pockets in one of the few forms of escapism that used to be cheap and/or free.

      The cost for me to leave my car to hike for a week is around $200. And that's just for it to sit in an uncovered gravel parking space.

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    It's $38 for Uluru and goes towards preserving the park…I think I'm gonna opt this one out. Even at my local free garden I pop a tenner when I go

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      They will need the tourist numbers more than $38. no international visitors, these parks and communities that run off the tourists will be hurting

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        yeah I understand but I wonder how many people will buy flights and book hotels because they can save $38 otherwise.

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          Having limited time free entry gets people talking about it and thus thinking they could go. IMHO get the free pass and spend extra on the ground, the parks fee ends up in general revenue I bet.

  • it asks for Visitors, i don't have any firm plans yet should i just put 5 (max capacity of my car)?

    • Yeah, the cost is per vehicle, so 5 is fine

  • I think they've closed the 2 year loophole. Only allowing passes up to Dec 2020

    • Just click on the "2 year" button…still works, I think you will find.

    • Just got a 2 year pass expiring in July 2022 for free. You need to select the '2 year' option.

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      Nope, still working for me. I think you just can't start from later than Dec 2020.

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    The income from both parks has been removed from the commonwealth and is given to the aboriginals. This is just a kick along by vested interests in gov to subversively help one group over another now the cashflow has dropped with COVID (and yes liberal and labour mates have their own feed-troughs). National Parks should belong to the people as they once did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eOqvY818Fg&t=0s.

    • So should the land that your house is on, just because there isn't gum trees where there is now a slab doesn't make it any less than the Australia the aboriginals lived on before the English arrived.

      So best to donate your land and move back to England

      • -2

        Are you aboriginal?

  • This deal brings back memories of Mad Waxthe surf movie.

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    Thanks op!

  • Is the Uluru passes for vehicles or person ? Wonder if I should get one in the off chance I go there. But wouldn’t have my car…

    • You need put on the rego number and how many visitors apparently

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    Thanks OP. That'll be a nice trip in Spring.

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    Anyone else having trouble with the Uluru pass? Can't get the NEXT button to work.

    • Also having same problem.

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      The start date cant be any later than 31st Oct 2020.

      So it ends up:
      Valid: 31/10/20 - 31/10/21

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        That's got it - thank you

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      Oops, got it now.

  • Question - does it check the postcode. im from VIC maybe will go there in 2021 who knows :)

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      It seems that it doesn't matter if the postcode isn't in NSW, but it just checks that it is a valid 4 digit postcode.

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        thanks. I hope the govament dont check on me

        • These are Federal National Parks so they don't seem to discriminate, Mexicans and Tasmanians welcome…

          I wont get over there this year, so I got the passes for next year:

          Valid: 31/12/20 - 31/12/22
          Valid: 31/10/20 - 31/10/21

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    after filling in all my details I can't click 'next' and I just get a small stop icon shown above it…

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      Set the Uluru start date before 31st Oct, and Booderee before 31st Dec.

  • What would happen if I book now but have a different car when it's time to go. Can I change the vehicle registration?

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      Yeh, I'm confident there's a thing on the website to change your rego…

      Edit; yep, there's an "Update Details" link on the booking,,

      • Thanks. But in between messages it got ozbargained so I guess it's irrelevant now. 😔

    • Or just put "HIRE CAR" in the rego

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    Seems the offer got expired? After entering all the details and agreeing to the terms the next option seems disabled
    Edit:My bad, the quantity of the pass was left at 0, updating it to 1 lets me process the request.

  • Only can buy annual pass not 2 years!

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      Uluru is only 1 year..2 years still looks ok for Booderee..

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    Doh, they've removed all annual/bi-annual passes from the site now while I was taking too long to check out it seems.

    • Yea I couldn't get passes for Booderee either. Wondered if something went wrong.

      • try going back to the main page and try again.

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    Man I really need a car… and to learn how to drive

  • I tried the Booderee National Park, but it only allow me to purchase a pass for 48 hr, how can I get 2 years pass?

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      Looks like it's been "Ozbargained" :(

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    Blast. Too slow. Isn't working at all now.

    I must check OzBargain more frequently.

    • Yeah, looks like the whole payment platform has been taken down
      Not sure if it's because of the amount of traffic or if they are updating the fee schedule

  • Is it feasbile/safe for a person to drive there from nsw (someone who is just familiar driving to bathurst and back only). Do you need special vechicle or radio

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    I suspect they've realised they've been giving away 2 year passes.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they cancel all the long term passes, but maybe those who got one in time will be lucky.

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      yes I got the notification today. Although the pass was initially issued for 2 years, it said, now expiry 31/12/2020 :-(

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    Yup! Ozbargained. Goes back to main page after selecting arrival date.

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    Party's over.

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    I got the notification today. Although the pass was initially issued for 2 years, it said, now expiry 31/12/2020 :-(

    • Same here my pass was updated. We go on the hitlist now.

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    I've saved the 2 years pass on PDF the day it was issued and so it still has a expiry date of 2022, I wonder if I print that out, it will still be valid?

    • Yeah! Wondering this too!

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