Is OzBargain Just a DDoS Attack Platform?

There have been multiple businesses and tech platforms targeted by recent DDoS attacks recently. This got me thinking. OzB has indirectly caused sites to crash or become unresponsive due to our insane volume and desire for a good deal. Are we all apart of regular, unintentional, DDoS attacks on small scale? This is just for a laugh so please do not take it seriously or take offence.


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    'We are bargain'

    • We do not forgive
      We do not forget
      Expect us

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        More like:
        We do not forgive price jacking
        We do not forget that amazing price-error deal that was honoured from five years ago
        Expect our high expectations

        • Lol given the amount of upvotes on every eBay plus deal then I doubt any of your statement applies

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    …i think were more like consumer/retail looters actually. see: price errors

  • You could say the same thing for Reddit and its "Hug of Death" on a larger scale

  • Yes.

  • we are necessary evil. Hungry bargainers in this economy.

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    All of your bargain are belong to us

  • OzBargainers are inevitable.

  • Too bad no one cares about ddos

  • Where the bargain dictates, we follow

  • Well, Gerry "GST EVERYTHING!!!" Harvey seems to think we are professional shoppers…

    • Harvey doesn't think. Harvey knows.

      But seriously, what difference would it make if we were or weren't. The idea of his business is to sell. Professional or not, we buy.

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        We only buy when it's on sale.

        Non-professionals pay full price. Gerry loves the amateurs.

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    We are the OzBargain. Existence, as you know it, is over. We will add your commercial and retail distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile

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    This is what i've come to except on ozbargain.

    We love eneloops

    We hate laptops with 720p screens

    We smash price errors

    Cash only with gumtree

    We hate brodens

    Rrp is ok when stock is very limited

    We hate rrp

    Etc etc.

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