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Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Unlocked Optus Stock) $599 at Harvey Norman


Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Optus branded/stock but unlocked. Considering $599 is a mid-range type of price, the specs (battery in particular) are really good, I think. Plenty of stock in SA it seems, hopefully same elsewhere.

Edit - just letting you all know the only Optus app pre-installed on the phone is MyOptus, which can be uninstalled. The phone also updates to EMUI 10.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Batter than k30 pro?

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      Hard to say. K30 Pro (or POCO F2 Pro) has:

      • better performance and connectivity (thanks to the up-to-date Snapdragon 865).
      • overall better screen (Samsung vs BOE/LG).
      • longer OS update as a more recent model.

      On the contrary, Mate 20 Pro comes with:

      • IP68 rating,
      • better quality,
      • lighter weight,
      • wireless charging,
      • Australian warranty.
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    Is this phone better than the oppo Reno 5g with the same price ?

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      The first question you have to ask yourself; do you want a 5g phone. The Mate 20 pro doesn't have it.

    • +41

      I switched from a Mate 20 Pro to the Reno 5G recently. Some notes:
      - Battery life is slightly better on the Reno (for me) if I stay away from GPS, but the M20P wins by a long shot if I'm using GPS for a couple of trips. Getting consistently >6 hours screen-on time on both.
      - I've noticed some small hiccups with GPS on the Reno (occasionally gets confused when you're stopping/starting).
      - Had issues with setting up Samsung Pay for my watch with the Huawei, and issues with calls/the mic over bluetooth through my car with the M20P that don't exist on the Reno (couldn't use Google Assistant).
      - No light bleed on the Reno's display and colours are more 'true'; the Huawei had a significant green tint in comparison. M20P wins on pixel density, but I can't notice the difference until up close. I've definitely liked not having the curved edges on the Oppo (when the sun hit the M20P, you couldn't see the edges/it reflected) and no notch.
      - Camera is much faster to launch and take the first shot on the Reno. Zoom is better. I can't notice any drastic differences between the two otherwise.
      - No waterproofing on the Reno unlike the M20P.
      - The speed of apps/launching them is nearly identical between the two, but I've found the Oppo to keep them in the background a lot longer (partially due to the 8GB RAM).
      - Obviously nice to have 256GB storage in the Reno.

      Overall, I was pretty happy with both phones (apart from the small issues, I definitely preferred Huawei's version of Android). I do miss the IR blaster on the Huawei though :(.

      • +5

        And Huawei has option to connect to monitor and go desktop mode, which I don't think exist on Oppo. This function also available on Samsung (Dex) and OnePlus (Andriod native).

        • +1

          USB type C adapters to HDMI definitely works on the Oppo. No desktop mode but it does work.

        • Hi,
          What kind of monitor do you have? I am using P30Pro, but when I try to enable that "Wireless projection", it goes into "Searching for devices…" forever.

      • Thnx, very comprehensive.

      • Reno is not dual sim tho?

        • Reno 10x Zoom is

          • @42: Yeah that's no doubt, but ain't they were talking about Reno 5G?

            • @DisabledUser341679: Yes letting people know there is a dual sim Reno. Its probably more comparable since they are both non 5g

              • @42: That's true,would love to see the Reno 10x zoom fall into the same price tag, otherwise would be all over it.

    • Where can you still find stock for Reno 5g

  • P30 or this one, which is better value?

    • +4

      Same chip and camera. Size and screen are the main difference.
      I prefer flat screen, but stuck with 20 Pro which is a very capable phone even now.

    • +2

      This one better

    • +1

      If for same money go Mate 20 Pro.

      • IP53 vs IP68
      • bigger and higher res screen
      • Faster charging (22.5W vs 40W), supports wireless charging
    • +2

      P30 has 3.5mm jack and higher MP selfie camera.

      Mate 20 Pro has water resistance (IP68 vs IP53), Face ID, IR port, 0.3" larger screen with higher res (1440p vs 1080p), 1mm wider higher MP ultrawide camera and larger capacity battery with faster charging and reverse wireless charging.

      I used to own a Mate 20 Pro and loved using it, the photos it took were really impressive. EMUI is a bit shit but you can buy bootloader unlock and flash custom rom. Unfortunately I accidentally dropped a TV mount on mine. Both the phone and I were shattered. :(

      • you can buy bootloader unlock and flash custom rom.

        No you can't.

        • +1

          I could with mine but you're right looks like they removed that option with EMUI 10. You could rollback to EMUI 9 and do it, but looks like the unlock code sellers have also disappeared.. Oh well.

          An alternative is to use Nova Launcher. Doesn't change everything but better than the EMUI launcher at least: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teslacoils...

          • @Ryballs: Yeah I use Nova and have since Galaxy S1. Best launcher there is :)

  • +3

    Nova 5T not bad and cheaper?

    • Yes

    • How is it better if you don't mind me asking

  • Interesting….I'm sure someone will have a non carrier version at a cheaper or similar price like what 5GWorld had with the Reno 10X?

  • +1

    Just want to throw my 2c in. I am currently running one of these and am loving it (have had it since Nov last year). Great camera, fast, wireless charging etc etc. Has all the features of a flagship phone.

    • this model still has Google Play, right?

      • Correct. Using one now since launch :)

      • +1

        Yea sure does.

    • I bought one when I saw the price and have to agree so far. Battery was still on 100% after logging into accounts, installing apps etc. Currently downloading software updates, seems like there’s going to be a few. The screen is amazing, I can live with the edges although not my preferred screen type.

  • -1

    how did they let you come back to Australia?

  • +1

    owned two of them. great build, fantastic cameras, superfast charging and the os/skin is more than fine. would recommend.

  • -3

    What question everyone is asking these days ..
    Is it Australia made phone???

  • +12

    i've used androids, samsungs, and apples through work and personal. The Huawei 20pro is ridiculously good. Bonkers battery life [24-48 hours with casual use], lovely camera, water-resistant which helps when it plops into the ocean during your niece's 2nd birthday.

    10/10 best phone i've owned and is my current handset.

  • +1

    No VoLTE or VoWifi on Telstra. You should be fine on Voda and Optus. The P30 Pro has VoLTE and VoWifi on Telstra.

  • +2

    "Mate20/Pro/RS are soon to get the chop for monthly Google Android security updates" https://www.gadgetguy.com.au/huawei-no-monthly-google-androi...

    Do you think that will be an issue?

    • i was thinking the same. if this phone all of a sudden loses access to google play store, it becomes useless

      • +2

        Um, this won't ever lose access to the Play Store. That's like saying: 'if the sky turns maroon'.

        • But will it lose updates? Will they no longer provide Android updates?

          • -1

            @chillipaste: I'm sure Huawei will take care of their user by providing necessary Android updates

            • @davidl2: Any P10/P10 pro/etc users out there can share their experience?

  • Got a Mate 20 Pro, love it! There are minor issues, but all in all a near perfect phone for me.
    Hated the UI, but luckily that's very easy to change by installing a new launcher.

    I also have a second row of icons underneath the first one, by using a custom wallpaper. That was another annoyance as much of the width is taken up by the cameras.

  • +1

    Did somebody say big battery and value for money? Mine arrives in 6 days…….:-)

    "The UMiDigi Power 3 is the best value big battery smartphone you can get your hands on!" 9/10

  • what does Optus variant mean, im confused thanks

    • pre-loaded with Optus ROM, and tons of Optus software/APPS

      • The only Optus app on the phone is MyOptus or whatever it's called. I have uninstalled it. Only now see the Optus splash screen when booting up.

  • +2

    Pros: Great battery. Fast charge. Good rear photos. IR Blaster. 3D facial recognition to unlock is super fast. Dual sim is OP esp during travelling.

    Negs: Shit selfie (beautify mode intense), Speaker comes out from charging port (but battery life is good), no headphone jack. Fingerprint ID crap.
    Have to get a Huawei company owned expandale microSD
    Few r/vs say the green tint but I didn't get it.

    Impress your date with your reverse wireless charging - but really slow.

    Don't forget CR or PM w OW.


  • any cashback to stack this with?

  • Does it have Band28 and IR blaster?

    • +1

      Yes. Ir blaster is so handy don't know why other manufacturers removed it. I used the mate 20 pro as my daily driver until about 2 mints ago great phone for the price. The camera is still up there with the best available at double or even 3 times the price.

      • Yeah rear camera.is bonkers good even on my Mate 20 (standard).

  • In case no one knows. This device was released nearly 2 years ago.

    Check out GSM arena to compare newer phones. Or Kimovil

    • +1

      Yeah, but it's still.as good as some ultra expensive flagships today.

    • +3

      Could you please recommend a better phone at this price?

      • Really depends on the individual user wants and budget but personally picked up a Poco F2 for $658 and I am happy.

        Performance, development and latest updates, 5G and wifi 6 are important for me and battery as I expect to keep this phone for the next 3 years.

        Are they still making the mate 20 pro or selling off old shelf stock?

  • +4

    Owned this since launch. Still a pretty awesome phone, super fast and amazing battery life. The camera was awesome, now still very decent.

    They dont slow down after 6 months like Sammys do…

  • Worthy upgrade from s8+? Anyone used Android auto with it? Read it has issues with connecting to it

    • No issues at all with android auto.

    • the odd glitch fixed by unplugging and replugging in
      Have also had the phone reboot itself twice in the past 5 months when plugged in
      First car with android auto so not sure if phone or car issue

  • +2

    Best phone I've owned

    • How many have you owned?

      • +3

        Good question, at least 20

  • +2

    This is the phone to buy.

    Has play store and its lightening fast. Been using it since release.

  • +2

    I've got this phone. I charge it every 2nd day. Battery is amazing. Awesome photos too!

    I've had it for a couple years but can't believe it is $599 though. Should be cheaper. It is 2 generations behind their current model.

  • Cheers OP. Just pulled the trigger. S8 was slowing down & this came along at the right time.

  • How's the support on this on xda and how much you need to pay for unlocking bootloader??

    • No options to unlock bootloader available. Even when there was, prices ranged from reasonable to ridiculous. As such, not much available in the way of custom ROMS etc.

  • this phone or the nova 5t?

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