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Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag $24 + Postage (Free C&C) 50% off @ EB Games


We all have things we don't want to do, right? It's high time you turned yourself into Pickle Rick to get out of attending awkward family therapy or going to stupid class or having to run boring errands. Pack this Pickle Rick sleeping bag and take off for another dimension - one in which you sleep. A lot.

It's not just a sleeping bag. It's also a great costume. No, you can't move in, but then that's kind of the point when you're a pickle. Just make sure you have somebody around to help you change back. Maybe not so much with a random syringe as with the double zippers.

  • Double zipper closure, made of 100% polyester. You're a PICKLE!
  • SMALL PARTS - Not intended for children under 3 years of age or anyone who goes by the name of "Jerry"
  • Dimensions: C-137 (aka 218cm x 73cm tall approx)
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low.

Available for free click and collect or with postage ($14.95 to inner Sydney for example).


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  • +23

    Dimensions: C-137 (aka 218cm x 73cm tall approx)

    Upvoted just for this.

    • +56

      No one asked you, Jerry!

  • +58

    You son of a b*****, I'm in.

  • +7

    Funniest shit I've ever seen

  • Oh geez, sorry credit card

  • +3

    This is such a Jerry thing to buy…. I've got one on the way.

    • +21

      "You just looked straight into the bleeding jaws of capitalism and said 'Yes, Daddy, please.'" -Rick

  • i need one for kids camping trip but cant find the degrees ratings? is this for winter?

    • +11

      All these licensed kind of items are not rated for anything other than your entertainement. I'd use them for summer camping but definitely not winter camping unless you hate your kids.

      • +10

        unless you hate your kids.

        Gotta be authentic to the source material

        • Peters, R. 2007.

    • +1

      i guess its no good for winter. ref ""Lightweight 1-2 season mummy-style sleeping bag, great for summer camping.

    • says for summer camping, probably don't let them use it for camping in Winter.

  • +14

    This is the exact definition of my wife telling me "Stop buying stupid crap you will never use" so hard to resist.

    • +2

      Yes want but don’t need, but want, it just makes sense

  • +1

    Hungry for pickles?

  • +22

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to sleep in a Rick and Morty sleeping bag.

    • why do people that watch this show think they have high IQ's?

  • No metro WA stock it seems :/

  • Can I actually use this for camping, or this just junk and super thin?

    • Probably junk. You can buy inner liners to increase the warmth.

  • weight?

  • -1

    Wat da? Jerry? Pickle? Ah, da hell wid it! Lol

  • At 73cm tall it must be a sleeping bag for actual pickles

    • +1

      What is this? A sleeping bag for ants?

  • limit of 1 per order?

    "Oh no!
    There are only 1 copies of Rick and Morty - Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag in stock, please select a store to collect from or remove the item from your cart."

  • $15 delivery :(

    • $39 for a sleeping bag isn't bad.

  • Putting myself inside a green sleeping bag
    makes me looks like a giant cucumber / zucchini :D

    • Or eggplant ;)

    • …..or a pickle

  • +2

    I’ve really gotta stop looking at OzBargain because it’s making me want to buy things I don’t need

  • Son of a b…All gone.

  • damn it. all gone

  • Bought one with click and collect 98kms away.

    • Lucky the travel restrictions are off! ;)

  • NOOOOOO i need this

  • +1

    I got one, but then was refunded by EBGames saying no stock… :(

    • Just got an email saying the same thing too :(

  • I am personally on the fence but, sent it to my bf. TYVM :3

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