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Dell XPS Laptop (2020) - 16GB, 512GB SSD, i7 - XPS 13 $2638.99, XPS 15 $2958.99 Delivered @ Dell


Hey everyone,
Deal is for the new XPS 13, and 15 line up.
Before there was the honey7 and EPP5 deal. But now Dell announce a 20% EOFY year sale, coupled with 15% cashrewards you will get a sweeter deal.

ALL XPS 13 line up : https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-laptops/xps-13-laptop/s...
ALL XPS 15 line up : https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/laptops/new-15/spd/xps-15-95...

From memory the XPS15 line up was ~2777, you should be getting a $200 discount going with this deal. I was upset losing out to the previous deal, but now I am quiet happy.

-contacted shopback to confirm that 20% EOFY + 10% shopback is fine or
-contacted cashrewards to confirm that 20% EOFY + 15% cashrewards is fine (obvious choice here)
-dont use any other codes or cashback will cancel.
-contacted dell about QC issue with the trackpad for the 15, and its gone.
-I had the XPS13 9300 for work, loved it, but i had the 4k model and battery life, and black flashes with the usb charging & bleeding of the panel made me go the non-touch now.
-ebay has the same deal, but no cashback
-unfortunately the deal for XPS 17 is non existent, please try negotiated with Sales Rep, in theory the 15 and 17 are only 200$ in difference.
-Would not get the 1TB model on the 15, as 512 should be suffice and plus theres expandable storage on the 15

I hope this was useful to some =)

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sorry first post!

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  • I think it was 14% earlier this morning when I checked!

    • true, but when the EOFY 20% came on, it was 10%

      During the 14% cashback, only the 1TB model was discounted at 15%

      Was spewing as well haha

      • The 14% was on shopback earlier this morning, that was after the 20% was activated on the XPS deal. I think they reduced it to match Cashrewards which was at 10% at the time I looked at Shopback.

        • ahh yeah, i was assuming it was 14%, bought it during lunch and it wasn't!
          damn damn unlucky agains.

          • @BaeSuzy: EPP5 still works

            • @sannieyipster: defintely shouldn't! because you loose your cashback, which is ~400

              • @BaeSuzy: Can you explain more? Currently I can apply EPP5 which brings down the price to $2811.04. At the same time I have a 10% cashrewards activated. Will I be losing the cashrewards amount if I proceed? sorry, I'm not familiar with cash backs.

                • @mango164: you will definitely lose cash reward if you apply EPP5, since 15% cash back is over, you will only get about 280 back instead of $400.

                  I doubt there be another sale on the XPS as heavy as that. So take the 20% plus 10% cash back!

                  • @BaeSuzy: Can you explain where $400 would be coming from? From what I've read cash back is applied to already discounted price without gst. So if I take 20% EOFY sale +10% cash back that means I'll be paying 2958.99 - 10% x 2689.99 = 2689.99

                    So I'll basically be saving just $269 on the cash back, right? Sorry just really wanna work it out cuz very tempted to buy haha

  • +1

    Cash Rewards just upped to 15%

    • +1

      Great find

    • yup, cancelled my order.

  • Can anyone please explain how I could use cashback with this offer?

    • +2

      download both cashrewards and shopback add-on,
      go to dell website,
      click the cashrewards, activate 15%
      buy as normal
      ~1day it will track your rewards
      ~75 days you will get that money back into your account.

  • I doubt the QC issues with the trackpad are gone

    • I asked the dell rep yesterday, they said the trackpad issue has been fixed.

      • +2

        I'm sure they would say that but knowing Dell and checking forums seems this will be a problem for a while

    • fair call. I actually would think same, but all we can do is trust that, if not we will resend it back. I doesn't bother me because i use a mouse anyways.

  • download both cashrewards and shopback add-on,
    go to dell website,
    click the cashrewards, activate 15%
    buy as normal
    ~1day it will track your rewards
    ~75 days you will get that money back into your account.

    • +1

      Note: The 15% cashback is on the laptop price after discounts and without the GST.

      • yup thanks man!

      • Is it 15% for you? I checked cashrewards yesterday and it has only been 10% for me.

  • Guys, just to confirm that the 20% deal on the website is stack with cashrewards 15% yeah.?

    Was about to buy new xps 13. The 4k model is it really bad?
    Also tossing between silver or white colour ;(

    • +1

      100% mine is tracked now
      yeahhhh i got the 13 4k, but i didnt like it. go the 15 =)

      • Does 13" get really warm under load? The reports of this makes me want to get the 15

        • define load?
          People need to understand, everyone wants premium laptops to be aesthetically defining. To do so, its small, therefore with the tech it offers, it be dense. So theres physically no space or room for proper if i dare say for cooling.

          TBH, you should be buying the xps 13.3 purely for professional "show" by show, i mean, i can take my inspirion 7000 anywhere around work but i take the xps because it looks more professional and aesthetically makes me want to use it.

          Recently, due to covid, i had to do lots of rendering etc etc, i do a lot on my home desktop, but during work, on the go and to change environment, it was all on my inspirion and xps 13. So here are what i did and my result

          -Rendered 1080p videos + miracasting to projectors to watch netflix.
          -do word docs
          -zoom meetings

          ^ sometimes all in one go, i undervolted both systems at -75 and -58, and temp maxed out at about 59C. Did it produce heat, well yes its such a small laptop. Did i feel uncomfortable not really. But like i said, the XPS shouldnt be doing things under crazy load?

          I have a Surface Book 2 as well, but i kept coming to the XPS and Inspirion. And now i've sold the SB2

          ALL in ALL, i recommend, XPS 13 for pure productivity but having aesthetic as key. For students or work force on the go (not sayings its lite, but its super super small)
          Go the 15'' if you want to do the lot. Since the foot print of the 15'' is literally the same as my SB2 13.5. As an adult, lugging a bit more weight, carrying a bag, does no harm to me =)

          Sorry if i came out rude, just wanted to give my perspective on what i encountered and machines i've used etc.

  • So, can we stack both shopback and cashrewards with the 20% off or its just one of them with 20%?

    • one of them, i put both up, because some do not like the complicaitons of using both, and prefer strictly shopback or cashrewards

  • +1

    Good find man! I'm considering ordering this, but weighing up the cost of ordering the RTX2060 version from the US

    • thanks man! i have been waiting patiently, and finally some luck!
      comes down to ~2.5k

      ^^ true to everything above if you are using things that are GPU intensive. I am just lucky because i dont and i have a desktop for that haha

  • +1

    Good deal! I placed an order of XPS 15 at Friday night ($2958.99), and received "tracked cashback" from Cashrewards just now ($403.50).

    • yup, i got mine tracked within 3 hours, i am usually a shopbacker.
      Waiting game now, mid july they say! With the track pad issue fixed, it should be good, though i feel i will once again regret the touch screen, but the 15 doesn't do 1080 + touch argh.

      • Apart from a Dell rep saying they've fixed the track pad issue, where have you confirmed this?

        As much as I really want to purchase one of these (I just about bit the bullet this past week), it certainly doesn't appear the QC has improved after reading online forums and YouTube videos from those who have purchased one of these new models or reviewed it, which is a real shame.

        Here are some of the main video's:

        Reading the comments of these video's it appears to still be a common problem. After sales support seems to be pretty ordinary too. The following is in the comments section of one of the video's

        "My new XPS 15 9500 had the same issue with the trackpad. It drove me crazy for a few days! I opened the machine, removed the battery, placed a piece of electrical tape on the back of the battery (perhaps optional) and tightened the screws down HARD when reinstalling the battery, and did the same with the body screws. The trackpad is now PERFECT! The battery forms the backing for the trackpad and needs to be tight to the frame."

        When you fork out this sort of money you really shouldn't have to worry about issues such as these, especially when it was present in previous models. A look at the comments here on Product Review shows Dell have some major QC issues - https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/dell-xps-15

        I don't have a single Apple product in our house and never have, however I'm tempted to go to the dark side and purchase a MacBook Pro and put Windows 10 on it given the QC is there with their products and they hold their value.

        • if you are going mac purely because of the design, os, QC and hold of value, i absolute agree.

          But none of the above trump productivity and the workload i demand from my units.

          I tend to use Mac for certain applications only etc, its purely dependent on your work environment!

          • @BaeSuzy: I just bit the bullet and purchased an XPS 15!

            What swayed me was the fact there were no major updates announced for the MacBook Pro 16" at the recent WWDC, plus I read somewhere Dell are holding up deliveries of the XPS range to sort out the issues with the track pad.

            Any issues and it's going straight back though and I'll switch to a MacBook Pro. Fingers crossed it goes well.

            Estimated delivery is 31/07/2020

            • @tight-ass: Nice man!!

              They are both great machine, the fact is Mac OS is so much cleaner, they are very efficient at what they do. Unless you want something simple, and work uses it for certain coding, then go the mac.

              But like you said, holding value + QC + warranty + service, mac 100%. But yeah, any issue, send it back, haha, i guess we have that luxury because we know what we are doing.

              Which model did you get !!!

              • @BaeSuzy: I went the base model FHD+ display, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD & Windows 10 Pro

                Didn't need the higher specs as I've got a desktop PC with 4k 32" monitor for that

                • @tight-ass: ahh, same same. my del date is same as yours and i bought it 6 days before you LOL

                  • @BaeSuzy: My laptop arrived today. You must have yours also by now given you ordered several days before me?

                    There's a very slight click on the bottom right corner of the touchpad when you touch it lightly. I'll give it a good test over the coming days to see if this is the only issue.

                    Everything else appears fine after running through this checklist - https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/h8t9co/lemon_list_how...

                • +1

                  @tight-ass: welcome to XPS family!

                  BTW, I also contacted the Dell Team about the estimated delivery, they replied me with "Unfortunately the order is still held under production due to part shortages."

  • If you don't want to go through shopback - you can often negotiate quite good deals with Dell. They offered me ~11% off on top of the EOFY sales so purchased directly with them.

    • what did you buy? I tried to negotiate on the livechat, and the best they'd do was an additional 1% on the xps 15

      • +1

        The XPS 15 as well; 32GB RAM 2TB. Maybe try your luck with a new email ID and another live chat agent.

    • this true, i did this a well, but i found they only heavy discount models like 32GB etc, and you can easily upgrade the xps 15.

      but good work!!

      • I was trying with the xps 15 16gb 512gb touch screen model, they really wont budge though

        • I'm looking for the same configuration. So right now EPP5 works for me so it brings down the price to $2811.04. At the same time I have a 10% cashrewards activated. Am I missing anything? Will I be losing the cashrewards amount if I proceed? Sorry, I'm not familiar with cash backs.

        • nah they wont, i've been nego with them throughout the month, thats why, when i saw 20% + 15% i had to go for it. You wont get able to get another better deal for a 15'' laptop + design aesthetic + specs.
          The Inspirion hella good as well if you dont get care about aesthetics.

          Agreed, i wish they had the 1080p touch panel. I used the 4k screen for the xps 13 already, and decided not to ever do that again hahaa.

          Also Mango, any code will not work with CASHBACK, unfortunately, the 15% deal cash back is gone, it best you get the 2.9k deal and go the 10% cash back now.

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