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[eBay Plus] AirPods $99, Beats Powerbeats Pro $199, Ring Floodlight Cam $199, LEGO Stars Wars $49, Kodak Pixpro SP360 $49


Everyone’s favourite whipping site has some more sales coming up including the highly popular AirPods.


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June 20, June 22, June 24, June 26 Deals
June 21 $0.99 Deals
June 30 [eBay Plus] Apple iPad 7th Gen 2019, 32GB Wi-Fi, Grey $329 Delivered (US Stock) @ iot.hub eBay

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  • +4

    Ebay does not deserve attention to these unobtainable deals

    • +36

      My colleague got the airpod the other day, we both scored the slow cooker this morning…

      Just because you are slow doesn't give you the right to neg a genuine deal that many people got.

      • +13

        Did you score the airpods? Everything sold out faster than every year prior. I'm beginning to question whether or not things are rigged.

        • -13

          I didn't as I didn't want one to begin with…

          Granted my colleague told me the competition is fierce with the airpod, but he has his tricks to beat others and score one….therefore I'm confident to say that yes it's obtainable albeit hard….it's not rigged thou.

          • @mg_k: Yes obtainable maybe one in a thousand are lucky.

          • +1

            @mg_k: any tricks you wanna share with us?

        • +5

          I've personally scored Airpod gen 2 and an A70. No keeping items in cart or anything, just refreshing as soon as the clock hits sale hour and clicking buy now.

          • @ichigo15: Personally have scored (for myself and someone else) 2x airpods pro, 1x airpods 2nd gen, 1x apple watch

            Additionally, contacted ebay customer support after being taken to the order confirmation screen for second set of both airpods second gen and apple watch, only to have the orders cancelled. Was offered a $150 coupon to purchase airpods 2nd gen from iot.hub seller (opposed to titan_gear) - the same thing did not work for the watch.

            • @ailee: Hey this happened to me and i told ebay about it and provided the screen shots also. Can you plesae message me the screen shots of them agreeing to the $150 coupon so I can dispute it further with them

        • +1

          Of course it is rigged as people can check out in 7 seconds. How can that be done?

      • +3

        its not even speed its just pain broken, i had it checked out within 5 secs but there BS system stuffed the payment up so people who ordered after me got it but didnt
        Not the first time its just there way of getting too much attention for something basically unobtainable

        • +4

          Gotta love you cant even neg this crap because some think its still worth it…

        • +2

          Tips - don't use PayPal but use cc.

          • @mg_k: Tried cc, came up with some bs error saying can't use this payment method. Its all about luck I guess.

        • -16

          Yes it is speed actually lol, you're bad.
          Have bought MULTIPLE pairs of Airpods over the last year.

      • +7

        The cheap way to promote your store is to 1/2 price an AirPod, just one, and let everyone talks about the price, not the number.

      • i was slow too, deal started 5:00 i was about to pay at 5:01 it gold sold out!
        u and ur friends must be super humans

    • +5

      How far eBay has fallen. How do people pay for Plus, do they just forget to cancel.

      • +1

        I buy a bit and take advantage of the free shipping

        • But it's free shipping regardless isn't it?

          • @sunnyc: Shipping is set by seller.. certainly not always free

            • +1

              @britta: But so is the item, not all good deals have ebay Plus

      • I forgot to cancel :(

        • Well this year is the one year where it's not truly horrible. I've gotten some good deals

    • Looks like this when you do eventually score one


  • -1


    • You going to get another Airpods?

      • Im not going to say anything…

  • +13

    time to be disappointed again folks!

    • Some of us have been undissapointed. Though admittedly had to beat the odds twice first time getting through second time having eBay correct a mistake in our favour.

      • +3

        It’s a lottery, not a deal.

  • Lego Star Wars? Which version is this?

    • Is real lego or game?

    • +1

      I thought I saw this posted earlier which had more detail.

      • Ah. Thought it was for the upcoming game

  • +34

    waste time

  • +1

    Actually it is worth to try…

    • +4

      Believe me, a lot of people who negged will still try. We all want good deals. I secured an Airpod in the very first deal. A lot of people did. Most didn’t. Isn’t it the case when all hot products comes down to unbelievable price?

    • Nope, even if you do it quick chances are there system will screw it and you will order wont go through anyway

  • Are airpods 2019 airpods 2?

    • +2


    • +2

      Either way, you’re still missing out on getting one

      • -1

        Relax I got one this week

        • Are airpods 2019 airpods 2?

          I got one this week

          Then why’d you ask?

          • @ajole: I didnt know airpods 2 are airpods 2019

      • I know its hard but if u are consistent u will end up with a deal lol

  • +7

    Most competition offers are moved to the competition section of ozb

  • Aargh, I hope there's a twist and there's some 99c deals just hiding

    • +2

      This Sunday 4pm.

      • I know two, what is the other one ?

        • +3

          what are the two that you know?

  • +1

    Ah yes "star wars lego", my favourite set!
    If we're talking a tie interceptor or arc-170 im in, if we're talking anything sequel trilogy im out.

  • +3

    Very simple trial accounts not eligible for these deals and one deal per account per year stops duplicate purchases of same item

    • They seem to be using the same code for AirPods so I guess it is just one per account right?

  • +2

    Use form submitter/filler plugin for your browser and score it before others can even blink.

  • did the apple watch happen today?

  • +1

    Don’t forget cash back on those $99 AirPods!

  • +2

    Wednesday, June 24: Apple AirPods Pro - $249 (was $399)(ebay.com.au) - 300 units available

    hahaha if 900 units sold out in LITERALLY less than 30 seconds…. i was waiting at 4.59 the other deal, and it ticked over to 5.00pm and it was sold out.

    good luck with 300. it will be sold out in the literal first 1 second - scripters everywhere. waste of your time to think you have any hope of getting this.

    • +1

      Stocks usually show up at 5:00:10~15
      Dont give up

  • +1

    After not receiving my Last of us 2 order today even though it was advertised as express post I can't recommend the ebay plus deals

    • +1

      Even so, you did somehow manage to score one for $49

    • +1

      I mean, is that really eBay’s fault tho? Was it not the Gamesmen’s fault for not sending them out express post?

    • +1

      I did get an answer about this from Gamesmen. They said that because the game was a pre-order and not a ready to ship item it wasn't available to ship in 1-2 days so this disqualified it from the express post inclusion. Some sort of weird loophole. They admit it had caused a lot of confusion but say they are working with ebay to find a way they can relay this more clearly. I think they got a lot of unhappy e-mails today. Not really good enough on the whole.

    • I'm not too worried though as I can't argue with the price.

    • Express Australia post takes 5-7 days interstate. You’re thinking if express couriers that overnight stuff.

  • +13

    So eBay drops some tiny, insulting marketing crumbs to the 2% of people who score a deal and we encourage this behaviour?

  • +2

    Maybe add something like [Competitive] to the title? I've started getting tired of seeing neg votes for deals being too competitive.

  • +2

    Just wanted to add that I have had a reasonable amount of success recently with deals. Last week I couldn't get anything and was beaten at every single deal I wanted. This week I have scored TLOU2, the quilt and the Airpods. Just had my card loaded, the discount code on my clipboard (if it was already known) and then just kept refreshing until it was time. Clicked through as quickly as I could and I got lucky. Not impossible but changing the way I was doing things has in fact yielded results.

    • Nothing for me, I must be getting old.

  • +5


  • Do we know the time for these?? Thanks guys.

  • +1

    Here we go again, waiting eBay to honor their Wednesday AirPods deal first.

    I wish eBay can put some Catcha to stop the bot, like putting up question asks an answer for random addition like 1+99

  • Ring floor light cam record on cloud too?

    • Yes if you want to access recordings, you need the Ring subscription which is fairly reasonable especially if you have several cameras.

      • thanks…looks Eufy it is then ..

  • +10

    Bait advertising. Arguably breaks consumer law.
    It is blatant wrongful activity.

  • +3

    Yeah nah

  • +1





    • Why is that?

      • Im guessing because it takes longer to pay via checkout.

  • +4

    Just stop posting these !!

  • Here we go again

  • What time is the airpods deal ?

  • +1

    Look at the amount of people who keep negging these deals but still participate every time this deal is on. Nothing wrong with what Ebay doing, ofc it would be nicer if they just sell more stock at higher price. Pretty sure their goal is to have more new user to Ebay plus(even if its just free trial), and this strategy obviously works.

    • +5

      Because these fake deals keep flooding the deals page when it clearly needs to be placed in the competitions page.

      This is not a deal. It's it's a competition.

  • +7

    Another EBay lottery this belongs in the competitions page

  • What is the best way to secure Airpods i signed up for Ebay plus but looks like waste of time and money.
    900 sold in 9 seconds wtf

    • +1

      one hack is to get them to your cart and keep them there til the next round then click through straight away.

      Just make sure you enter the discount code as soon as you put them in your cart and that way they stay there at $99.

      You will get an error message saying "We noticed a problem. Please review: your items" but don't close the window, leave it there until the next drop and refresh the page then click confirm and pay straight away.

      This works if the discount code remains the same otherwise you might have to update it? I can't remember if I had to do this on last year's deal?

      This was a lot easier when the repeat deal was on the same day but now they've spread them out a lot further

      • Thanks i am sure i did that even i paid via PayPal all i had to was confirm still no luck but it worked last year thanks though

  • For all the negs saying it’s impossible… I’ve scored two sets of airpods. One in the lot this week and some in the previous promotion 6 months ago. No script just fast clicking.

  • +2

    here we go again.

  • Seems like outside of the constant ebay price jacking, this lottery is the only real deal eBay offer.

  • +4

    scam. ebay cancelled our legitimate airpods orders last Wed and then put them back in stock. This isnkt supposed to be a random competition.

  • +3

    Not again.

  • I think the promotions are great but the execution is flawed. If they cut out the "cheatings" then the people who missed out wouldn't be so salty. It puts everyone on a level playing field.
    * Scripts - Needs to eliminate this.
    * Same item ID - New ID for repeated items
    * Same code - New code each drop

    I was one of the many salty customers who had missed out many times until I learn how to do it faster. Learnt the item ID and code. Learnt to keep the discounted cart for the next drop. It's too time wasting and I would rather work a few hours more just to buy it at RRP.

    • IF you have new code for each, drop, existing eBay customer who bought the initial drop will have the "2nd" chance, because, its a new code afterall.

      • It wouldn't be hard for Ebay to apply a filter to customers who had already bought the same item with a different code.

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