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[eBay Plus] AirPods $99, Beats Powerbeats Pro $199, Ring Floodlight Cam $199, LEGO Stars Wars $49, Kodak Pixpro SP360 $49


Everyone’s favourite whipping site has some more sales coming up including the highly popular AirPods.


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Mod: June 25 Sodastream
June 20, June 22, June 24, June 26 Deals
June 21 $0.99 Deals
June 30 [eBay Plus] Apple iPad 7th Gen 2019, 32GB Wi-Fi, Grey $329 Delivered (US Stock) @ iot.hub eBay

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  • Finally got this one!! Thanks OP for the good and detailed guide. Thanks again!!!

  • Got one! Thanks to all who posted their tips!

  • Finally!! Yay!

  • missed… i had them in cart..was hitting confirm and pay.. did it at least 5 times in 30 secs.. (sold out at 18:00:36) but still didn't get it not sure why ?

    • You already got a pair??

  • Was there more than 100 in this drop?!

    • I remember seeing 2900 sold before 6pm, and now it shows 3040 sold. Weird

      • It was 2800 sold after 2PM so they must have had 240 units in the last drop.

        • I thought it said 2700 sold before the first sale this morning.

      • There are always a large number of cancellations due to people excitedly clicking "submit" before entering the discount code.

        It's likely 40 extra from earlier cancellations.

  • Mission failed :(

  • Can't believe it. I actually got some!!!

  • +2


    Sold out in 14 seconds (first sale to last sale).

    31 of the 100 pairs sold went to new users.

  • The third time this month where I get the "Thanks! Your order was placed." with an estimated delivery but the next screen says "This order was not successful"

    • All airpods?

      • 2x airpods and 1x airpods pro

        • 2x airpods and 1x airpods pro

          Frustrating AF.

          You didn't get the option to buy the Airpods at $99 later?

    • You must contact ebay customer care. Last time they sent codes to all those who had that issue.

      • You can try, but they wont do anything. The "How to Shop" graphic states

        Items placed in cart are not reserved. You may receive an order placement message post checkout, however orders are not confirmed until you receive email confirmation.

    • I had this issue two times with airpods pro..
      they didnt give two shits hahaha, but you can try anyway

    • Did you pay with paypal or credit card?

  • No luck

  • Well was not lucky F

  • missed it again. i almost tried 10 times. cant get it. need to fix this. in Australia we shouldn't be treated like this.

    • LOL

  • Only 2 items left in this promo…..

    Beats Powerbeats Pro $199 (Street $299)
    iPad 32GB wifi $TBA [probably $299] (Street $499)

    • Apple ipad is $329

      • OK, cheers. I'll probably pass for just 32gb.

    • Only 100$ off for powerbeats pro?

      • Assuming the $199 price in the description is accurate, yes. Nothing to get excited about.

  • See you guys in about September for the 3rd EbayPlus Promo of the year.

    • +1

      Assuming we're still a functioning economy by then.

    • Hopefully its a new code by then

  • Finally got one. Yay!!!!

    • You waited 28 minutes before telling us?

      • TBH posting here wasn't my top priority

        • I fail to see what could have been more important, but OK!

  • Gotten a couple Pros and 2nd Gen throughout the month. Not too shabby;)

    • No slow cooker?

    • +1

      And here I've gotten only mangoes and bananas not a single Apple.

  • Did anyone get the $99 airpods from iot.hub?

    Have you received them yet, and if so, did you find they were not Australian stock, but Malaysian? Our box says "made for Malaysia". I assume this means grey import?

    Ours are faulty out of the box and dealing with iot.hub is proving painful.

    • If you look on the bottom of a box of AirPods bought from a local retailer like JB, it also says “Made for Malaysia”. And yes, did receive the ones from iot.hub.

      • Fair enough. Wanted to make sure it was normal. Now I just need to get a replacement set. Apple only offered refurbished, even though it was DOA.

        • Go back to seller and either get a refund or replacement.

      • The label was "For Malaysia", not "Made for Malaysia"

    • What is wrong with yours?

    • Malaysia thing is normal in AP region. Dont worry. this is AU stock.
      And what's wrong with your Airpods??

  • I wonder if the iPad will be proper AU stock?
    Guess we will find out soon enough

    • +1

      US Stock, with US Plug.

      • Ah cheers.
        That's the deciding factor for me - will leave this one to others

  • Interesting. Received a package (currently sitting in parcel collect) but I have no idea what eBay order it is, thought I suspect maybe the Ausdom headphones. Tracking shows it passed through Alexandria (NSW).

    Anyone else receive theirs and can verify?

    • my one of Ausdom headphones still shows me PAID

      • Yeah same, on eBay is just says paid.

        Tho for ref, the quilt also said paid, but that was received before it even got updated to sent / delivery.

        • yeh, that's right, mate. I received the quilt by yesterday.

          • @pxc1022pxc: Yep looks like thats the case. I just got an email from the seller with the invoice / dispatch including the tracking number. Looks like it arrived before their invoicing team could sort it out haha.

            • @Gnilgorf: I just got the confirmation as well. it says dispatch. LOL

              • @pxc1022pxc: Finally had a chance to go pick up the headphones.

                By chance decided to order the red version, and pleasantly surprised its the Bluetooth 5 version! Accidental happy upgrades!

                Orders for the black model may have gotten BT 4.2~

    • got my Ausdom headphones today.

  • Apple iPad 7th gen 2019 USA model really worth to pay $329?

    • How much do you think a USA to AU plug adapter costs?

      • +1

        I just asked in general :) Really want to know if the 2019 model which is not from Australia worth to buy $329?

        It's been a while I am thinking to buy a tablet which can be able to use pen with it. I haven't decide which type of tablet suit me :(

  • +1

    Please note:
    This item is a USA model with a US AC Plug
    The item comes with 2 years limited warranty, and the warranty schedules are as follow:
    1st year - Worldwide Apple Limited Warranty
    2nd year - Local Limited Warranty provided by the seller within Australia
    To process the 2nd year local limited warranty, clients may reach out to us for further assistance

    • +3

      Warranty provided by the seller could = a world of BS and headaches.

  • -1

    Link for Ipad?

  • -1

    where is the beats product link?

  • Beats Powerbeats Pro - $199

    how is this device? how good are they?

  • How to write bots to grab deals like this ?
    All 100 sold in 0.005 sec this time ?

    • There was never any released this time around. eBay stuffed up on this deal. 374 sold and none available.

  • +3

    History shows it was sold out before 12pm….

    • not 1 or 2 mins, 15++ mins earlier than 12pm :((

  • +1

    Finished in an ugly way…

  • crap.. missed this one.
    When at time, ebay bounced me back to fill the credit card which I did fill before hand.Twice at 2pm and 4pm.
    did not happen before with airpods pro and airpods 2
    just unlucky this time :-(

    • +2

      that happened to me as well. And to make it worse it eventually went through but somehow the checkout refreshed the code and I was charged full price

      • Update: Just got an email earlier today acknowledging a system error, offering a $200 eBay credit or $200 back to PayPal account. Cool

  • Missed it.
    All done.
    Better luck next year!

  • +1


  • Managed to score the Powerbeats Pro and Apple Airpods (with eBay honouring the sale) for $298 total.

  • +5

    Hello valued eBay Plus member,
    We’re contacting you about your recent attempt to buy $99 AirPods as part of eBay Plus Month.
    We recognise you had a confusing experience and may have got the impression your order was confirmed. That wasn’t the case and no payment was processed.
    However, as a gesture of goodwill we will be honouring this deal for you. Please look out for an email from eBay next week with further instructions on how to redeem your $99 AirPods.
    All the best,

    Any1 else received this message?

    • yep, I got it at 17:11 Sydney time. Maybe Ebay will honor the purchase with that price

    • Also got this

    • Same message, around 5pm yesterday. Super happy

    • Same email at 5:13pm yesterday.
      Figure this is in reply to eBay complaint about "order confirmed,awaiting payment" but their system didn't process the payment. Kept screen capture.

    • +1

      Finally bought the elusive $99 airpods to restore my ozbargain honour. Received the code TAAP99 and link to the listing from sydneytec this morning.

      • An email at 10:02am with a link to the sydneytec listing and the TAAP99 code (it appears to be unique/targeted). Done, faith restored to complain when you know you have been hard done by a corporation. :):)
        Just noticed over 50 had been purchased in 30 minutes :)

  • Did anyone receive a tracking #? Not very express post…

    • Sodastream your talking about, It is coming standard post, well mine did.

  • Airpod $99 Goodwill offer made Thursday morning, paid within the hour, express post info received same evening, Aust.Post delivered next day, Friday in Sydney. Couldn't have been faster :)

  • Ordered/paid my airpods before 12pm on Thursday, haven't even been shipped yet… (was labeled as express postage)