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[PS4] Free - Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - PlayStation Store


After Xbox the game is now also free for PS4 on the PlayStation Store.
Grab it while you can.


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  • steam shows it free as well but once u load the page it has a price.
    hopefully they fix that as well.

    • I think it's only for North America? Someone posted and mods removed it.
      Would a VPN fix this?

      • +1

        Yes, but Steam does not like VPNs for that purpose.
        I would advise to wait for a bit to see if they will make it free here as well. If not, you can then still use the VPN if you want.

  • Just claimed it, australian account

  • Does it have couch co-op?

    • Yup

    • +1

      Well, I wouldn't call it co-operative play, but 2 peeps can smash each other up on the same screen and couch.

  • Hell yeah! Why's it free?

    • +1

      8yr old game…
      prob hope ppl love it and buy the 2nd one

      plus epic store has had some pretty huge give aways of late so xbox/psn/steam is now coming to the party….

  • Also works on Singaporean account.

    • And JB account. And some say Batam.

      • don't pray pray?

        • Use your blain use your blaaaaaain.

  • They still charge this much for 360 games?

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    The Ultimate Edition is currently free on Steam too.


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  • Strange that the Ultimate edition is free for PC and PS4 but there’s no such version for the XBOX (some of the add-ons are free but not all), unless I’m missing something.

    Thanks for the post!

      • +2

        Yes they did, for Xbox 360 physical disk.

        • they were doing the double dipping since mk9 with the kombat edition and every release since

        • Me and the dude I was replying to both just said Xbox. I meant Xbox One and assumed they did too, my bad I guess.

  • Sweet :) Added it to the list.

    Thank you for the post !!

  • +1

    Is there any way to purchase this if you already 'own' it through PS Plus?

  • Do u need ps plus?

  • +2

    No longer working? Can't seem to get it to download

    • I just redeemed it through the PS4 store

      • same, no problem here

        • 13.5hrs later and still free - I nabbed it from the psn store just now.

          Thanks OP.

    • +2

      Make sure it's not PS3 or PS vita version.

  • Thanks op! Worked on french account.

  • +3

    Destiny 2 is free to play on PlayStation too.

    • Is there an offline mode for that game? No PS Plus account so not sure if it's worth downloading

      • theres a single player mode… dunno if i'd recommend it as its dated poorly, and injustice2 looks & plays so much better. but hey, free…

      • You need a constant internet connection. But you can choose to play solo.

        Some of the game is blocked off behind PS+, but there is still a big chunk of stiff to do for those without.

  • Must have been a PS+ monthly game at some stage as I already have it.

    • i haven't seen it in 4-5 years of ps+

    • +1

      December 2014.

  • Cheers

  • Conan did a review on this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7zE1gLNs54Q

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    I downloaded the game but it says corrupted when my PS4 tries to install it. Re-downloaded again and same issue.

    • I'm having same issue, gets right to the end of the first 4GB and corrupts. Happened 3 times to me. Glad I'm not the only one.

    • I am having the same issue

      • Same here! I hope they fix it soon

        • I get this often but i try to resume a few times and it eventually resumes just fine. I think it must happen when the server drops the download connection and chucks a willy.

          I never get this problem downloading on my Xbox One X.

    • +1

      Any updates? Have you managed to get it working yet?

      I can’t seem to even download it atm, keeps saying ‘error can’t download’ Works if I click resume but then errors again not long after. Plus PS Store super slow atm

      • +1. Also having the issue. Anyone got it to work yet?

      • For when that happens I sometimes hotspot from my phone for a few and then switch back to my normal network. I can't really explain why it does that, just that it works eventually when I do that.

    • I was having this issue. Then I followed this guide and it downloaded fine:


    • I've been having this issue intermittently with a bunch of stuff from PS Store lately, not sure what's going on. Some stuff downloads fine, some has this error but works after I tell it to resume, and some need to be deleted and retried a few times before that stick. I tried the database rebuild option but it didn't seem to help much.

      One thing that may be worth trying if you can't get it to work is if you have an external USB drive, try changing your application install location to that and see if it works downloading to there. You can then copy the game to internal storage if you want and change the application install location back again, too. That worked for me when I had this issue last week trying to download Mark of the Ninja (tried it 3 times unsuccessfully before trying this). I haven't downloaded anything else since so I don't know if that's fixed the broader issue or not.

    • Was having an issue downloading a previous PS plus game, downloading over wifi. I changed my DNS settings and that fixed it

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