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New Balance FuelCell Propel $70 Delivered at eBay New Balance Store


Like soft squishy and yet responsive shoes for your long'ish runs? With the current 30% off at eBay on top of 50% off New Balance Clearance there are many gears to grab, and I think $70 for New Balance FuelCell Propel is a good bargain. Here's the takeaway from RunnersWorld review:

If youโ€™re a budget-minded runner who only wants one pair of trainers in the closet, grab the Propel. It handles speedwork, long runs, and easy efforts with the durability to go without a rest day.

Rated 96% at RunRepeat. 21/27mm stack height.

Same price for Women's.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Only size 8 & 9 left for black and white colour.

    • 7&8 but I prefer the other colour anyway.

    • Summer Fog/Black/Bayside is the original colour way — still plenty of sizes available.

      • Thanks for posting, Scotty.
        I've reposted with credit to you and the link, on Running Shoe Geeks on FB.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ

        Bought Fuelcell Echo to try the lighter, Flyknit style upper.
        Good options for M and W.
        All sizes available when I ordered.

        • Ha I saw your RSG post a few days ago which was why I specifically seek out Propel deals.

  • +5

    scotty probably has more shoes than his wife.

    • +15

      Quite sure most people have one wife and more than a pair of shoes

  • Thanks Scotty - just ordered

  • Cheers OP!
    Needed to add more variety to my running arsenal.

  • Gears and Staffs

  • +1

    Damn, canโ€™t see an option for width :(

    Iโ€™ve sent the seller a message to find out

    • D

      • :(

      • Do you know if it is a D width for the womens shoe as well?

        • +2

          Women's standard width would be B I think.

  • +1

    Just wonder the size always are US, right ?

    • Says in the description to pick AU size

    • +1

      From product description:
      Our shoes are sold in US sizes, which are the equivalent of AU sizes unless otherwise noted on the individual shoe. Please choose your AU shoe size to ensure the best fit

      • +3

        Which is at odds with some other sites that say Aus and UK are the same for mens, but not womens, and US and UK are different.
        And Ive always found for me in a US size its one higher than AUs sizing at least where an AU size is listed alongside the US on their tongue (IIRC, Asics and Adidas).

        Another oddity with their assertion is the UK size is half a size lower, but shoe sale staff have always told me that halves are wider, not longer than the whole. A 10, is the same length as a 10 1/2, its just slightly wider. Not sure how that works with widths like 2E etc.

        • I generally find UK (and AU) sizes are 1 size smaller than US

          • @Tiggrrrrr: I bought the size 7 from the dropdown and turned out it was US 7, which is a UK 6.5. So it's too small for me now. Gave it to the missus and it kinda fits her so no need to return it now.

    • US Size

  • Awsome deal, but I am bit late,got ghost 12 just yesterday :-(

  • Shame i've got 2E feet.

    • Take them back…

  • Cheers OP. Needed a new pair since my current running shoes are been very, very worn in hahaha

  • Noice

  • Bought, thanks OP.

  • +3

    Nice work OP. just bought another pair of shoes I probably wonโ€™t like when I see them. Some days I regret ever stumbling upon this community

    • Same, ordered

  • Nice work, just added another pair to the other 2 pairs of these I currently use !

  • u may want to update the blog brah

  • +2

    Purchased the Fresh Foam Beacon v2 for $84. Thanks.

    • Just curious what made you pick that style over this one?

      • +6

        Beacon 2 is lighter and has higher stack than Propel. Fresh Foam is also firmer, better at picking up speed.

        Propel on the other hand is soft, responsive with a hint of stability. Outsole is also more durable. Nice for slow long runs.

        • I was looking at both too but my choice was made easier because the Beacon 2 sold out in my size. I wanted another pair for slightly longer training runs 10-15km and these seem perfect for $70 delivered. Thanks Scotty. I think I forgot cashrewards on eBay but would it even have worked with this promo?

        • Thanks for pointing out the differences between the runners. Been looking for a nice lighter pair, but the Propel's out of stock for my size :'(.

      • I've been looking for a lightweight shoe to add to my shoe rotation. I already have a Nike Pegasus which I use as a daily trainer. Scotty has described the differences between the shoes well.

    • Thanks for the heads up - I have been needing to replace my FF Beacon 2's (they have 900k on them); fantastic all-round shoe.

  • +4

    Got fuel cell echo heritage for 62 delivered ๐Ÿ˜Š thanks OP

    • You have a link Mike?

    • how come this one charges $10 for postage and the other doesn't?

      bought it anyway. looks alright. i like those gum soles.

      • +1

        There's free postage on items $100 and over. The Fuelcell Echo are under $100 and don't qualify for free postage

  • Thanks OP! Iโ€™m heavy and my shoes wear out quickly! These are cheaper than knee surgery!

    • YMMV, but I used to destroy my shoes easily, once I started using custom orthotic inserts not only did I have less foot pain, but my shoes lasted longer.

  • Thanks OP, I got knee bursitis with my kayanos so keen to try a softer shoe

  • Thanks OP!

    Remember to activate paypal's free returns :D

  • Thanks OP :) Bought one.

  • +1

    What type of petrol does it take?

  • Thank god no 13, otherwise I would of bought more shoes I don't need!

  • Cannot seem to get code to work. Is this ebay plus only?

  • -1

    Stupidly in my rush I forgot to apply the code, so I paid $100.

    What's the best way forward here? order a new pair with the code and return the original?
    Or ask to cancel my order somehow?

    • -1

      cancel it and order another one.
      As long as it hasnt been shipped you should be good.
      Also message seller, you want to cancel ther order.

      • Just seen I got the last pair in my size, so I guess it'll be a risk if I cancel

        • Give a shot chatting @ebay support.
          Its unlikely but who knows if they actually give you something.
          Something is better than nothing.
          No harm in trying

          • @fantoo: Good call. Have contacted NB directly

            • +1

              @thriceSky: As far as I know these vouchers are through ebay not NB.
              Best to contact ebay support

              • @fantoo: Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately they couldn't do anything

  • Thanks OP! had ordered the 1080 v9 in the previous deal for $71. They then sent an email saying it is out of stock. this came in just in time. Ordered a pair.

  • +2

    Hey kids, can anyone more versed in these things recommend a good model for walking. No running going on here just daily 6-10k walks. Happy to spend less than the Propels if they are overkill. Cheers!

    • -1

      Why walking when u can be bouncing?!

    • +1

      I do lots of walking and find the cheap $20 or $30 shoes at big w perfect

      • I tend to wear those cheap shoes out pretty quickly and I always notice the difference between a decent pair of shoes and cheapies when walking.

  • I think I'm going to give the FuelCell Echo Heritage shoes a go. $62 with coupon.

    • I bought both and this one.

      Friend just told me build quality shit and no mid arch support.
      Can anyone verify?

      I normally go for gel kayanos as I have flat feet and they have excellent support. But colour and the fact they have been making it narrower every year sorta killed it. Kayano 18's were the best for me.

      • Are you referring to the Echo?

      • Hmm that's a bit of the worry, I have flat feet and jumped on the propels….
        Reading more articles have recommended the NB 860v10 instead.

        • +1

          Ah OzBargain, impulse buying people into the wrong shoe since Dickity06

          • @Tuba: Lol yeah will see how it goes, none of the stability models are on sale

            • @G Wok: requested to cancel the propel one and keeping the heritage one. least it looks nice lol.

              most likely they are probably going to send both out and I'll just add it to the pile of online shoes I have that don't suite me.

              thanks ozbargain. lol

        • +2

          For walking, I purchased NB860v9 xtra wide fit from Bris DFO recently $84, which are nearly as comfy as 8 month old Adidas ultra without the expense.
          Tried Asics but no suitable wide fit on sale, great service no problem with return/refund.
          Also great service at NB.
          Equally as good was going past Lindt choc shop, 100g for $1.50 usually $4.50 at wow & coles.

  • +3

    afterpay just recently sent me a $15 dollar coupon for any order over 50 bucks. Combine the two offers and it comes down to $55. Absolute bargain. At this price, I don't care if I am a neutral, over/under pronator, heel foot or forefoot striker.

  • Would anyone know the "conversion" for a man buying a woman's shoe size? Searching suggests 1.5 or 2.

    • Found this: https://www.newbalance.com.au/id/sizechart-footwear.html

      Pulled the trigger on FC Rebel (in black - seems to look masculine enough lol) - look forward to comparing with my FF Beacon V2 which have been great.

    • Suggest using the sizing in cm as a reference.

      My sizing according to chart is 10.5 womens and 9 mens.

      I normally go for 27cm even though my foot is a little smaller - however currently wearing size 10 women's and waiting for size 9 men's to be delivered can report back =)

      • Well I can report back that it was a bit of a fail for me. I'm a US men's 10.5 so I ordered a women's 12 (although the same length according to the chart would have been 11.5). The length is just barely OK, but it seems way too narrow for me. Unless the Rebels are meant to be a really snug fit. My FF Beacon 10.5, and the FC Echo 10.5 I also ordered from this deal, both fit me really well.

        • Women's shoes are generally more narrow than men's across all brands… bugger

          • @blueyez: Yeah I guess a 29cm women's shoe will be narrower than a 29cm men's shoe - makes sense now that I think about it. :-)

            • @madak: Lol, I assumed width of mens and womens shoes was common knowledge, oopsie

  • Is this type of shoe good for on-court sports where you change direction like basketball or netball? Or will it increase risk of rolling ankles if it's too high?

    • +1

      Running shoes usually have softer insole foam so I think it might not suitable for court sport where you need good stability to rapidly stop, change direction, etc. But then again I've seen people playing tennis with thongs.

      • Lol yeah I see people using them for pulsing basketball too

  • Bah, was hoping the ebay store had these: https://www.newbalance.com.au/pd/fuelcell-echo-melbourne-foo...

  • +2

    Good news: My new FC Propel got delivered today!

    Not so good news: My wife picked up the delivery.

    • Mine too! The delivery part, not the wife part ;)

    • +1

      Mine too - about an hour before my PT arrived at home for PT session - so that was good timing.

  • Mine arrived in WA today, pretty quick delivery all things considered.

  • New Balance at DFO Brisbane is having further reduce 40%, quite cheap, bought a pair for my kid, 36$ from 80$. Sketchers also sale up to 50%, quite a few nice and cheap ones.

  • Bought some for me and my bro because he was chasing wider shoes. Even my current pair are so much more discounted now, damn (bought few months ago)

  • My order got refunded. Although apparently I am refunded $100? I wanted the shoes but I guess I can't complain.

  • Got mine and went for a walk to break them in. They are super comfy!

  • Scotty, thanks to this deal most of us at 30% better off, if impulse buying shoes is a good thing.

    I've run three times on my Fuelcell Echo shoes and they seem fine, at least on the dreadmill with Zwift Run.

    • Really impressed with my pair after 3 runs as well. I should have picked up 2 pairs :)

  • Finally wore mine and they seem like a decent set to incorporate into tempo sessions.

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