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Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation $19 @ Officeworks


First time poster, maybe a pricing error, but it's ridiculously cheap at $19.

Lowest I've seen so far.

Looks like online all sold out.

Maybe can still try in store if you are lucky.

The OW page now showing unavailable online.

Update: people are still able to grab the deal in store at OW and some at Bunnings with price beat.

Luck of the draw I guess.

Let's clean them up guys :)

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    • did they clap as well?

  • +2

    Received text msg: your order is ready to collect. Bingo

  • can you use it as a Bluetooth speaker? Do you must connect to the powerpoint to use it?

    • can and yes must

    • Yes you can.

    • Yep

  • Good spot! Ordered 2 x CC

    Cheers mate

  • Purchased one for C+C in the Melb CBD and got the order ready for collection email around 5 minutes later.

  • Bunnings said they can't do price beat as product code is not same with the officework's item. They had them available in stock but as soon as I hung up, it went out of stock!

    • you got bunninged by the rabbits

  • Ordered 2 for click and collect. I can still see them available online too.

  • got 1 ! thanks op

  • Bad Luck!

    "Your order is under review

    We need to manually confirm your order - this should not take more than 30 minutes to confirm. Once this is completed, we will send you an order confirmation email and start fulfilling/processing the order."

    • does this mean they wont send it (got this email too)

      • Looks like they are honoring it..

  • Spent too much time thinking whether i want one. Now OOS, then i feel i really want one.

    • Ordered the Chalk one instead since now I really want one.

      • I eneded up ordering two in two different orders. BUT strangely…

        The first order I placed, came back with a email saying "Sorry, your order is delayed"
        The second order I placed, came back with a email saying "Your collection is ready!"

        How is this possible?!?!?!

        • Just received the invoice for the 1st order. The estimated date no longer pushes back day after day. Now it keeps at July 10th with the expected delivery.

  • i don't need this. but just bought 4

  • Grabbed one finally. Thanks OP

  • +1


  • They took it offline gg

  • +1

    Just popped down to Fremantle officeworks to get one and the guy was on the phone to someone else asking about the same product. Show yourself!

  • +2

    Managed to price match at Bunnings for $17.10 - thanks OP!

  • added 2 to cart but could not even get to the checkout screen. Missed out I guess. Saved $38!

  • -1

    feel-good retail therapy buy item with very little value add

    • +5

      RRP of 80, usual sale price of 50, sale at 19. very good value tbh

    • So you got 3 or 4?

  • +1

    Got 2 Chalk at Marion SA "click and collect"
    Cheers OP

  • Has anyone received confirmation after purchase from officeworks? I haven't received yet..

    • +1

      only for my first mini. i ordered another one but got an email saying theyre still checking the order.

      • I've got my email as well and as you said Farrba, mine is also being manually processed.

    • yes mine is ready to pick up

  • Bought one click and collect. Been waiting ages for this sort of price. 👍

  • ordered 2, got email. paid via paypal, got email from paypal too. hope it is not a price error.

  • Thanks. Changed to another store for click and collect!

  • +4

    Can confirm it's not a price error as price tags shown in Glebe Officeworks store are $19 as well

  • Showing out of stock all stores

  • Not able to add to cart

  • Don't need one, but got two. Thanks.

  • No longer adding to cart

    • Same problem

      • Tried with Chrome and strangely managed to add to cart, but then listed as "temporarily out of stock" and couldn't proceed.

        Edit: Managed to find store nearby with stock for click and collect, switched to that and managed to get one.

  • Argg looks like I missed another great deal :(

  • +1

    Order got cancelled.

    Unfortunately, we have had to cancel and refund your order # 12482 as it did not meet our customer privacy and security standards when shopping with Officeworks.

    • I find this comment ironic. Sounds like it's referring to the Google nest mini

  • -3

    Well, I guess the police have no need to place bugs in peoples houses anymore.

  • +1

    Bought one. Had 8. Now tell me what to do with this one?

    • What do you use any of them for haha? genuinely curious

      • 4 in 4 bedrooms. 1 in living room. 1 in kitchen. 1 in study room. 1 still in box. 1 is pending C&C from OW. Thoughts?

        • Not bad, but what do you actually use these for, music etc? (genuinely curious need to figure out how to use them myself, but can't think of ways besides music..)

          • +3

            @blinkybro: My toddler always requests for different songs every night. So it's good to just say it without reaching out for phone. And if the toddler doesn't close their eyes, just tell the Nest Mini to stop and continue once the eyes are closed.

            I also used it to turn on/off the lights and AC. That saves me getting out from bed once sound asleep. My AC is ducted and the controller is in the living room so it's really annoying to turn on/off during the nights before.

            I also use it to check the time (don't have clocks hanging around) and weather, convert currency, check facts (Who is Trump), convert measurement.

            My wife uses it to set timers in the kitchen.

            That's pretty much it

            • @huubang: Fair, smart lights + AC is nice, guess that's the only addition i woul want! otherwise makes sense :)

              good for you!

    • -1

      Give one to your neighbour so that’s you can spy on them..lol

    • The bathroom?

      • Too much moisture?

        • +1

          I think your fully surveilled then

    • +1

      buy another 8 - stereo for each room !

  • +1

    Sold out VIC.. not really fussd .. looks like one of those things u buy cos its 'cheap' and use once and end up in a box and sold for $5 a few months later

  • I think we successfully broke OW website? I can't even see the cart with some other products not the Google nest mini..
    tried on Chrome, incognito and firefox..

    • +1

      lol wait 2 hours and ull see 10 of them on gumtree

      • all those 'unwanted gifts' they received during a pandemic!

  • +1

    Awesome, Ordered 3

  • Grabbed a couple in Toowoomba, looked like they may have been more behind the counter, just go up and ask :)

  • Just bought click n collect SA 5 mins ago X 2. Totally didn't need as I have at least 5 1st gen's but couldn't resist.

    • The Nest minis are so so much better sounding. If you listen to music through the 1st generation you won't regret the upgrade at all. I was given a Nest mini and after spending an hour listening to music through it, went and upgraded all 3 of the 1st generation minis in my house.

      • Cool, yes I will upgrade a couple for sure, and find new homes for the others, like the shed or the kids cubby house! I have a coulme of Max's for the good stuff.

  • collection email received! melb cbd

  • Just had SMS "Ready to collect"
    Looks like I'm off for a wee drive

    • +2

      If i were u id call them up and make sure they have stock put away for u just so ur not disappointed when u rock up and find out their system F'ed up. Happened to me before.

  • Thanks OP! Ready to collect & picked up Mornington VIC

  • +4

    Thanks OP. Bought 2! Kids like 'em so will put 1 in kids room and one in bedroom.
    Tip: use the broadcast feature to wake the kids, call for meals, bedtime etc

  • Wasn't the cheapest price when it was free from Google? ;)

    • Of course.

      But, Google will only give you one for free.

  • Bought two and would only need one ..let me know if someone want one in brisbane Qld,(Southside of brisbane ) Will do it for same price @$19

  • -2

    Bunnings has now added the same item as a new product for $19

    • That's the Home Mini, it's not the same as the Nest and not as good.

    • +1

      That's a 1st gen (Google Home mini). 2nd gen (Google Nest mini) is here https://www.bunnings.com.au/google-nest-mini-chalk_p0172946 at $48

        • +1

          Ok well buy them all up and see how you go when you resell them ;)

    • +2

      That's for the "Home" (Gen 1) version, this is for the "Nest" (Gen 2)

    • +1

      Maybe Officeworks gen2 price-matching bunnings gen1 in error (since both $19). As a result bunning having to pricematch officeworks gen2 when asked. lol

      • Yeah, that's exactly what probably happened.

        Somehow Officeworks mixed up the pricing of the Nest mini with the Home mini.

    • no stock anyways.. means jack

  • +3

    They made it cheap on purpose so google can spy on you :)

  • Thanks OP still managed to score one in regional Vic just now

    • +1

      Regional? The time and petrol probably worth $29

      • +1

        Haha they’d also be from regional Vic

      • Well its somewhere I have to regularly pass through. Not that keen, lol
        BTW It's Ballarat in case anyone else wants one

  • Got one at Bunnings for $17.10. Thanks OP!

    • my bunnings are always so annoying, asking for it to be in stock.

  • Wow that was great deal for real
    Just bought xmas gifts :)

  • +6

    Looks like Google is sick of people not using their surveillance device. This is one way to get the remaining stubborn people on-board.

    • +1

      They made it cheap on purpose so google can spy on you :). Now everyone is lapping it up and think its best deal ever. Google will be like WIN for us. ALL the data we could ever collected inside homes.

      • -1

        Yep pretty much. They already have access via the phone, but nothing like dedicated surveillance. It's unavoidable in future anyway. So yea its still a good deal nonetheless.