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Breville The Dual Boiler and Grinder - BEP920BKS $1095 Delivered @ Fab Deals via Catch Marketplace


I'm not sure if this is a bug but just wanna share with you guys.
The description says 'Includes Smart Grinder BCG820BKS'.
I think this is the best price of this set recently.

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  • This bundle has been below 800 before?

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      No, only the BES920 (dual boiler, sans grinder) has been below 800. BEP920 = BES920 + smart grinder BCG820. BEP920 has been ~$1000 previously but I can't recall seeing it for that price this year.

  • The dual boiler just allows you to extract coffee and froth at the same time right?

    • Yep

    • Yes. I used to have BES870 and my friend owns BES920. I compared both machine and decided to change mine into 9 series (froth milk quicker and performance better)

      • my friend's 920 takes 5-6 mins to heat up, while my 870 takes 30 secs, the deal breaker for me to upgrade.

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          My 920 is up to temp within a minute or so FYI.

          • @sjtem3: tks for the reference, 1-2 min still slightly on the long side but not a deal breaker now.

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          I can't say I've timed it but no way my 920 takes 5-6 mins, it's more like 1-2.

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          i think u cannot expect a dual boilers machine heat up as quick as the machine with heating block. each has their perference just take what u need :)

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          Ideally with any machine you will want to let it heat up for a while so that the group is up to temp. This is not going to happen in 5-6 minutes let alone 30sec. If you want a machine that heats up in 30 sec and don't have the time to wait or can't be bothered to set the timer in the machine to turn on at specific times the Breville BES 920 is most likely wasted on you.

          • @masuta: Exactly, and espresso taste noticeably better when brewed after a machine has fully heated up. Even the cheap ones.

          • @masuta: My Breville Bambino Plus is ready to go in 3 seconds. I run a shot through it first so would there really still be benefit in letting it heat up? I'm not sure whether it really would be heating anything after 3 seconds?

            • @C0mbat: Probably. Not sure about Breville specifically (as I don't have one) but if you let it heat up over say 20-30 minutes all the inner workings of the machine will be hot.

              Whereas you run the hot water through a set of cold pipes and by the time it gets to the coffee the temp of the water has come off a bit.

              You could probably bypass that by running some water through it first.

              Personally I just turn it on in advance.

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              @C0mbat: Running a shot through first speeds up the heating of the group. Temp stability as the water flows through the machine is the main argument for letting it heat. Your extraction may start with 93ish degree water, but if the machine it is flowing through is stone cold, it may well be much cooler by the end. Only way to tell is by testing. Extract a shot straight away, and then do another half an hour later. If you can't tell the difference, then who GAS?

            • @C0mbat: It would depend if your machine heats up the group or not. If you leave it on does the group get warm? If so then I would imagine letting it warm up would help. If not then the best you can do would be to run a couple of shots of water through it to warm it up as you have been.

            • @C0mbat: I have the same machine. I usually pull a blank shot, without the group handle, and let the water flow out. Heats the area, all within 30 seconds.

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          the 920 has a timer so you can set it to turn on by itself every morning. this is what i do to ensure it has had plenty of time to get up to temp.

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          Perspective: Longer warm-up time can be an indicator of greater thermal mass and, therefore, more reliable extractions. :-)

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        bes920 also has a bigger 58mm filter basket

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      Short answer yes, long answer no. Dual boiler means both the hot water and the steam are produced using boilers. Other coffee machines use either a single boiler or a thermoblock. A single boiler could be coupled with a thermoblock as well. Boilers give the most consistent temperature and drier steam. Thermoblocks sometimes result in some water coming out with the steam, diluting your milk.

  • Is this a good deal? Anyone know?

    • For BEP920 this is a best deal recently. However BES920 may have a better price but now all shops (including HN, TGG, BL…) told me the have no stock anymore.

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        Harvey norman fyswick have bes920bks but its selling for 999 , i know they can do it for around 899 plus the grinder bcg820 for 199 so its about the same

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    BTW, one sales in BING LEE told me BEP920 is a upgrade of BES920.BES920 has no longer produced.

    AFAIK, BEP920 is the name of the bundle (Dynamic Duo) including BES920 (Dual Boiler) & BCG820 (Smart Grinder).
    So not sure what that's about.

    And personally I purchased the BES920 for $560 and BCG820 for $160 individually. $720 total. So not a great price imo. However that's the silver models, and I don't think the black has ever been that cheap if that's your thing.

    • It's good to know that. Thanks!

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      How long ago was that??

      The best recent price was this one:

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      FWIW, I got the BES920bks and the BCG820bss separately at HN for $1,098 total 2 weeks ago. Looking at the water filter, it has changed and will not be able to use the cheaper filters from previous BES920 models. It's now a tube like filter similar to those from Brita, a lot more expensive to replace on a bi-monthly basis as recommended in the instruction manual.
      If anyone can confirm that the old filter holder can be retrofitted with the new BES920 units so can use cheaper filters would be great.

      • wow that sucks. instant no sale then

        cant fnd any images of it online

  • BEP920 aka 'The Dynamic Duo' has an RRP of $1,999 on the Breville AU website…

    It's currently sold out on the AU website (both colours).

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    just bought bambino and grinder. bambino for auto milk frothing

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    If you buy this, get extended warranty!

    • Agree, although the quality is improved over the original which was high odds to fail within a couple of years.

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        It's mainly the orings which can cause a massive headache as when they get a internal leak, it then fries the electronics.

        • Tezza, do you just mean the group head's O-ring alone?

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            @Nivlac: No, more the internal water line o rings perish and then leak

            • @tezza: Cheers Tezza, will keep that in mind

    • Couldn't agree more. Got mine from TGG and the 5yr warranty cost $150 :/

      However the long term benefits will outweigh the short-term cost.

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    Great machine. I've had a great time with it. If you're handy, plenty of parts and thriving modding community online.

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    Was this a price error? Page now shows price of $1495.

  • I am also seeing $1495. Fixed?

    • Do a search of their site but put the whole thing in e.g. Breville bep920bks and the other price comes up.

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        I've had my $1 095 order cancelled

        • wow its still showing at 1095

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          Did they give a reason for cancelling your order? My order hasn't been cancelled as yet.

          • @RespectMyAuthoritar: Email just says:

            Hi jero83,
            Order number ###### containing the following item(s) was unfortunately cancelled because the item(s) were no longer available at Fab Deals:


            1 x Breville the Dual Boiler and Grinder - BEP920BKS

  • Pretty sure the dual boiler has been 600-680 before, and the grinder 200-300 before, which together separately, is cheaper.

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      bcg820 is regularly under 200 but the bes920 is extremely hard to find at a good price these days, i'd imagine it's been out of production for a while

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    Looks like this deal is gone

  • Prices seem to be higher than a few years ago.

  • Grinder had been as low as 160 as well think the whole Covid situation has been pushing the demand up

  • I think this was a price error and suspect my order will be cancelled, boooo!

  • Good price for the combo

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    FYI grinder currently $199 at a few places. I stacked at Myer with 7% off gift cards and 6% cashrewards for a total price of $174.22.

    • How did you get the 7% off Myer gift card please? I would be interest to get one too thanks

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        Suncorp benefits currently has 7% off Myer gift cards. If you don't have access to Suncorp, you can refer here for others that may have similar % off at the moment: gift card wiki

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      No, youre not. Thats an inferior machine and grinder. Still a decent product just not as good as this - its cheaper for a reason.

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    Freaken BS, why do I only see the Expired or Sold Out deals :(

  • How cool does the black look. I wanted that over the stainless steel.
    (To match the black fridge, black sink, black tap.)

  • Sorry to hijack but has anyone found a bottomless portafilter to fit the BES920 other than the stock Breville option?

    It has been out of stock on Breville's website for months.


    • Likewise I'm looking for one as well. Cheapest i can find is by Amazon US, $155 delivered.

      3rd party 58mm portafilters will not fit the bes920 due to breville going the apple route.

      Hope this helps.

    • +1

      Pullman are Aussie, based in Victoria.

      It's not cheap but their products are some of the best in the world, a lot of professionals use their tampers all across the States and in the UK.


      • Thanks - will grab one of these!

  • As i suspected, my order has been cancelled :(

    "We are pleased to let you know that Fab Deals has processed a refund of $1,095.00 for your order xx"

    I didn't even want a refund, they make it sound like I requested it lol. What a joke of a company!

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