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15% off Catch Gift Cards @ PayPal


15% off Catch Gift Cards


The offer is only applicable to Catch Gift Cards valued at $20, $50, & $100. Offer is not valid for other Catch Gift Card denominations, including but not limited to Variable.
    Offer is valid from 8:00am 23rd June 2020 until 11:59pm 30th June 2020 or until supplies last; limited quantity available.
    Limit of 10 digital gift cards per person.
    Offer is only valid for the PayPal account associated with this email address; this offer is non-transferable, not redeemable for cash and not for resale.
    Offer may not be combined with other coupons or discounts on PayPal Digital Gifts website.

UPDATE: T&C's have been changed and the limit has been increased to 10 per person.

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  • Good for those looking for a cheap catch connect plan


    • dang, got one ysterday

    • Terrible website, can't see the discount unless checkout. Nothing listed under Deal tab. It used to be better.

  • Targeted?

    • +1

      Starts tomorrow

  • T&Cs for Catch Gift cards say "Cannot be used for Catch Connect mobile services" yet in Catch cart for mobile services there is an option to enter a Gift Card. Has anyone tried to use them for Catch Connect 365 Day Mobile Plan?

    • +2

      They CAN NOT be used on catch connect website but they CAN be used on catch connect plans bought via catch website.

      • Can anyone confirm that they've bought it?

    • +2

      Yes, I used a catch gift card. but I bought from catch.com.au not catchconnect.

  • +2

    Will there be no more 20%s :/

    • Once a year? Anyway just stock some 15% first.

      • Remember already twice this past year. Got some $50 ones from Coleworths before.

        • +1

          Ok, maybe I will let this 15% pass then.

  • +1

    Where is the guy who commented that a Switch will never be less than 400 in next 1 year, haha. I bet after coupons and Gift cards it will around $330-$350 in next 2-3 months

    • +12

      I wouldn't risk buying enough catch GC to get something that will sell out instantly. There's stuff all on catch worth buying, don't want to get stuck with their crappy GC

      15% off $469 is only $399. I'd rather buy risk free from the gamesmen for $409. Cbf waiting for a further sale price that may not happen at a non competitive retailer. Especially if it means I can't pounce on a deal elsewhere

      • The regular price is $448 on catch and they restock pretty frequently. That gets you down to $380. Sometimes you still get cashback even you used gift cards so potentially another 10-15 bucks.

        • +2

          You never get cash back if you use gift cards with catch. I have tried many many times with ShopBack, Cashrewards and qantas

          • @lonewolf: I buy very regularly from Catch, from my experience I get the cashback abt 20-30% of the time if I use giftcards. Yet to find out why but definitely cant count on it. Just take it as an additional bonus when I do.

            • @truetypezk: I have basically made about 100 + purchases with gift cards and not a single one actually got a cashback paid through. I am not talking about the initial cashback being tracked but 3 months later when it gets paid into your account, mine has always been declined because of gift cards. I still keep trying it of course on the off chance. :)

              • @lonewolf: Oh you might be right in that case, I was talking about the initial tracking only coming through sometimes, never really bothered to check if the tracked ones were rejected in the end. I guess next time I wont bother going through the hoops then.

  • If I am planning to purchase something for 200$, how would I use two gift cards? Is it possible?

    • Yes. I think there's a limit of using 5 gift card in total though.

      • Thanks. So add first, then add the second. Just like you'd do in a brick and mortar store.

        • Yep, and if you have suncorps you might wanna do some tetris and work out the best way to combine GCs and credit card payments.

  • So this would work if I was buying a tv from Bing Lee on the catch website?

    Not familiar with catch, so would like to be sure before buying gift cards.

    • +1

      Gift cards work for anything on catch.com.au

      • Sweet as. Thanks OP - saved $45 on something I was meant to buy yesterday, but didnt get a chance to do! Stoked!

  • Cheers, was just looking at an item they have which HN just sold out of.

  • Does this stack with cash back from providers?

    Can I get cashback when using these gift cards?

    • I wouldn't think payment method matters at all

      • +4

        It does not stack. You will not get Cashback it you use gift cards with catch. I have tried more than 100 times easily over the past years.

        • Have you tried places like Qantas FFP store ?

          I've given up on sneaking one through SB and CR myself :)

          • +1

            @popsiee: Yup, I tried qantas as well I hoped that might work but it didnt

    • No at all places .

  • Dang i just bought a catch gift card the other day using reward gateway at 8 per cent off. Feel cut now

  • ist here a code? When I checkout there is still no discount. Never mind it starts at 8am not 12am. My bad

  • its 8:10 Still no discount
    All i could see discount was on catch.com.au gift cards

    • +3

      The discount was only for catch gift cards.

  • From what I have read I can't find anything that says it can't be stacked with unidays student discount promo code… Anyone found anything or have any experience in this?

    • Third party can't have uni code used but these cards ok .

  • Anyone received theirs in email yet?
    How archaic is this system? Usually get it from Suncorp Rewards instantaneously.
    I'll be pissed off if the item I'm trying to buy sells out on Catch while I wait for the giftcard to be delivered.

    • Main ac'c was restricted to 1 x $100 and even when added more they magically changed to $20's . Probably punishing me for the UK Ebay card days :)
      Got on the phone and everyone else can order min 20 with no problems and all have come instantly .

      • Thanks. It did come through after about 10 minutes and managed to get the items I wanted before they are gone.

        • I have been waiting 1hr 45 minutes for mine…I bought mine at 8am. Got charged straight away.

          • +1

            @lonewolf: Got mine in about 10 mins after payment

            • @jobargain: I finally got mine, weird. Payment was instant but took more than 2 hours for it to arrive and i got mine right at 8am.

      • How did you call them? I dialled the number found via Google but says the contact centre is closed. Send email only.

    • I ordered mine at 10 ish and the 2 cards (a $100 and a $20) were received within 4 minutes.

    • +2

      I purchased at 8:10am and haven't got anything yet.

  • +1

    Can use this to get a bottle of JW Green Label for effectively $57.80 from this deal

    • +1

      Yeap , shame third party no uni code can be applied .
      Would have got a couple bottles .

      • Have any spare uni codes?

        • +2

          Very hard to get spares with current policy of 1 per week and I wouldn't be surprised if go 1 per month .

          • @popsiee: Yeah, catch started to crack down on people giving away spare codes to others and / or perhaps some people were selling the codes. It sucks, used to be an hour then a day and now 1 week.

            • +1

              @lonewolf: As well as no more small orders its forces like $550 min orders for optimum use of cards and code : (

              • @popsiee: yeah thats what i noticed i do now, wait till i want to buy a lot and have to buy it in large orders just because the codes are so rare. it sucks. It also means at times i just dont buy from them anymore because its not worth using the code so i go elsewhere.

          • @popsiee: Student beans still gives out 1/hr. I dont even bother about the unidays one now.

  • If you're a club catch member, use it to get 15% off the Eneloops deal, then deliver to Target for pickup - should be about $12.

  • Thanks OP.

    What to buy now

  • Haven't bought anything from Catch for many many years.
    What are their shipping time like these days?
    I remember their shipping time was horrible back in the days.

    • +1

      During covid I have received all my items within the week. Most have been 2-3 days.

      • Thanks!

        • My headphones were delivered 8.45 this morning.

    • Ordered twice during lockdown. One was super quick, other took 10 days. To be fair the second time I ordered alot of stuff

  • how long do their gift cards last before expiry?

  • Successfully bought some gift cards. I just tried to place an order through catch. Order confirmation came through followed immediately by an order cancellation notice saying the order didn't meet system verification requirements. I phoned up support and after waiting 30 minutes was told they don't know what the problem is and for me to try to purchase again.
    Went through with the purchase once more and got the cancellation notice again immediately after the confirmation. Still stuck in limbo with a cancelled order. Makes me regret buying the gift cards.

    • what are you trying to buy? may i ask please

      • It was an electric keyboard.

        Connected to a helpful catch rep who dug deeper and found the problem was in relation to the credit card used for the gap payment (between the gift card amount and the price of the item). They were unsure why it was failing - credit card details were completely valid and the amounts had been deducted from the cc.
        So they advised for me to try one more time using paypal for the gap payment and it worked.

  • Dyson Pure Hot/Cool was $599 a couple days ago on Catch.

    Now jacked back to $799.

    15% off the $599 would be a great price.

  • +1

    Don’t forget if you have unidays 10 % off. $120 sim will be $108 -15% $91.8
    $150 sim will be $121.5 (using unidays code and cards @15% off :)

    • Does that $120 sim work if you have been with Catch before ?

  • discount is there

  • Unidays code didn't seem to work for Nintendo Switch games. Anyone know if it is excluded? Couldn't find any useful T&Cs on the Unidays website.

    • You can find the terms below the code, exclude Apple, Dyson, Switch product. I tried before it is not working but who knows any other counpon?

    • Nintendo is excluded .

    • No Nintendo, apple, google, marketplace

  • Buyer beware - there is a 36 month expiry on these GC's. It may be common knowledge for some, but I wasn't aware of this - I thought GC's weren't allowed to expire any more. But for those who were also not aware:

    Catch.com Terms and Conditions

    Treat this gift card as cash. Lost or Stolen Gift Cards will not be replaced or refunded. Not to be used for the payment of credit or store accounts and some leased businesses. Not redeemable for cash and cannot be exchanged. This card will expire 36 months from the issue date. Any unused amount after the expiry date of this card will not be refunded or credited. Gift cards are not reloadable. To be used for the purchases of goods and services online at catch.com.au. For full terms of Use visit catch.com.au/terms

    • +2

      Not sure where you heard that but the current law only covers expiry of 3 years minimum.

      • Thanks for the insight! It must have been a business specific GC that my bro was talking about, as he initially mentioned it to me awhile back. Cheers

        • +1

          Another good thing to keep in mind is that merchants are not allowed to charge you a fee for using a gift card. Not sure if that's a new thing but I've been stung by that before :(

        • Yes, this got changed as before some giftcards / alot of them would expire in 1 year and ACCC decided too many times people didnt have enough time to use them so it got extended to minimum 3 years. Or maybe it was only for woolies and other gift cards, Unsure but i know that changed a couple of years ago. And now some gift cards dont have an expiry at all and others have 3 years.

  • We can't process your payment using your PayPal account right now. Please go back to the seller's website and try using a different payment method.

    Getting this error. But the seller is PayPal, so I'm very confused

    • Same, i went back out. Chose a different card and sent it to another email. Wasnt sure if that was a fix just think its being stupid. Have had it tell me my password is wrong but then i just click again and it goes through. Sometimes need to authenticate or captcha

  • Sold out whilst i was trying to log in to paypal

    • Same damn it. I always miss out

  • Thanks OP, got $550 worth.

  • +3

    Back up and running!

  • just got another one

  • +1

    Update: T&C's have been changed and the limit has been raised to 10

  • can you return gift cards? and do these stack on the catch.com.au website? So if I want to buy something for $750 I can purchase with 7 x $100 and 1 x $50 catch gift card? Just don't want to waste $750 for something I may not even be able to use.

    • You can't return gift cards.

      You can use a maximum of 5 gift cards (both digital and physical) to cover the balance of your purchase.

    • +1

      Buy 400 here and the rest on Suncorp. Suncorp allows max $500 on a single card.

  • How do these gift cards work? Do you just purchase via the Catch website as normal and enter gift card codes in the shopping cart?

    I've also got a ClubCatch 10% off sitewide deal showing at the moment, so would that apply and then use the gift cards as well?

    • I have not seen any code or deal like 10% off sitewide, and I was trying to use unidays code and it will not be working on switch. If you got the code could be used for switch, Can we swap, I can use 4 unidays code to get your 1 sitewide code.

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