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Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Green Switch) $139.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just saw this deal on Amazon AU. Ebay is selling at $165.76 with the 20% off discount.

Green mechanical switches designed for gaming
80 Million keystroke lifespan
Chroma customizable backlighting with 16.8 million colour options
Hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage up to 5 profiles
Razer synapse 3 enabled

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    The real must buy was actually the black widow elite for about $144 a week ago at amazon au.

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      The real deal is not buying Razer.

      • That’s a good one!

      • Got a Logitech G512 Tactile for $94 at Officeworks price beating EB Games. Very happy with it, but elitists hate Romer-Gs and I really can't understand why.

        • Link?

          • @Skxkwkei: Bought it like 2 months ago. It's back up to the usual $189.

        • I was curious as to why this was the case. (if you're happy with the keyboard, you can stop reading here.)

          From skim reading a few threads. -
          - Don't take standard Cherry compatible keycaps - you're stuck with what you have
          - Complaints about quality of keycaps…
          - Less tactile that MX browns, which are already considered not to be very tactile.
          - Wobbly

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            @ihfree: The keycaps are fine for me, they aren't too wobbly and they don't really have a big bump. Romer-Gs are more just a crisp membrane switch. Coming from membrane that's fine, but most already have their Cherry MX keyboards.

        • I have a Logitech G910 for one year, was happy at the beginning, but now the problem comes, some keys are hard to register and some others are too easy to trigger multiple keypressings, feels bad for such an "top" logitech keyboard.

          • @dreamhunter: same exact experience with same keyboard. i never had luck with logitech keyboards. very crappy build. steering clear from them totally

            • @allmails98765: Crappy build?! Mine has a really strong base which doesn't flex at all. Is that still crappy?

              • @Void: try other brands and compare. logitech has more plastic feel and build to it than other brands like razor or corsair etc

                • @allmails98765: Had a Razer mouse and it was garbage. DeathAdder Elite, the software sucked, it was more plasticky than my G703, overpriced for being wired and the cable frayed in under 6 months. Extremely disappointed, I think I'll stick to Logitech. My loss.

      • I agree. I always ignore their products

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        I probably wouldn't buy Razer in this current climate considering their costs, but for what it's worth, I bought a Razer Blackwidow Chroma and a Razer Deathadder Chroma in 2015 for $190 + $55 and they are still chugging away to this day. Only issue is the rgb on the F8 key is a little wonky.

        Everyone comments on Razer's poor longevity but it looks like I lucked out, which is annoying because I have no reason to upgrade :(

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          I'm exactly the same, all my Razer products have brilliantly held up after multiple years. I really don't understand the hate other than the exorbitant rrp, and you can regularly find the products for much less

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    Could someone please recommend me two mechanical keyboard: one for home and one for work? The one for work needs a bit of quiet keystroke.Around $100 or below for each keyboard will be wonderful otherwise I could go up to $150 :)Thanks

    • Hum, at this budget the best option is the RGB mechanical keyboard from kogan. $45 each and you get a rgb mouse pad for $19.

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        Kogan mechanical are very noisy.

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      One for work: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544373
      Red switches, $30 shipped if you sign up to Kogan first free trial (use an empty prepaid visa/MasterCard if you have one)

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      I can highly recommend the Durgod K320. Very sturdy, exceptional quality all round. I don't find it too loud but some O rings would help you at work.
      $150 for a white one with browns here

      Velocifire have a good rep for simple but solid boards.
      TKL wireless for $96 here. Not sure if it works with wire as well. Wired one is currently on import.


      iKBC also has a good rep for simple and solid boards.
      TKL here with silent reds for $130. It also has PBT caps like the Durgod. This may be a touch quieter than ABS, and is definitely less of an annoying/tinny sound.


      Full-size iKBC with browns for $130 (there's also a silent red at the same price).

      It can be worthwhile to check gumtree too if you're in a populated area and want to save a buck. Lots of stuff for sale that's in good nic.

      • It can be worthwhile to check gumtree

        no amount of money saved on a used keyboard is worth the effort trying to sanitise it, imo.

        i used to work in IT and having to touch other people's keyboards — even the ones that looked "clean" — absolutely made my skin crawl.

        just get a new keyboard(!)

        • It's a personal thing. I never have purchased a used one but I was pleasantly surprised at the number of listings that included pictures of the keyboard being cleaned, key caps removed and so on.

  • Philip hue integration is the only single point why I would consider it Razer peripherals.

    • I got the hue play deal from amazon and they delivered today, the razer integration is fantastic.

      • Got the hue play from the same deal, god they are bright.

        • I just wish Hue would get rid of the Bridge!

      • Found this out when I ordered my first razer mouse…which has no RGB…oh well

  • Legion K500 for $111 looks better to me.

  • I have a Razer black widow chroma, been using for 6 years. So many of the keycaps are broken at the joint. It's ok to type on but I much prefer the cheapy Brown MX switch keyboard I picked up a few years ago. At this price point, there's just better options instead of Razer.

  • Bought one a few months ago, love the feel of it but synapse ruins it

    Why do i have to have breathing RGB as a default including when the computer is a sleep???

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      I just received mine, and I'm a bit ticked about this as well. Thought "onboard memory" would mean I could save some lighting to device. I use this on a work device where I can't use synapse.

      My $60 gigabyte lets me configure lighting with no software. Sure, it's not as detailed, but surely they could have put something - anything - onboard.

      Any suggestions for an alternative brand?

      • yea cheap kingston keyboard on my other PC has it all controlled with hot keys no software…

  • If someone wants the Elite version for $144, there are 3 pcs left:

    Razer BlackWidow Elite - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - US Layout FRML (Green Switch)

    • I clicked on the link and it's showing $259

      • 5 minutes later there was only 1, it must be sold out.
        Did somebody get one?

  • What's the difference between the different switches for these mechanical Keyboards? Always see red cherry green blue brown etc. Anyone got a quick explanation of why you would get one over another or have a good link?

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    I found this youtube video useful: Razer Switch Comparison: Green vs Orange vs Yellow

  • bought from amazon. good price. what is cashback rate when i jump from shopback? 7%?

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