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50% off Participating Chinese Restaurants - Local Food Fest ($20 Max Discount) @ Uber Eats


Day 7 of UberEats Food.

This offer is for up to 50% off your delivery or pickup order from participating restaurants via the Uber Eats app. Delivery fee applies. Offer is available to the first 50,000 users who apply the promotion. Available between 12am and 11:59pm on 24 June 2020 AWST. Offer only applies to the total order value (excluding delivery fee).

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +3

    Wow, nice one.

  • +1

    Finally, I can eat something other than 2 min noodles!

    • +8

      Now you can have 1 minute noodles!

    • -1

      Is that Winnie the Pooh's ass? I'm sure there's a joke to be made here…

      • +4

        That's Bart Simpsons ass, man. Bears don't have butt cheeks.

        • +2

          I’m comforted to know there are people keeping better tabs on cartoon asses than me.

  • +18

    Hope I could have better luck on this one. No restaurant around me was participating in yesterday's deal

    • -4

      Consider moving?

      • Nope, enjoying my discounted noodle boxes

  • +4

    How do I know which are the participating restaurants?

    • Same question here

    • There should be a board at the top of your home screen app thats called food fest that shows participated stores around your area when you click into it. However, i cant seem to find it now as well

    • +4

      Uhhh, the 50% discount is covered by Uber, so in this case, they are.. last time I checked 50% is higher than 30%…

      • So are Uber taking a 20% loss? I highly doubt it

        • +6

          Someone in the comments of one these deals the other day said the cafe they collected their food from wasn't even aware of the promo, and that Uber just selects restaurants to be eligible, which pretty heavily implies it's funded by Uber. Companies have pretty deep pockets when it comes to marketing and promos sometimes.

          YMMV but I've gotten a couple of great deals out of these daily promos so far, just keep an eye out for restaurants that don't mark up their prices on Uber Eats by a large margin + have a low delivery fee (lots around me are $2.99), or even pickup for free if possible (which is a great outcome for the restaurant as Uber are currently waiving their margin on pickup orders).

          • +3

            @ldawg: That was me, and yes Uber is funding this promo out of a huge "local business support" fund they created to try and fend off negative publicity for refusing to reduce their 30% cut on delivery orders. It also specifically says in the promo description on the website (which it would be illegal to lie in…) "Uber Eats will cover the daily deal".

  • -2

    “bad, bad people”

    “we have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out.”

    Oh wait it's OK he loves Mexican cuisine.

  • +38

    Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest. What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?

  • +1

    The discounted calculated on the food + delivery fee for me. Ordered $37 of food, $4.95 delivery and received the full $20 discount

    • howd you find the participating stores?

      • there's a banner at the top of the app when it's active, click on that and it will show all the ones around you

        • hmm yeah i just see the "Enjoy 15% off next 5 orders" code…app seems to still be bit temperamental.

          • +1

            @ExtraSalt: I saw someone else say you can try changing your delivery location + then changing it back, but I'm not sure I've seen the banner until later in the day

            • +2

              @ldawg: oh wow! it comes up at my 2 alternate addresses, but the moment i switch back, she's gone! perhaps theres no participating stores around me which is a damn shame.

              thanks for that note though..worked a charm otherwise

      • I just tried my local dumpling shop. Applied the discount at checkout

  • Isn’t there any participating restaurant in Brisbane or I’m doing something wrong?

    • Works for me already at Mrs Luu's Milton, there are about 10 other restaurants that are closed currently that are showing as eligible also in Inner Bris.

      • +1

        I changed my address to Sydney and the banner appeared, I changed it back to Redcliffe and it's gone again. I guess there are no participating restaurants near me.

        • This happens to me too. But I tried to view every asian restaurants around my area and found two of them can be applied with the promotion code. I still can't see banner in my area

    • I can't find any participating restaurants near Redcliffe either. But I don't even have a banner when I open the app.

      • restart the app, worked for me

    • Just ordered from Crazy Noodle at Pinelands (Sunnybank Hills)

  • +4

    After recently going to China bar Doncaster & witnessing one of the "chefs" cutting his nails at the counter where the duck was prepared, I haven't had an appetite for Chinese food.

    • +3

      Just finger nails or toe nails too?

      • +2

        Just finger nails. Me + other people were waiting for takeaway + this dude stops chopping duck, whips out nail clippers + trims his nails. Like WTF what kind of "Chef" does that.

        I sent a compliant to Chinabar head office, of course no reply. Never buying anything from that chain again.

        Anyone near Balwyn should try Eastern Bell, a great hidden gem of a place.

    • +1

      One in Perth was visibly unwell (flu like symptoms) a few years back and was chopping duck. Have not visited the shop since, and recently has closed down. Another one was having a cigarette and didn't wash his hands after smoking, also went straight to chopping my duck that I ordered. Also never been since, and has since closed down.

      Some people have no concept of cleanliness and standards in the food service industry.

      • +4

        Quite a few years back I remember going to a well known pizza restaurant. Was in the men's toilets, saw one of the kitchen staff come in (chef's pants), do his business, then walk out. Didn't wash his hands. I was shocked.

        Agreed that many are absolutely ignorant of hygiene standards.

        • +1
          • @nfr: Haha, knew what it was before clicking. Nice.

          • @nfr: Hahaha nice one. I had this same reaction!

        • +2

          Never go to the Box Hill food court for this reason.

          Have witnessed dozens of times cooks/chefs/prep people in uniform use stalls and walk right out.

          This applies to both food courts, we used to go there every day as a group but noone goes at all anymore.

          • +1

            @Telios: That place is a S hole, I gotta wonder who would voluntarily eat there.

        • I saw the same thing @ Hills Chinese Restaurant in Box Hill, never went back.

    • chinese are the worst when it comes to health hygiene standards. I'm staying away thanks.

      • -1

        indian is worse. I'm staying away thanks.

  • oooft this will be great for Tuan Tuan in Carlton.. They've got some of the best congee and seafood curry laksa noodle soup!

  • Lanzhou beef noodle Bar not included :(

  • The food fest banner does not show up on my app most of the time, no way of finding participating restaurants

  • Can this be stacked with the 'free delivery' promo that applies sometimes on the app for places where you are likely to share a driver with someone else?

  • +1

    awesome, got a $40 meal for $20

  • Yes!!!

  • I should have bought more uber gift cards when woolies had the promo

  • Tried it at an asian restaurant, didn't work, which was fair enough. Now I'm trying it on a Chinese restaurant and it says I've already used it.. Bit rough

  • +1

    Thanks so much OP. Got some lunch for hubby and I for $20. Couldn't stack free delivery codes with it (and no one was ordering from the same place at the time for free delivery) so we just went and picked it up. Such a nice deal! If the food fest banner doesn't appear- just search Chinese restaurants around you and add an item or two to your cart to see if you can apply the promo code. That's what I did as a workaround.

  • +1

    i thought 50% off excluding delivery fee. i have ordered around $32 worth of meal plus 8 delivery fee. however, i got -$20 instead of -$16. no complaint!! let see if the food portion will be reduced.

    • if it's Uber forking the discount, the restaurant should be getting the full amount and hence, no portion reduction

  • Cool. Ordered a $50 meal for $10 with Westpac stacked.

  • Thanks. Ordered for tomorrow dinner.

    • Didn't know you could pre-order for a day later?

      • Testing it out see how it goes.

  • +2

    WHY no one around me is ordering chinese so I can use the free delivery :(

  • I added a giftcard as payment and still got charged full on credit card, not stackable with GC?

    • I used the uber gift card to pay for my lunch order. should be working

      • I must be doing something wrong, did your gift card appear as "Uber Cash" in the wallet?

  • I love Chinese Food, you know that is true….

  • +1

    Is it limited to the first 50000 that apply the code in the app, or who actually use the app at checkout?

  • +1

    it says my order ins't eligible for these yet code not activated?

  • The code is applied automatically at checkout when you order from participating restaurants.

    I ordered from Modu, Clayton[VIC] and the coupon was applied at checkout.

  • +5

    Thanks OP! Ordered 黑椒牛柳絲炒河粉 for $9 delivered

  • +2

    Was going to order from a local dumpling joint this morning for dinner but now I go look again, they've exactly doubled their prices…

  • +1

    Deal is getting ozBd. Been waiting 20 mins to pickup my food and there's tonnes of people standing around not social distancing.

  • +2

    Man, everything on Uber Eats is so stupidly overpriced now - I don't understand why anyone uses it or how they survive as a business ??

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