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David Jones Rewards Bonus $20 Reward Voucher for Existing Members (No Minimum Spend)


Had your eye on something?
Make it yours with a $20 Bonus Reward.
Be sure to redeem it instore or online before it
expires on Saturday 27 June 2020.

Treat yourself!

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • +9

    hmmm I didn't get this :(

    • Never got anything after last time signing up, stuff em

  • Targeted?

  • Is this a targeted offer or is there some sort of promo code?

    • It's a egift card tied to your account

  • Nopes. Nothing 😔

  • Nothing for me either and I have bought plenty in the past

    • +13

      that's probably the problem

  • Didnt get anything

  • +2

    David Jones did not set up all member accounts properly, I NEVER get these promotional emails

    • +2

      Me too! I contacted them multiple times, I’ve bought using the account (so I know it’s set up properly) and never got the $10 promo or any other one after.

    • Same. Received offers last year, but then this year didn't get the birthday bonus, contacted them and they said they couldn't find my email in their system!

    • +1

      That pretty much aligns with how they set up their website which is rubbish. No wonder considering that IBM was behind it!

      • +1

        Yeah its pretty messed up; last time I was trying to get something on 'special' and it was telling me I wasnt a member so couldnt get an additional 10% off… contact support, theyre useless and just told me it didnt apply to the item I was looking at.

        Tired with mums account… was able to get the 10% off of the same item… it would be awkward if I was buying a thong

      • Yep it sure is rubbish, same goes for their customer support. Never received birthday voucher. One support member told me they would send it, but it never arrived. Sent follow up email, someone else responded and was told NO and given the runaround. My account is definitely not setup properly, I haven't received any emails since November last year, which was an invite to Christmas shopping event. Useless. Family member has an account and they get regular emails and promotions..

      • IBM was the old website; new one is by eStar Online

        • New one isn't particularly any better. Wow so they blew millions with IBM and already moved to a new platform.

  • Targeted

  • Be sure to redeem it instore or online before it


  • Didn't get this, but I buy quite a bit from DJs (I swear I was their number one online customer prior to 2018)

  • +7

    Wonder if it's actually targeted, or just DJ's email distribution system being the worst…

  • -2

    i got it on both my accounts lol

  • No minimum purchase required?

  • +4

    I got it. Of note perhaps is that I had NOT redeemed my initial $10 welcome (or maybe it was birthday) voucher

    • +1

      same for me and i also received one.

      • Received as well. Don't shop here at all really, except for birthday voucher

    • Same situation here too


  • -1

    im happy to take any unused ones but need your login haha

  • +9

    Received one! Aaaaaaand its belongs to my missus now…

    • missus (miss-us)

      Miss you too babe x

  • I got it and used it online a few hours ago.

  • Can you see it somewhere if you log in to your account? Just to double check

  • Check your emails, it should be there! i couldn't find it on the David Jones website but was in my email.
    Also make sure that you are subscribed to their newsletter.

  • Just received June Birthday $10 .. seems i wont be getting this one… None on my email ..

  • Signed in and got nothing.

  • Got the email(s) ;)

    • Wonder if they’re stackable?

      • no, account bound.

    • Ahhh I just neg’d by mistake! How to unneg?

  • Received $20!
    Other account hasn't received any offers since last year.

    Interesting - never received a credit on this account before.
    Read that loyalty membership is only available if account has your email.

    As this is a very old account, realised it had no email, so updated a few months back… Was worth it for $20!

  • +1

    FREE Sunglasses!
    50% off Cancer Council Sunglasses
    eg $40 Bondi free with $20 voucher!

  • Targeted.

    Not to me of course :(

  • Received this to one of my family's two David Jones account emails (but not the other). With this, the two $10 welcome vouchers and $10 birthday voucher, they have been paying me to shop

  • So far only receive the sign up $10 welcome voucher, that is all. :(

  • Nil, zip, nada :((

  • +1

    Just noticed this expired today. Managed to get two TP-Link 110s for $14 with about a minute to spare!

  • +1

    Went into store to choose FREE sunglasses with the $20.
    And pickup order of 4 x $2.70 Happy Socks.

    Came out with $150 GStar shirts ($27), $350 pure wool jacket ($54).
    Went back yesterday & bought $199 Wild Rhino TYLER boots ($41), $180 Julius Marlow dress shoes ($20.70), nice Calvin Klein shirt ($8.70)!

    DJs lured me in with the $20 voucher & I stayed for the SALE.

    • +1

      Hahah, yeah they hooked you in! As for me, I’m still trying to work out what I’m going to do with my two Tp-Links.

    • Your lucky. My DJ's only had one tiny rack with a few pieces left on it, mostly Academy Brand stuff. I was expecting much more from this sale, turned out to be a waste of time.

      • -1

        I was lucky. And staff in Menswear have got to know me & my frugal ways😊

        They're always happy to get rid of clearance stock to me! I was wearing a $50 DJs Polo I m got free with a $10 loyalty voucher a year ago, being served by staff member who sold it to me😊

        Overhead a staff member on Friday joking to another that the stock she had just put out won't last long (GStar shirts, pure wool jackets).

        Staff member I know at another store told me they only put out racks of 70% off on first day of sale. She enthusiastically showed me what stock was left - like the $20 shoes.

        But little left by Saturday.

  • Useless, tried to buy stuff from here online in the past and it wasnt working, their IT support closed the case without helping me.

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