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Audio-Technica ATH-AG1X Closed Back Gaming Headset $149 (Usually $300) @ PCCaseGear ($16 Express Shipping)


Long time lurker, first time poster
jbhifi has it listed for $299, audio-technica lists it at $400

*Advanced 53mm drivers provide excellent sound-scape and accurate sound reproduction
*Improved 3D wing support system offers hours of comfort and a secure fit
*Extremely soft earpads with additional cushioning provide superior comfort for extended game play
*Equipped with a 1.2m attached cable and 2.0 m extension cable
*Double air damping system (D.A.D.S.) delivers deep, resonating bass
*Built-in volume and mute controller for convenient audio control
*Compatible with PS4, iPad, iPhone, laptops & PC. Also compatible with Xbox One using the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

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    add $15 shipping

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      thanks, added to title

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    Equipped with a 1.2m attached cable and 2.0 m extension cable

    I'll never forget the time I bought a $600 headset … which came with a ONE METRE cable. >:(

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      How long do you like it?

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    • Maybe was aimed at PC audio rather than home theatre? Would make sense for 1M to connect it to your DAC on the table, just get a longer lead for your DAC if you need more length.

      • I've never seen a professional audio headset that came with less than 1.8m and even then, 3m is standard.

  • Are these any goods for gaming. How are these compared to something like hyperx cloud II ?

    • I've had a pair of cloud IIs but I'd say these are better purely juding by the spec sheet (for less money too)

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        I have three pairs of headphones I've used.

        Had Hyper X Cloud 2's

        I used to switch to my M40x's for music and sometimes Singleplayer games.

        When travelling i found that the M40s were better for gaming in my opinion.

        A mate found some of these AG1X's (incorrectly priced at Jb Hi Fi for around the same price as this) as the M40s don't have a Mic - mic cables do exist but they aren't good.

        These are a fair bit better for gaming and superior for music as well. The mic is crisp and clear and they are very comfortable.

        The only four gripes i have (for $150 I'm happy) are.

        A. The cable isn't changeable, I.E you can't get a longer or shorter cable or if damaged you cant replace it.

        B. The mic doesn't really retract or remove at all, the amount of control with the arm is quite bad actually but it does line up with your mouth and sound great.

        C. The 2m cable that comes with it (in my case) barely works.

        D. They don't fit on my headphone stand like the M40s and the Cloud 2's.

        I'd definetly upgrade, i wouldn't pay $300 for the headphones. They normally sell for around $280 online as well which is still too much. At $150 they're a good deal and a good upgrade.

        If you really don't like them over the Hyper X's you should be able to easily sell them for $150ish in a few weeks anyway.

        • I use the M40x for gaming too. I got the following mic attachment and it works well:

          • @CYMA: That's what I have as well, purchased from ebay in this case but the exact same product.

            The mic quality isn't that good (reported by multiple people) and the length of the mic itself is too short. If the Mic was a bit better it'd be something I'd suggest over a desk mic.

            In any case, if you have $160 or so this headset trumps the M40x + the cable as it's a better mic, more intergrated and the drivers in the AG1X's are more suited to gaming then pure reference (M40x's).

            If you already have M40's, I'd still say get this over the $50 (or so) for the mic cable as these are far more comfy.

            • @Matt86: I had issues with mic quality initially but I fiddled around with Windows' advanced microphone settings. Disabled the microphone boost and put the "Default Format" to highest preset (2 channel, 24 bit, 192000 Hz (Studio Quality)).

              It made a lot of difference for me.

    • Have looked at reviews and sound is decent for the price but the mic is amazing. Im buying it at this price.

    • I have both and these are better than the Superlux based Huperx Cloud II.

  • If only these were open back i'd jump on it, not sure why gaming cans would be closed back.

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      So you get isolation and can hear things like footsteps better.

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        AD700 are regarded as one of the best for FPS games due to the neutral tone and extremely wide soundstage. You don't get a wide soundstage with a closed back headset, yes you can hear the footsteps but you won't know the position as well.

        I guess if you are playing console games in the middle of an open plan house with kids around I would say go for the closed back but if you have your PC/console in a bedroom try and get open headphones they are much better for competitive gaming.

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      These are the Open back version, not on sale unfortunately, but I just emailed PCCG asking if they were going to reduce the price of them too. Fingers crossed!

      • My mate got those exact ones from JB for 150 last week. They've been removed now.

      • update us on the response please!

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          No luck :(

          "We list our absolute best prices up front online, which unfortunately doesn’t leave sufficient margin for any additional discounts on the open-ear model. We also don't have any way to say in advance, when certain models will have their prices reduced, I'm afraid, as it will often depend on pricing offered by distributors, and in this case by Audio-Technica directly."

    • Because you don't want to be distracted, outside noises can make it harder to hear quiet noises like footsteps and you don't want other people to constantly hear your shooting, screaming and explosions.

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    Thanks for post - got one was looking at headset and missed out on the Razar Kraken post yesterday (for $102).

  • Can it be used with the PS4 controller? Asking for a noob friend!!!!!

    • Lol

      Can the PS4 controller take a 4 post 3.5mm headphone jack?

      Used to use my HyperX Cloud 2's on my Xbox One this way and it worked, these would work too in that manner.

      • They do have 3.5 mm Jack. But my Bose QC 25's MIC does not work with that. Head phone does. I have tried Taotronics as well. Unable to get the MIC to work

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          It's often the case with wireless headphones that their mic won't work if they're used wired. Same deal with Sony 1000XM2/3.

  • Anyone able to recommend the best wireless gaming headset for PC / PS4 ??

    Preferably under $200

    • I'd probs say the Corsair VOID 50mm drivers, on-ear volume & mute controls, 16hr battery, RGB, discord certified omnidirectional mic

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      I've been thinking about getting the Steelseries Arctis 7 for $209 at Kogan atm. They have decent reviews on youtube but I haven't pulled the trigger just yet

      • I was waiting for these but seen them fair bit lower around black Friday sales. But i bit the bullet with these.

      • I have the Arctis 7's. Pretty good investment, just make sure to install the Steelseries software and do the firmware updates when they arrive otherwise the mic will sound terrible to your friends.

    • Hs70, Arctis 7. Really depends what's on sale.

  • I bought these last week for my son to plug into an xbox controller. They sound great but have yet to get the mic to work. Which I thought was a me problem but it also doesn’t work with an iPad, a laptop and a phone. I feel I may have to buy a ps4 just to try every option.

    • Did you accidently mute the microphone? I've done that before (with a different headset)

      • The mute mechanism on the cable is pretty crappy - looks like something you would get in a show bag and that would break before you got it home. It is possible it is the problem.

        • I don't find it bad at all?

          Works fine in my S10
          Won't work most PC's without the adapter cable, as this is a four post cable. Most PC soundcards have seperate output and input lines so you'll need to use the cable or an adapter.

          Should work on an iPad and a Xbox One. My Hyper X Cloud 2's have the same connector and no issues.

  • $15 for standard shipping and $22 (or 29 for star) for express for me.

    • When i ordered mine Aus Post Express was $14

  • Do these come with an adapter for Xbox one or would I need to purchase separately?

    • Also compatible with Xbox One using the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

      Looks like you'll have to buy them seprately, not included

  • Some reviews saying a DAC/AMP for this is worthwhile, any recommendations on any?

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    I was just writing up a post for these and noticed someone beat me too it. So Ill just say what I was going to say in my post.

    Absolute cracker deal this one. Perhaps the cheapest these have been?

    If you dont know these are based on the A900X which are $250-300 headphones. AK just strapped a microphone to them, the microphone is also very very good for a headset mic. Rivals that of the Mod Mic 4.0 and 5.0 and even the Vmoda Boompro.

    Unfortunately the open back version isnt on special (considered better if you can live without isolation)

    But if you are looking for a new headset. I am confident in saying these will CRUSH any gaming brand headset. They are also amazing for music and movies since they are essentially A900X's. And A900X in my opinion sit in that sweet spot of price:performance and you would have to spend considerably more to get a better sounding pair of cans.

    Anyway. I am a fan of this family of headphones obviously but for good reason.

  • I just received my pair of these and the volume is incredibly soft when plugged into either back or front audio jacks for my PC to the point where I can only just make out a very slight sound. On my phone even at loudest I cannot hear a single thing. Anyone have an issue like this?

    • Have you got the volume turned up on the headphones on the in line controller?

      • Yep anything below absolute max and I cannot hear a thing even at max it's extremely quiet

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          Could be a faulty pair. I have mine plugged directly into the PC (not using a DAC) and when i game, i normally set these at 60% and its pretty loud. For normaly youtube and movie watching i normally set these at 50% volume. Anything over 70% starts to hurt the ears.

          • @KH41: Thanks for the replies, I thought it might the case it's a faulty pair. Thankfully PCCG is quite good with this

            • @KS808: If it's not a faulty pair then depending on your motherboard audio drivers, you may need to change the Amplification Level.