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[eBook] Free - Rubik’s Cube: How to Solve The Famous Cube | Cookbook with The Simplest Recipes for Your Wok (Exp) @ Amazon AU/


Rubik’s Cube: How To Solve The Famous Cube In 3 Easy Ways

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By the end of this guide, you should be able to:
•Solve the cube completely
•Understand how each of the cube’s pieces work relative to each other
•Decode and memorize the different move notations
•Memorize the move algorithms, including their mirror and reverse versions
•Better predict the effects of the moves you apply
•And enjoy practicing the moves and algorithms for different scenarios

Cookbook with the Simplest Recipes for Your Wok: Start Making the Most Delicious Meals Ever

AU Link
US Link

Don’t look any further because you have found a cookbook that will become the best friend of your wok. Your wok will be happy to help you make the recipes and you will always have mouthwatering dishes service for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desserts.

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  • +10

    Spoiler alert. Get all the sides the same colour.

    • +18

      Buy the Kiwi version, no stickers, its all black.

      • but how do you solve it in the dark?

        • use the other hand

        • -2

          You can't say the d word any more, it's racist.

  • +4

    Or you could just watch this video https://youtu.be/R-R0KrXvWbc

  • +2

    Anyone who has an Australian account and it won’t let you purchase just edit the URL by adding .au to amazon.com and it will work for you. Or just use this link https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07H74DYBZ. It’s a handy trick that has worked before for me.

  • +1

    Pull the stickers off and put them in the right order.

    • you had a trash cube, mine doesn't have stickers :(

  • +2

    Can someone please explain to me how these types of ebooks constitute a deal. How is this any better than reading a free blog post with the same information?

    • +2

      Or countless free YouTube tutorials…

    • +7

      There is this thing called money. Normally you have to give it in exchange for the Ebook. When it's free you can keep the money and get the Ebook.

      But seriously: Books often (but not always) are written to a higher standard than a blog post. The low quality of some books has made this distinction disappear to some degree but you are still more likely to find the book is more polished.

      I took a look at the Rubik's cube book and it presents the "Ultimate method" (which isn't very efficient but requires less memorization) not the "Beginner's method" that a lot of people are taught first. It also discusses notation and (briefly) the different methods that can be used and the history of speed cubing. It isn't bad and is a lot richer than some of the tutorials I've seen. You could spend a lot of time learning from free resources what has been brought together in this book.

      Also different people at different times find books easier than videos and vice-versa for learning different things. I don't think humanity is quite ready to ditch books yet.

      • +2

        Books often (but not always) are written to a higher standard than a blog post

        Not all too often lately. Many (most?) recent "books" in Amazon deals here are authored by people who seem to write about many varied topics and it's unlikely with such a broad spread they could be well versed and experienced in all of them. OTOH many blogs are outpourings of passion written by specialists and lifelong enthusiasts of the subject they're blogging about.

        • -1

          There are stil a lot of high quality books out there if you're a little discerning.

          That you could cite the passion of a blog as if it were special literally tells me you have no idea what goes into writing and publishing a quality book.

          There are always going to be crap books and crap blogs. Avoid them instead of taking a dump on the whole medium.

          • +1


            if you're a little discerning

            Yeah dude, that's all that this conversation is actually about. Not sure why you're so protective about books - noone here has suggested the format doesn't have its place. I've gotten and like numerous books from deals here - that doesn't change the fact a lot of (what I would consider) junk is peddled here, nor that many blogs and videos can be much more informative and entertaining than many books here. Same for Udemy courses.

      • Books often (but not always) are written to a higher standard than a blog post

        Not this one. The very first sentence spells the inventor's name wrongly - "Enro Rubik".

        • -1

          You're griping because it doesn't use the "Ö" Are you seriously going to throw away a book because you don't like that it used an anglicized version of the name?

          Try reading a little further than the first "mistake" when evaluating a text. Or don't. I'm not your teacher.

          • -1

            @syousef: No, read it again.

            • -1

              @banana365: Oh for **** sake. It's a typo. The name is spelt correctly elsewhere in the book. Most books have errata. Get over it. You wouldn't like it if I followed you around and told you every post you ever made a typo on was invalid/worthless.

              Is Ozbargain hosting a virtual book burning that I didn't know about???

              • -1

                @syousef: My post was in response to a comment on the quality of books compared to blog posts, a comment that I read literally a few seconds after reading the first page of the book. Books typically have a proof reader, if this book has one they've missed a glaring error straight away, exactly as you did when you went off on one by assuming I was picking on the missing diacritic. You seem hell bent on being upset, so much so that you're making mistakes yourself.

                On that subject, "errata" in the context of the publishing industry is not typically used as the plural of error, it refers to a list of corrections of errors in later editions of a publication. Do you think this ebook will have a second, separate publication or would they, like you can with ebooks, just correct the errors without notification? I'll go with the third option - no correction, due to the low quality of the book (as suggested in earlier posts). If they can't be bothered doing the basics first time round, there's unlikely to be a second time.

                • -1

                  @banana365: I don't need you to school me on the meaning of the word "errata". Errata are used whether or not another edition is planned and can often run into dozens of pages. The point being that a single freakin' typo doesn't make a book trash, for pity sake.

                  This book is better than others I've read on the subject and a hell of a lot better than most blog posts. Despite the one typo you're hung up on.

                  All that said, if you find no value in this particular book, or all books for that matter, that's fine. But quit advocating for the removal of Ebooks from bargain pages, because:

                  1) They are not always free, so when they are it is a bargain.
                  2) Others find them worthwhile even if you don't.

                  Hopefully I didn't make a typo in this post, or any other mistake, because that would invalidate everything i said, obviously. eye roll

        • Come on, this MUST be good: it was written by James Rubik 😁

      • -1

        "I don't think humanity is quite ready to ditch books yet."

        I take it you haven't been watching the news in the last few weeks? Half of the western world seems ready to burn civilisation to the ground because a druggie criminal died while being arrested.

        • Most reasonable people don't feature on the news in those circumstances.

          • @syousef: The world isn't changed by reasonable people…

            • @1st-Amendment: Sure it is. History is full of reasonable people who changed the world. Read some science history for example.

              • @syousef: Good example. Science history is littered with examples of reasonable scientists being murdered by unreasonable and ignorant tyrants…

        • I dont think you know what half is… youve been steeping in your own version of histrionics. Youre just the woke right, a Christian Jihadi.

          And I dont think that the minority of people that are attending these things, want to burn it down. A minority of that minority do, start over, anarchy etc just as many on the alt right want to forget the hard won fight, they have forgotten lest we forget, and now want to hand a late victory to the new Nazi. Its not all on the right that want to go that far. Those who want to burn it down need little motivation, but most people are simply on board because they think its horrendous cops think its OK to keep a knee in the neck of a man until he dies, when he is already subdued. There were enough there to render him incapable of causing them grief.

          I dont know about you, but I expect cops to be capable of the job without unnecessary harm. I expect whatever this drug addict as you say, has his day in court, presumed innocent until proven guilty, not summarily executed during his arrest. Cops today are so terrified of everyone that they shoot innocent women, and suffocate a subdued bloke for trivial matters. they are far from brave men and women who should define, bravery, public service, protect, dignity, courtesy, respect etc. If your decisions lead to the death of a suspect, you better have got that decision right. Its not an easy job for sure, but if youre not up to it, deliver milk, drive a bus, become a doctor, the job is not for you.

          Your username suggests youre confused about where you live, and dont understand the importance of that amendment in the first place. Its just some off the cuff commentary you think is edgy. The document that amendment belongs too, covers this type of thing too.

          • @Tuba: "Youre just the woke right, a Christian Jihadi."

            You made your whole argument on a false assumption. How does that make you feel?

    • +3

      You can solve it in several ways. One of them is just to learn and do the few moves that you can find in most tutorials. Then you can start to speed cubbing and that is very different. Recognizing advanced patterns, thinking lots of moves ahead and not just recognize a cross and then do mindlessly some 5 moves. I assume this teaches you those patterns.

      Also your argument can be used for anything, why go to uni when you can just read the same information online?

      There is some value in somebody teaching you something in an organized way (I am not saying this book is any good or not, I do not know), sorry but most of the youtube videos are crap done by somebody that has a camera to qualify.

      Saying that, I did learn how to solve it from a "blog", but I also saw what speed cubbing is about and knew that I do not want to do that.

      • +1

        sorry but most of the youtube videos are crap done by somebody that has a camera to qualify.

        I've been relearning how to do the cube recently and you're right. There's one series of videos linked from an Australian site that sells the cubes and it's hit or miss on whether you can actually see the algorithm in use. They (like many other videos) race through the moves as if they're solving the cube for themselves rather than teaching them.

        I first learned to do the cube not long after it first came out in the UK ('81 or thereabouts). We all learned the algorithms from a single, poorly photocopied A4 sheet of instructions (it might have been double sided but I don't remember). That bit of paper was clearer and far more succinct (obviously) than every set of instructions I've seen since.

    • ummmmmmm, because its FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE