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Step One - EOFY Sale up to 30% off


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Buy 4 pairs, 20% off - $20 pair
Buy 7 pairs, 25% off - $16.50 pair
Buy 15 pairs, 30% off - $11.90 pair

Buy 1 $29.00 ea $29.00 ea
Buy 4 $25.00 ea $20.00 ea
Buy 7 $22.00 ea $16.50 ea
Buy 15 $17.00 ea $11.90 ea

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Step One
Step One

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      • Hi guys, can you guys let me know which suburbs in east side? I'm in north east side and maybe we can do 5 each.

        • Happy to do halves too in eastern suburbs

          • @tychiang82: Hi there, I am interested in 3 pairs .. would be nice if someone can accomodate :)

        • So that's 3 of us at the moment. Hopefully someone else joins us as well.

  • -1

    Are these aimed at fat people?

    • +5

      You don't throw them, you wear them.

      Order an appropriate size. If you're amply proportioned go for the bigger sizes.

    • I think fat people are more likely to have rubbing thighs. The Kmart near me always has a lot of the small size elastine underwear, but never any in the L or XL sizes. I'm sure it's not only fat people though.

    • No but they are fantastic for my chunky thighs with the Lycra inner leg. I haven't had chafing in years.

    • as a fatty these are amazing undies

  • -1

    They need to fire all of their models and their marketing team. Not supporting them otherwise.

    • +8

      Why? Do you not find the models attractive enough? Are they not well hung? What’s the problem?

  • Kmart Alpha long moisture wick undies for $8 a piece. Same same

    • Yep. I've been wearing them for 5 years and only just starting to wear out the first pairs I bought. It's hard to find stock though.

    • +1

      Ive had the Alpha and they’re good value but they’re not the same as StepOne, Alpha are synthetic fibres, these are bamboo which breath much more.

      • Cheers, didn't know that. Will keep an eye out for bamboo ones to give them a try!

      • +1

        Don't believe the hype. There's nothing wrong with synthetic and that's what most high-end breathable, moisture wicking athletic gear is made from, as far as I've seen (along with merino wool). Of course there will be varying degrees of quality and materials used in synthetic garments though. I'm curious to try these jocks and the bamboo thing kinda puts me off TBH.

    • They don't have the Lycra inner leg

      • They are entirely Lycra (or a similar material not licensed as Lycra).

  • +2

    Thanks, bought 15 between me and the boys!

  • -1

    Buy zero pairs - save 100% !!!
    I just don’t understand the hype around these; don’t seem to represent good value…

  • +1

    Bought another 15 just now.
    Tried them ages ago and now it's all I wear. I find I can use them as running shorts for the treadmill, so pretty handy.
    The ones I have are still going strong, but hey with all the doom and gloom atm, at least in a post-apocalyptic scenario I'll have +2 to running. Could make all the difference .:P

  • +1

    I love how this company sent me an email a few months ago when I managed to get 7 pairs for $80 claiming that it was a mistake giving me that promo and that they are a small business who can not afford the discount they had given me… now they are selling pairs at almost the same price, and a quick search shows they also sold pairs at cheaper than this earlier this year.

  • Isn't this the usual discount amount?

  • +1

    Can anyone compare with the kmart camo ones?


    The kmart ones are really good so far IMO. Cant comment on longevity. And obviously the design isn't for everyone, but I dont mind at $8 per pair

    • I own both, I prefer the step ones they hug my junk better,

  • +2

    Brought 15 pairs a year or so ago and threw out all my old undies. Very happy with them

  • Does anyone know; if I order 4 pairs and I want to exchange for a different size will I have to pay return shipping? I see they have a good exchange policy for your first pair, but I can't see anything about multiple pairs.

    • +1

      If you buy 4, they will only replace the 1 or refund the 1, not multiple.
      And replacement (eg different size) is sent without you having to return a pair (and at no further cost).
      I purchased just 1 pair to start (and it was a little small so got it replaced to the next size up) and then bought 15 on a deal them 15 without a deal (oops)
      A costly way to try it @ 29 for 1 but better than buying 4 @ 20 each to find that they dont fit and having 1 working pair (after replaced) costing @ 80 lol.

      • Thanks subboy.

      • +1

        this isnt right. from their FAQ: "If you buy a pair and they don't fit, keep that pair, get in touch and we'll send you out a different size or style.

        If you order a multi-pack, say 4, try one pair on, not happy, keep it, return the 3 unopened and unworn pairs and we'll send you out 4 pairs of the new size or style, or we will refund your total order value."

  • +1

    To be honest I've seen the ads. Was never gonna buy this. Ozbargain mates said they were good. Bought 15. Good day sirs, good day.

  • So if we buy 15 but they don't fit and they are all unopened we can legally return them right?

    • Why would you want to?
      The deal is you can open 1 pack to try them out and if you don;t like them you then send the UNOPENED ones back and they give you replacement/refund for the pair you tried on.

  • Anyone offer a commend on their boxers vs trunks. I realise trunks are for skinnier legs. I would currently class my covid thighs as skinny fat. Pls help.

  • Thanks OP, was a bit hesitant even at this price but got 15 pairs. Hopefully they are worth it!

  • +1

    Anyone wanna split halfsies or thirds? North Brisbane

    • Sure! Turn on your private messages

  • I got some but found they were a strange sizing so I got my money back on a 15 pack. I still wore the pair that I had opened and found that the fabric on the back wore out fairly fast, looks like a screen door after less than a year of wear. I still had problems with them riding up, possibly because they were the wrong size, possibly because of my thicc thighs.

  • anyone used Under Armour's 6" boxers and how they compare with these?

  • -3

    If you ever want to sleep with a woman again, don't buy these…

  • Anyone keen for halves or something? Around Indro in Brisbane.

  • Got mine from a multi-pack purchase and noticed on the individual packages they come in that it has a GPS location written on it. If I plug the location into Google Maps it gives me an address in New Zealand. No idea what that's for, looks to be farmland?

    GPS location is the same on all my jocks;

    Designed in Australia
    -44.957639, 168.759111
    Worn by the World

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