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[PC, Steam] Age of Mythology: Extended Edition $10.73, w/ Tale of the Dragon Expansion $12.48 @ Steam


Good price on a great game. Seems to be a recurring deal. AOM

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  • dont get tale of the dragon, its literal dogshit, I couldnt even get through 1 chapter

    • and they made the Chinese gamebreakingly OP to get people to play with them then never remembered to nerf them back

      not that anyone plays it online

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    Back in my day, we got Age of Mythology for free out of cereal boxes!

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      This never happened

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      Do you mean the original Age of Empires? I got it on CD in a Nutrigrain box but I can't remember if it was a demo or the full game

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        yeah think it was a promo for mythology and you got aoe 1/2 free at different times, was a kellogs promo

        • Yeah AOE was free AoM never was free

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    OMG… my favourite game of all time..

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      So you haven't played AOE2 then I'm guessing.

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        Never much of AOE2 fan. Liked AOM more just because I played it as a child.

  • AOM should probably be one of the greatest game of all time. I used the Norse (loki) to destroy all opponents :)