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Diet Rite 1L Cordial Varieties $2.05, Voss 800ml Water Varieties $3 (OOS)+ Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


VOSS 800ml Sparkling Water Sold out
VOSS 800ml Still Water Sold out

  • The Original VOSS Water
  • Artesian Water
  • Crisp and clean taste
  • Iconic glass bottle
  • Made in Norway

Diet Rite 1L Cordial Varieties

  • Made from 50 percent fruit juice and contains no added sugar
  • Contains no artificial colours or flavours
  • Ideal for mixing or simply a good thirst quencher
  • Simply dilute with soda or plain water for a real thirst quenching taste
  • Use as a mixer with premium spirits or full flavoured cocktail ingredient

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  • +3

    whats worse than buying overpriced over-packaged boutique water? getting it delivered as well…
    ….bring on the negs 😈

    • I reckon the bottle itself and delivery would cost more than $3 with other retailers

      • +2

        ….wasted resources? environmental impact? carbon footprint?

        • +6

          I meant you could reuse this glass bottle. I don't think you can buy a glass bottle anywhere for $3 delivered?

    • +1

      Negators attack!!

    • +3

      Actually these make great water bottles so good deal.

      • Protip: sharpie a B over the V

        let em know who's

  • You can never get these bottles for less than $4 from either Woolies or Coles, so this is a fantastic deal!

  • +3

    I just want these for the bottles. Great deal.

  • Just need for glass bottle which one looks good grey or black?

    • +1


    • Black all the way.

      They say once you go black…..

  • +2

    Glass bottle is so good. Perfect for office

  • "Ideal for mixing or simply a good thirst quencher"

    As in, chug it straight from the bottle?

  • +1

    Buy a bottle, get free water! Win

    • But if you buy water then you can give me some free bottles 😉

  • Thanks… bought a few to reuse

  • Thanks for the cordial. 3 Bucks at Woolies.

  • +1

    Great bottles for home brew kombucha secondary fermentation, the big mouth easily allows putting in pieces of fruit to flavour your brews. I prefer Voss bottles for this over the more commonly used Ball Mason jars for this.

  • Don't care for the water, but we go through quite a bit of the Diet Rite cordial in our SodaStream, so bought 21 bottles to get free shipping!

    Great deal!

  • +2

    Based on how my Amazon AU Packages arrives, I don't think a Glass Voss Bottle will survive AusPost.

    Especially if you purchase more than 1…

    • you just have to order 1 at a time. I've got two on the way.

      • +1

        Amazon usually bundles my order places around the same time.

        • I order a stupid amount of packages from Amazon, sometimes 3 a day and not a single one since they opened here has been bundled together if I didn't do it myself.

          • @BradH13: No idea. All my orders are bundled together.

            During last Prime Day, they sent a Case of Soft Drink, Nintendo Pro Controller and a Switch Game in the same Package…you can image what happened to the order…

            • @RichardL: That's so stupid. Weird.

              • @BradH13: Looks like a race. Sparkling is coming via AusPost and still is coming via Amazon logistics

    • LOL u were 100% right, i ordered 2 and package was coming via AusPost- just got told it was damaged in transit!

  • It's interesting how the cordial is cheaper than the water - although I understand people like the bottles :). Thanks OP purchased 2 of the cordial.

  • +1

    Not all the cordials contain 50% fruit juice. The lime cordial clearly says 5% fruit juice on the bottle.

  • I haven't had cordial in a while, is this the same standard mix with water / sparkling water?

    According to the nutrtional info serving size is 250ml? Which tells me otherwise…

    Eitherway sugar seems quite low compared to normal soft drinks

    • You can read the label that says the 1 litre bottle makes 10 litres.

      Simply dilute with soda or plain water for a real thirst quenching taste

      I guess the serving size would be 25 ml of this product used with 225 ml of water to make a 250 ml beverage.

      The ingredients include three other sweeteners which are used instead of sugar.

  • Awesome - thanks! Sparkling water is out of stock

  • Anyone just get an update stating their package is being returned to seller and refund will be issued once they have it back???

    • -1

      Update : Amazon advised damaged in transit.

    • Yeah mine also arrived last week with the lid snapped off (glass was still intact so fortunately no shards). Amazon refunded it without questions or asking for a return. Just a pity that they don't have stock atm as I would've preferred a replacement instead.

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