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15% off @ Real Sad Hours


Afterpay is now available

Hey There Ozbargain.

We are Real Sad Hours, a clothing brand based out of Newcastle, NSW.

We are offering 15% off all purchases with the use of the code EOFY15%

Afterpay is now also available

More designs are being added daily, with more coming tonight

All shirts are printed on American Apparel blanks, with jumpers being on AS Colour.

Would love your feedback on the designs.

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Real Sad Hours
Real Sad Hours

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  • Bruh
    wanna hug your logo

  • Wait so you just stick your logo on bulk buy generic stuff? And people buy this? Why?

    • isn't that just fashion in general?

      take it easy , mydude…

      • I'm not sure, hence the query. Is it?

        I'm doing life wrong then. Gonna fire up MS Paint and make a mint.

        • yo screw me , i'm with you on this.
          its not even their design or their work.

          they stole their 'designs' off the web - exciting , like we can't do it ourselves.
          elaborated comment below.

    • At the moment, We just do the design and printing is handled generally by ThePrintBar, based in Brisbane.

      I generally work on the principle that I'm designing these for myself, so quality is a must. While it would be cheaper to use no-name branded blanks, that's something I'm not willing to do, will the end product does cost more, the quality is much better.

      Due to the fact that I'm not handling printing, I also have to pay for product myself, so I'm not going to drop money on garbage.

      The only time this isn't the case, is if ThePrintBar don't offer the right print surface, for example, with the hoodie. It is printed in the US.

      Time on delivery isn't affected overall, however that can be a tough promise with the current environment.

      If the brand manages to get some income coming in, I'll be looking to take over the production myself for the majority of products.

      Hope that answers your question

      • Bullshit.

      • So…

        You don't produce the garments.

        You don't do the designs yourselves (ripped off others).

        You don't even do the printing.

        What's your USP?

        Also, there's no ABN or contact details on your site.

        Your prices don't even include GST which I'm pretty sure isn't permitted.

        • +3 votes

          Designs are done by myself for the most part.

          Where they are not, they are with the correct licencing, and where applicable this has been paid for.

          And you are right, I actually didn't notice regarding Tax.

          I migrated across to Shopify last night and didn't realise that price's didn't show tax.

          That has now been fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      • Hey man, some commenters really hating on you and your partners brand.

        I like the designs and good luck with sales. Little to down for me personally but I’m sure people will like it.

        These guys saying how easy it is also probably think they could splatter some paint on a canvas and call it a Jackson Pollock.

        • +2 votes


          I'm always happy to chat with people and really hear the criticism.

          Hell, I agree with most of it. This is certainly just a starting point for the brand, and in the future my ideal vision is to do alot of this inhouse.

          But hey, got to start somewhere.

          Thanks for the feedback :)

  • I prefer Happy Socks.

  • You know, typically I love supporting small business and I'm all fore it.

    But not theft.

    The image on the back is copyrighted and belongs to someone, you're using it to represent your brand.
    This search took me exactly half a minute. I haven't even looked into your other logos.

    • +1 vote

      The image is actually not under copyright, it is part of the Rider Walte deck. Which is considered public domain.

      However I definitely see where you are coming from.

      I'm very much in favor of paying all artists.

      • well shit.

        • For sure, I get the confusion and I may actually alter the description of that piece to include that info :)

          I'm very much about making sure everyone is paided justly and any licences, if needed are in place :)

  • Stolen artwork AND tax on top of the shown price.

    Might want to take a look at this

    • -1 vote

      Stolen artwork AND tax on top of the shown price.

      Agreed, Melbourne Footy Club supporters have a trademark on this.

    • Hey

      Thanks for pointing out the tax, I migrated the site to Shopify last night and didn't realise that was the case.

      It has now been resolved.

      Otherwise the artwork is used under with correct licence.

  • Bellacanvas seems ethically responsible from what I can see, but gildan seems like a bad company to associate with.
    Either way the cost for a gildan sweat shirt is $10 lol, and they sell 10 packs of normal tshirt blanks for $30.

    The last thing we need is another fast fashion brand charging massive prices for rotm shirts.

    • I definitely get that.

      Originally everything was printed on Bella-Canvas, however when changing to shopify/printify it meant that choice of blanks was restricted compared to only printing with ThePrintBar.

      I do agree that pricing is higher, particularly higher then I'd want it. I am looking to see what can be done, in terms of local vendors to bring them down.

  • OP - try being authentic. if not, at least don't steal. doesn't paint a good picture and makes it hard for us lot to support at all.

    • Stolen is incorrect, used with correct licencing.

      The image in question has been used by various brands or entities, as the image in particular dropped it's copyright protection, in all places but the UK a number of years ago.

      There is no requirement to display the ABN on the website, however it is included in the T&C of the website, as per required.

      The contact us page sends an email to [email protected]

  • My dude have you jumped on r/streetwearstartup ? Ozbargain isn't the the forum for streetwear startups (tried myself years ago), but keep hustling and hopefully you get a few sales out of this.

    Just remember for the most rewarding part of starting a street wear line is usually the creative experience. Good luck

    • +1 vote

      I haven't, but will give it a look.

      I agree. Honestly, I'm making clothes which I myself want to wear and have to spend money to purchase.

      The creative experience has been really cathartic.

      • Absolutely, I found the same myself, was a creative outlet for me. Don't let a bunch of JV's discourage you either

      • Keep on doing what you love, dont mind these guys here.. unless its a $2.50 rivers t-shirt they dont understand it.

  • after reading a majority of these comments, it didnt deter me

    everyone gotta start somewhere

    • I really appreciate your support. Thanks so much.

      The ozbargain audience has been interesting but insightful

  • +1 vote

    I love the vision behind this brand to raise awareness for mental health.
    Don't let the comments affect how you raise your brand.
    A few mates of mine are currently doing the same thing. OKIRU.
    In the end, it's the story behind the clothing that truly matters.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Really loving the minimalist vibe of their gear.

      Thanks for the feedback mate. I'm honestly enjoying the whole process.

  • OP seems like he is trying to answer questions honestly. Def the wrong place to be trying to sell his stuff but give the guy a break.

    • I definitely expected the blowback having been a long time lurker on my personal account but it has been interesting.
      Thanks for checking it out mate.