This was posted 1 year 5 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Arnott's: Tim Tam Varieties $1.82, Shapes Varieties $1.60 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Arnott's Tim Tams are back on special on Amazon. Best time of the year to order as they most likely won't melt in the post.

Double Coat (Min 2 requirement)
Chewy Caramel
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate (Min 3 requirement)

Shapes are also half price on Amazon this week, matching Coles special

Barbecue (Min 2 requirement)
Chicken Crimpy (Min 2 requirement)
Cheese & Bacon

08/07: Shapes deal expired

15/07: Available again for $1.60

Both are half price this week at Coles - Deal Post Thanks RichardL (Expired)

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  • If they do melt by my experience they will refund.

  • +4

    I still remember shapes being 99c/box when on special sigh

  • mmmm Tim Tams….I wish :(

  • +7

    So got prime membership recently, But feels horrible ordering small value items to get delivered.

    • +10

      Guess you'll just have to order 20 packets to make it feel worthwhile… But then you'd feel a different kind of horrible.

    • +7

      Yes, TimTams are almost 1/2 price every other week. Better to pick up from coles or woolies on the next trip. No point in wasting so much on packaging and a 4wheeler driving up to your house just to deliver these.

      • +1

        The boffins can order all their junk food this way though and not need to deal with any human interaction - no shame that way

        • Are boffins known for eating an abnormally high level of junk food?

  • +3

    Recently started my prime trial and now this, what a time to be alive!

    • +3

      Did you just say that in a Dr Zoidberg voice? You did, didn't you?

  • Anyone ordered a case of either? Do they turn up in the case or all loose?

    • Max order of 6.

      Mine came in a box too big and had been thrown around a bit. Ymmv.

  • +4

    I don’t understand the point to post something available every week at coles or woolies

    • +1

      As far as I'm aware you can't get coles and woolies to deliver it to my door for free.

  • +3

    Nothing like destroying the environment, one two biscuit packets delivery at a time.

    • I give you my old advice: little hug to your Frangipani and smile is back

    • -1

      because each amazon order gets allocated its own 1 car that brings only your delivery to you and nothing else to other people who ordered other things in you area.

      • +1

        I guess it is okay when you have your own box, plastic padding, the cost of delivering last mile, small price to pay.

        Maybe not having to do any physical activity and maybe tipping yourself over the edge to diabetes would help the health care system as we need to jobs now COVID has knocked out the tourism industry.

  • -2

    The prices are exactly the same when Coles and Woolworths have them on special. Why even bother with Amazon if you don't have Prime?

    • You've answered your own question

    • +3

      But these are cheaper than Coles at $1.60 with S&S vs $1.82 at Coles. Plus I use discount Amazon gift cards to reduce price further.

      I am sure people don't get Prime just for Tim Tams specials.

      Prime is worth it for:
      - unlimited free delivery and free returns
      - free shipping for Amazon US with purchases over $49
      - Prime Video
      - Twitch (free games)
      - Free books on Kindle
      - Amazon Music
      - Prime member exclusive discounts include access to deals before non-Prime members

      $59 per year is well worth it. It is a no brainer surprised everyone on Ozbargain doesn't have membership by now

  • No pizza flavour :(

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