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15% off iTunes Gift Cards (Excluding $20 Gift Cards) @ Big W


Perfect timing given that tax time 2020 has just started.

Excludes $20 and Variable App Store & iTunes Gift Cards. Limit of 10 cards per transaction applies. Promotional Offer: 02/07/2020 - 08/07/2020. Available in store only.

Mod: Note that the tax reference is a joke. See more.

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  • +34

    Just in time, my boss is in an important meeting and needs me to pick up some of these.

    • lol

    • It’s just won’t be enough…

    • you guys won't let that go…that post is the first that comes to mind whenever we see an iTunes card deal here…

      • +1

        wasn't aiming at anyone :) it's a common scam

    • +2

      Wait, do we have same bosses?

    • Me too, gonna pay my overdue tax bill

  • +11

    about time to pay my TAX with iTunes Gift cards the next time i get the call. thanks for saving me some money.

    • +1

      Perfect timing, I just got the call today right on the dot.

      • +1

        Same, got a call today too.
        Maybe Big W knows it's tax time season and are discounting ahead of everyone?
        How thoughtful!

    • Yes, what a coincidence, perfect time to pay all those debts I've just received via email off!

  • Good time to convert some of those Woolies Reward points

  • +7


    15% off my tax bill. Take that ATO.

  • +3

    Perfect timing. I just got off the phone from the ato who says I owe $3000 in back taxes that I need to pay in iTunes gift cards!!

  • +25

    Perfect timing! Only 10 people have made the joke about the ATO before me. It will be even funnier when I repeat it!

  • -1

    bought some to pay ato tax.
    but except that, really dont know where to spend this itune gift card.

  • +4

    These comments are so TAXing.

  • Perfect Timing. Just got my dole money.

  • +3

    OW don’t seem to bother with price matching anymore.

    I assume they’ve done the numbers and only a subset of people buying are OzB members, so happy to offer the 5% price beat whilst the plebs just pay full price when the other retailers offer 15% off.

    • I could be wrong, but OW don't tend to rush to match these before they go active at the competing store (tomorrow) do they?

      • They do most of the time. What I found is OW don’t bother price matching BigW and other stores but would certainly care a bit more when it comes to popular places like Coles/Woolies offering these at 15% off

        • May not be true as I got them to price match Coles on the last day of their catalogue last time :) may be OW just doen’t care anymore.

          • @ntb: Yeah, I meant that OW are more likely going to price match Coles/Woolies (given how popular these stores are) vs. BigW

  • +1

    the second batch of early release super just came in very handy for these.

  • Any use for these outside of actually buying apps? I remember reading a while ago that you could pay your Netflix subscription through iTunes cards but I think it has ceased. Any other uses?

    • Disney+, or learn some music like Simply Piano, or Musician.

    • +2

      I still pay for Apple Music Family, iCloud, Netflix, Disney+ monthly with mine, also believe my wife has a news site subscription that comes out of it every 6 months.

    • +1


    • I pay for Netflix through it still.

  • I am surprised no one mentioned perfect timing for taxation purposes

  • +1

    I came here to make a tax related comment…

    • "Taxable income = assessable income - allowable deductions"?

      • Username checks out!

  • I don't get the ATO jokes? Someone mansplain it for me.

    • Oh, I think it is tied to those scam calls…

    • Scammers ring up or leave a threatening message claiming to be the Australian Tax Office saying that you have unpaid tax and will arrested soon because of it. They claim the only way to avoid being arrested is by ringing the supplied phone number (The scammer) and reading out iTunes gift card codes to them.

      • What do they do with it? I’ve always wondered. Just fund their Netflix accounts forever?

        • "By the time these scams are reported to us, the cards have already been on-sold or redeemed by the scammers," the Australian Taxation Office's assistant commissioner, Janine Clark, said.

          "The scammers don't need the actual physical card. They just need the gift card."

        • +1

          They could cash it out by buying their own rubbish app.

  • +8

    iTunes deal posts should all automatically come with a poll that asks

    "Do you feel like making an ATO-related joke?"

    • Yes
    • No
    • 😂😂😂

    • A poll is one thing. We need sanctions.

  • +1

    coles assistant ripponlea told me ‘u know u cant use these to pay tax’ last cles 15% off deal lol

    • +1

      Why, how much worth did you buy? ;)

      • +3

        didnt have much tax to pay lol

  • +1

    Idiot tax comments growing very old..

    Got 20% off the other week with office works price beat, use for Netflix, iCloud, Apple Music subs.

  • what's this tax joke about? i dont get it.

    • Many 'scams' involve paying ATO (or others) with itunes cards - FALSE - run for the hills if ANYONE asks you to pay with itunes card!

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm if I buy these and load onto my Apple account, does it have any expiry from then on? Thanks

    • Nope. Apple treats it as though it was cash.

    • No, it just sits on the account until you spend it.

  • Can you pay for this with wish gift card?

  • Does anyone know how apple treat family account purchases? I authorised payment for my son and expected it to come out of my account credits. But instead Apple charges his account instead. Can his account purchases be set to use my account? Tia

    • +1

      Subscriptions like extra iCloud space are charged to your child account so in my case it was charged to my credit card rather than to my own account which has a healthy positive balance thanks to gift cards. I believe the same goes for in-App purchases. I am not sure about purchasing an app to begin with but just in case I always make the purchase myself and then it's available to all other family members.

  • +1

    For those who can't get to BigW, you can get an additional 10% when you purchase iTunes credit through the App Store. Details here: https://www.macrumors.com/2019/11/26/apple-id-funds-itunes-b...

    • Thanks. Yes I can’t go to my local Big W due to recent restrictions (VIC) so this will be handy

    • additional?

      EDIT: Nevermind. Additional (i.e. bonus) credit, not discount.

    • Note: valid until 10/07/2020

      For those who are affected by lockdown orders this is an alternative.

  • Can you still pay for Netflix or Spotify with these cards?

  • Just had trouble with the deal no scanning in QV Melbourne. Just had to point it out in their catalogue.

  • Has anyone tried price beating at Officeworks? I'm not sure how the process works when the deal isn't listed on the BigW website?

    • Yes I was able to price beat at Officeworks over the phone. I called them up on 1300 OFFICE (633 423) and asked them to price beat the Big W promotion. The iTunes cards aren't listed on the Big W website, but it's in their Toys Mania! Continues catalogue on page 25 available on their website (https://www.bigw.com.au/bigw-catalogues#view=catalogue2&sale...). The phone operator serving you may say that they're not able to beat it because it's a store only promotion, but I asked why is it not possible since that is not a listed exclusion criteria on the Officeworks Price Beat Guarantee webpage and eventually they kindly processed the price beat for me. Good luck!

    • Can confirm, called OW and they price beat once I lead them to the right place in the catalogue. No push back from operator in my case.

  • Can anyone confirm these are available in Sydney?

    Just went to BigW top Ryde and was told there have been people coming in looking for the 15pc itunes cards but the offer doesn’t exist!

    • +2

      All good. Went back to try scanning cards and they come up as 15pc off.

      I was pretty confused.
      Theres no sign advertising sale.
      Staff told me they were not on sale and that other people had come in asking but they weren’t on sale.
      Staff went to check with other staff and returned telling me there was no sale.
      Also told that it wasn’t in the catalog.

      I actually left the store but then thought I should actually try and scan. When I did, the assistant at checkout did seem to think they were on sale though.

      I can understand that the staff can’t keep track of all the sales they have on, but I’m surprised they didn’t have a sign up.

      • +1

        Thanks for this. I did the same today and can confirm the card is indeed discounted despite no advertising in store

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