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Hootenanny 48 Cans 2017 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 250ml $49 Delivered @ Just Wines eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Need to top up your COVID alcohol supplies for Lockdown 2.0?

Almost $1 per can, plus you can use cashback and/or the PBOTTLE code if you buy anything else to hit the $50. It's not a bad drop, and the cans make it convenient for trips to the… oh wait… backyard bbq, or hiding from kids in the closet. haha

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  • +13

    Who buys wine in a can…

    • +3

      Haha I thought it must have been a pre-mix. Apparently not. They're 2.6 standard drinks RIP.

    • Marketing gurus were trying/are still trying to create a convenience category. Working well.

    • +5

      Nothing classier than cracking open a tinny of Sauvignon Blanc on a night out.

    • +4

      My partner doesn’t drink so I find these cans and mini bottles great so I don’t have to open a whole 750ml bottle. I pour it into a glass to drink. There’s some decent wines being sold in cans these days. I would also imagine these are great for picnics etc.

      • More and more manufacturers are using cans, particularly with beer. Public perception has certainly shifted.

    • Who says "Who buys wine in a can…" …

      (I'm old enough to remember people who were equally sniffy when cork-corks got replaced by plastic-corks, and when 'foil+cork (de n'importe quel type)' got replaced by twist-tops).

      The thing that makes this a non-starter is that it works out to $4 a litre… when Aldi has perfectly buvable 12.5% box red @ $10 for 4l.

      I yearn for a world free of wine-w~ankers (lol), but thus far COVID19 has failed to deliver.

      Some people pine for the fjords: I pine for 2006, paying 60 centime/l for 13.5% alc/vol drinkable red, in a weekly run to refill a 20l plastic bidon at a vigneron on the road between Fontenay le Comte and La Châtaigneraie. The pump looked like a petrol bowser. Mrs Jessup would be horrified.

      (Don't listen to me - I'm a wine philistine by choice. I drink solely to move the brain-needle).

      • in a weekly run to refill a 20l plastic bidon

        Is this a cry for help? That's a scary amount of wine.

  • +2

    Was $384! Nah.

  • +3

    TIL wine comes in cans… Reminded me of Always Sunny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGpKQVPhamI

    Looks like a very good price. Dan Murphys sells them for $5.99 each or 24 for $130

    • +1

      One of the funniest show! Gotta pay the troll toll to get the boy's soul..

    • Beat me to it!

  • Thanks, bought 2 at $95.06. Bargain.

    These are great for travel, no heavy glass bottles to worry about.

    • It should be $90.06 with the coupon code PBOTTLE

      • What!, it said code was applied… cheats.

  • +5

    Maths isn’t my strong point. Buuuuut…

    If 48x 250ml = 12L that’s as much wine as around 17 standard 700ml bottles.

    Spending $49 on even the cheapest crap you’d need to find bottles for $2.88 each to be more of a bargain than this. Gossips is around $4 these days and I think the cheapest at Aldi is more than $3

    So I conclude it’s a good deal. I don’t drink sav blanc, but I ordered a case.

    • Yep, I saw under $3 for a bottle, no glass so good for travelling/ camping. Bought 2.

    • Too much wine today, just realised wine bottles are 750ml, not 700.

      So you get as much wine as 16 normal bottles or $3.06 each.

    • +2

      and if your in NSW that should also get you $4.80 back for the cans. + $1.50 shopback.. Ordered a case.. :-)

      • where/how do you get $4.8 for the cans?

        • +1

          recycle and save

    • For cheap cheap goon:
      This wine is 10L for $30 = $3/L

      If you prefer glass, and paying under $3 a bottle:
      Dan Murphy's have this SSB for $2.99 in any six, and with Wish Gift Cards that drops to $2.84.

      First Choice has this SSB for $2.85/bottle in any six.

    • -1

      You are right, your maths aren't that great ;)
      Standard wine bottles are 750 ml.
      redo your calculations.

  • +1

    Just a word to the wise, Sav Blanc is a variety best drunk pretty young - so you're looking at up to 18-24mths as being it's 'best before' date. Likely perfectly fine after this but it'll possibly have lost part of its original characteristics. Being canned would possibly assist this a smidge as zero light or air can hit them but you never know how these have been stored. :-)

  • Wondering if wine changes taste in cans.

    • +4

      Everything else does, why wouldn't wine.

  • Thanks OP

    They sell this in bottles for ~$10 so its not amazing, but its not terrible either.

  • Bargain! Wine in cans is great. Perfect for picnics or keeping in the car. Thanks Op, grabbed one.

    • +1

      keeping in the car

      Open in case of emergency?

  • +1

    Saw this, looks like goon in cans

    • Can't inflate this though.

      • +1

        ^this. Cans don't have a nice soft pillow for sleeping in the park or a toy for the kids!

        • Don't swing as well on the hill's hoist either.

  • +2

    OOS :(

  • Back in stock?

  • +2

    Thanks OP - just ordered. I just some of these at BWS clear out about $2 a can and are pretty good - at $1 great!

    EDIT: cheaper thanks to this post if your a new customer - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549280

  • It would feel weird drinking out of a can, but it's a good price!

  • +1

    Thanks, just as I start Dry July :(

  • +2

    If only we could get fizzy wine in a can, that'd be awesome.

  • +3

    Bought 10. Perfect for returning to the office, now I no longer need to pour my goon into a thermos every morning. Nobody would even guess because they can't come within 1.5m ;)

  • bought 2 thanks OP!

  • How uncooth drinking wine from a can…….

  • OP, isn't it just over $1/can? (…which I suppose could be described as…. 'almost $1/can'; I suppose.)

  • Based on the photo, i thought it was a deal for 48 tennis balls per can…

  • Coming up as $59 for me?

  • Update, good for drinking, cooking, and gish fashion in isolation…


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