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realme X3 SuperZoom (Dual SIM 4G, 6.57" 120Hz, 128GB/8GB) $602.48 @ Allphones eBay


Edit: I was originally going to post that my order was cancelled however it looks like they did me a favour as it's now $20 cheaper. Thanks Allphones :)

RRP is $699 and this still includes the Realme buds air (valued at $149)

I have been waiting for something with a high refresh rate to replace my OnePlus 6t and this was it. Hopefully Realme UI gets more refined and less obnoxious through updates.
For the specs:

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  • RRP is $699

    Why are they selling it for $730??

    • Yeah bit annoyed at the price jack for eBay compared to their first party store but I guess with fees and all that.

    • Now only a $9.80 pricejack on it :)

  • Price:
    AU $10.80
    AU $699.00 (98% off)

    umm what?, looks like a listing error now

    edit* Fixed it now

  • +1

    I'm also on the same ship with OP, still rocking the 6t I bought a couple of years ago in the US.
    And I also reckon that the realme X3 SuperZoom is a great phone (especially considering it now has AU local warranty) and almost pulled the trigger on this deal.
    However, I'm still waiting for the upcoming launch of OnePlus Nord, which also runs on the Oxygen OS that I'm so familiar with.
    If you're able to import this phone from say India or Europe, I think it'd be a better deal than this (if by any chance you don't need the extra TWS earbuds realme comes with).
    Just to get the OnePlus things out of the way: you'll be able to use OnePlus Switch to seamlessly transfer all your data on to the new device.
    The Nord will have dual SIM 5G support if that's something you're after; the Nord also has an AMOLED display with an in-display fingerprint sensor which will also be having a pill punch cutout. You'll miss out on the 120Hz refresh rate going with Nord but 90Hz isn't too bad IMO. But performance-wise, if you're a power user, you'd better choose X3's snapdragon 855+ for sure.
    The price will almost be the same with X3 after S&T but you have better specs from some aspects but most importantly, you have the familiar OnePlus form factor.
    As an OnePlus user, you probably have noticed how hard it is to get OP services in Australia. If that's something you worry about then I'd strongly recommend you going with realme.
    Just some of my own thoughts on picking my next Android daily driver. Cheers!

    Update: Seems like the price has been further reduced to AU $602.48.

    • Yeah I was originally waiting for the Nord but seeing the cringe marketing for the device and the expected launch price at $499 USD which is around $720 AUD + GST & import fees puts it just that bit too high for a midrange SOC.
      Furthermore with the OP 8 Pro they seperated out the models so the Chinese model no longer had Band 28.
      This ~$200 price difference and the better specifications of the Realme made me bite :)
      Only thing I think I will miss is OxygenOS :(

      • Yes, in that case I would agree to go with realme.
        I doubt that they'll dare to price it at $499 USD due to recent India-China tension(so lower pricing in Europe too).
        I'd also love to have 5G on my device but just a little over $600 now makes the realme a really good choice for anyone still sitting on the fence.

        • keep in mind sd 855 5g has a discrete chip, so its like powering your laptop with a discrete graphics. This is known for increasing power consumption significantly and reducing battery life

          • @DisabledUser345744: Not sure what device this is in relation to however this device is 4g only and the OnePlus Nord will be using the 765g with an integrated 5g modem.

            • @AusNugz: what i was referring to is sd 855 is discrete but the chips relased this year are integrated

  • Realme x2 pro 12 gb 256 gb is far better that this new version with higher speeds and 25min Super vook full charge features.

    • But I guess its not officially available in Australia?
      Realme X50 Pro is also a good option but again not launched in Australia.

    • X2 Pro vs X3 Superzoom
      - X2 has aluminium frame vs plastic of X3
      - X2 uses Amoled (90hz) vs X3 IPS (120hz)
      - Both use Snapdragon 855+
      - X3 base model uses UFS3.0 vs UFS 2.1 on X2 base
      - More versatile camera features on X3
      - Stereo speaker setup on X2 vs larger single speaker on X3
      - 50w charging (X2 Pro) vs 30w
      - No band 28 on the cheap X2 Pro model
      - In display (X2) vs side button fingerprint (X3)
      - No warranty on the X2 Pro & difficulty sourcing the true global version with Band 28

      • What about X50 Pro?
        Its Global Version (European Model) with B28 and 5G and 8GB/128GB SD865 and 90Hz Amoled display is available on ebay in $989.

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