Modus Operandi XPA 375mL Case Of 16 $56.70 Shipped @ Amazon


Modus Operandi XPA 375mL Case Of 16
ABV: 4.2%
Package size: 375mL

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Modus Operandi Brewing
Modus Operandi Brewing


  • Average XPA, not very memorable, wouldn't recommend at this price.

  • Interesting to see more brewers using FBA.

    Could be interesting in a couple months time — I presume prices will start infringing hard on Uncle Dans.

  • XPA @ 4.2 doesn’t sound right. 4.2 is light even for a Pale.

  • I'm a big craft beer guy, have to say, the market has become so saturated, lately have found myself sipping the 'boring' mass produced stuff like Coopers and Furphy. If you want to try something great, highly recommend a case of Weihenstephan.

  • For anyone in Adelaide, Goodwood Cellars has this on special for the month of July for $51.99.