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50 Free 6x4" Prints @ Harvey Norman Photocentre


Been a while since we've had this offer.

*Conditions apply. Offer available online and mobile only, until 11:59pm AEST 7th July 2020. Applies to next day prints only, collection times may vary per store. Limit 1 per customer.

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Harvey Norman PhotoCentre
Harvey Norman PhotoCentre

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  • What's the catch? 🤔

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        Sleepy all the time?

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      Using the crappy website.

    • they see all your photos?

      • no, their stored on their machines.
        also founded when using their kiosks that i ended up with viruses. If you using a sd card it's best to set it to read-only.

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      No catch, the actual paper and ink costs are pretty low so they are just banking on people either ordering extras or repeat business being more than the cost of paper/ink.

    • They're selling your memories to China 😂

  • Thanks so much, will definitely be ordering these!

  • Has anyone tried delivery before. Was the experience any good ?

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    Sounds great - but - I haven't really had a chance to go anywhere this year to take pictures…

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      What about all those selfies that you've sent and received on tinder/grinder?

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        Grant? Is that you?? :p

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          No it's BigBertha228 and if you share my nudes, I'll post your dickpics.

  • Thanks dealbot!

  • thanks. ordered.

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    Thanks! Unfortunately the page/plugin seems to have crashed after spending 10 min selecting my photos >_<

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    By the way,which site offers the best quality photo prints?

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    Where do i enter the coupon?

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      Sorry I found it up the top right! Silly me :'(

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    Thinking of getting 50 headshots done

  • Wow, this actually worked.

  • I really don't like the app. Can I upload via PC then use app go to uploaded gallery and print

  • Cheers!

  • Checked out…..but the website was harder than it needed to be.

  • Thanks OP, I've been waiting for this for a while.

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    Used my phone to upload 50 photos in bulk from Google Photos after spending about 30 min selecting them.

    Then only one appeared and not the other 49. So assume can't bulk upload them using website.

    Don't think I can be stuffed reselecting the photos.

    Don't do what I did. Maybe save all the photos in a folder somewhere first.

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      I did it on desktop and downloaded photos from Google photos and put exactly 50 into a folder. Organising it like this seemed to make the checkout process slightly easier.

      • I installed the app and was easy to select photos. It took ages to upload the 50 photos..

  • Perfect timing. Thanks!

  • What resolution should I make the photos?

    • If you output your images at 300dpi that will be plenty, so for a 6x4 photo you'd get image dimensions of 1800x1200 pixels.

      HN's site also suggests using the sRGB colourspace too, if you have the option to do that.

      • thank you. way back around 2004, when i first printed digital photos, they call came out cropped!

        • You're welcome.

  • just a heads up that my local harvey norman (in nsw) wasn't on the list for pickup options.

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    That's not to bad, I need to print out Jerry tax.

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    HN photos quality is average for free is fine if I need to pay for them no way

    • Do you suggest somewhere better ?

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        I think all the premium offerings are by mail nowadays. None of the walk-in places with a booth are going to be offering the higher quality based on my cursory Googling on the topic a year ago.

        I was contemplating buying premium prints at one point but ended up realising I was happy with the 10-15c offerings from HN/Kmart/Officeworks/etc, and using a Google Home Hub to display photos next to me when I work :)

  • Worked for me.
    I think they use Fuji film.

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    Great for diy customised invitations too.

    • Except for you're not inviting 50 people for anything any time soon. :P

  • claimed. Cheers!

  • Does the promo code only works through app?

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      I did it on desktop without issues

  • Has anyone picked their photos up? Haven't received notification of been ready.

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      My status showed finished- uploaded to FTP. I called up the store and they said they were ready. I got no email or text.

      • Thanks. I've been waiting for an email and just saw this!

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      They don't send notifications when the photos are ready. You have to check your account.

    • My status showed finished. I went down without calling. They did print it on the spot. Waiting time was around 10 minutes.

  • why Harvey Norman Cairns (101-103 Spence Street Cairns Hypermart Cairns QUEENSLAND 4870 AU)
    is NOT in the list??? cant get this 50FREE from Cairns? any one know why?

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    I got my order in. Two times per year I step into a Harvey Norman store, both times to pick up free photos. Thank you Gerry, thank you government.

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    Thanks op!

  • The code didnt work for me yesterday.:(
    Look like it got expired early as per what OP wrote

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