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Free Online Leadership Development Program via La Trobe Uni


La Trobe Uni is offering a free leadership course made up of 4 units of approx 4-6 hours each to be completed in your own time. It's not a qualification but might have useful info for those who have the time to do it.

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      I’m not sure why people feel that way. If things go out of control its not always the leaders fault. People, especially in developed nations, feel too entitled and never follow the rules. 🤷🏽‍♂️

      I personally feel he’s a great guy and has been doing extremely well!

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        If things go out of control its not always the leaders fault.

        Who insisted on using security guards that weren't trained and didn't follow basic rules?

        Who is still using the same security company at the housing commission towers?

      • -6

        I personally feel he’s a great guy and has been doing extremely well!

        Extremely well in allowing tens of thousands of people to march in the streets, shoulder to shoulder without any fines or consequences.
        If you think that is 'doing extremely well' I shudder to think your opinion when we start to get close to a thousand new cases per day…

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          Is splitting up your posts part of a scheme to get people to exhaust their daily neg supply?

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          Have some upvotes before you get drowned in the 'woke' on this post.
          Given the daily tally is now 191, and even the media here is starting to question, there's a silent angry majority downvoters…

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            Given the daily tally is now 191

            prepare for a 4 week total state lockdown I reckon.

            the Andrews government is a train wreck…

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              @jv: lol your prediction was essentially right!

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            Given the daily tally is now 191

            Dan must have started this course.

            It appears the daily tally has dropped to 164

            • @jv: Its not "dropped" to 164.

              "27 cases were reclassified – largely due to duplication."
              Source: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus-update-victoria-07-j...

              Please stop spreading misinformation.

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                Its not "dropped" to 164.

                The expectation from the earlier post was 191, but the real figure is 164. That's a drop in numbers.

                Please stop classifying facts as misinformation.

                • @jv: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

                  new cases (last 24 hours)"

                  They're still saying 191 on the main page, its not that they're trying to hide anything as you're trying to imply. If you didn't, then you would in fact be happy that its dropped to 164 and not be complaining.

                    • @jv: Yep, so thats the detail of the 191. It's not "dropped". It would be a drop when it was reported as 191 and then changed to 164 which is not the case.

                      Looks like you have way too much free time to argue. I have better things to do though. 👋🏽

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                        It's not "dropped".

                        191 down to 164 is a drop.

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            @Koffee: The increased count is probably due to focused testing and thats a good thing, no?

            Either way, what else could the premier do besides what he's doing already? We're a truly democratic society where people do enjoy freedom unlike some third word countries where the government can take aggressive measures to get it what it wants.

            Overall, Dan is doing whats needed and it might take a while but I can literally see the effort is there. Yes, there may have been some mishaps but its not entirely his fault if a few key people (guards for instances) don't do what they're assigned to do.

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              increased count is probably due to focused testing

              The moment when you realise that in trying to defend Dan you are invoking a Trumpism. 😆

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                @tryagain: Trump is not lying, for once, when he says that. But there's no lockdown, no strategy, no briefings, literally no effort along with the testing. Its as if they've just given up so him saying that is just an excuse.

                Its a whole different scenario in comparison to what we're doing here. There's not just testing, but a lot more that the government is doing to find and contain the spread and support people at the same time.

            • @3zzy: Agree - its not like he can pickup the user manual and see what he should be doing.

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              Overall, Dan is doing whats needed and it might take a while but I can literally see the effort is there.

              Except for the huge stuff ups like hiring inexperience security guards (and still using them), and allowing 20,000 people to congregate without any real consequences. These stuff ups are the main reason we are in this situation.

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    First time poster, long time lurker. Been working my way through this course in between busy work days and can 100% vouch for this. The supervisors are active in engaging with the learning process, it's not like a free udemy course where you work on your own watching 2 year old videos… With this course you work through up to date content and engage real time with fellow "students" and supervisors. Best $0 I've ever spent.

    • -6

      not like a free udemy course where you work on your own watching 2 year old videos…

      Which udemy courses have 2 year old instructors ????

    • You mean 'bored trainers pumping out useless seminars to safeguard ego's'

    • Will you get any certificate upon completion?

      • +6

        yeah a certificate but not a recognised cert, just one to pop on the fridge and impress your mum

    • Glad your happy with it.

      So far what have you actually had to do ? Trying to figure out if I want to do it and if I have enough time to do it.

      And the price is certainly right :) :)

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        you get set up on LaTrobe's platform where there's a bunch on "units". each block is around 2-3 hours of content to read/watch. There's worksheet questions to roll through and discussion boards with fellow students. much more interactive than other online platforms. nothing is compulsory, you can work through units in diff order if they take your fancy. library access too if you haven't stumbled across another way to cough access restricted journals (i)legally cough

    • +1

      Thanks, your review made me sign up. I was supposed to do an on campus (and pricey) leadership program with another uni, but COVID derailed that…
      I am hoping with some expected spare time soon that I can complete this program.

  • This sounds really good. Thanks

  • +5

    Going for an officer role in the Army reserves, this will hopefully help, thanks

  • +1

    Good resume fodder at the very least, thanks for the post :)

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    do you get the university email like UniTAS?

    • no, shame.

  • Thanks, signed up. Will look very good on resume and happy to have something to learn.

    • +7

      Do you also put "completed 5 Udemy courses" as accomplishments on your resume?

      • Not yet, haven't completed any of the 12 courses I've signed up to so far.

        • +5

          Only 12? Those are rookie numbers

      • +1

        probably offers the same weight as some completed university degrees.

  • Worth trying, thanks for sharing!

  • +2

    Do you get a free ".edu" email with that?

    • Was wondering the same

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    Awesome thanks! Trying to crack management role for a year now and I can't get ome without experience… the old experience paradox. Hopefully this
    Helps show them im keen.

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    quick google search : https://career-practitioner.blogs.latrobe.edu.au/new-free-pr...

    You’ll also get a professional certificate of participation and walk away with the ability to develop a Leadership Development Plan

    I'm going to sign up Donald Trump to this.

    • I think he s got his own university haha

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    Who's here answered "How did you hear about the Program?" question with "ozbargain"?

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    Thanks..good for my cpd

    • There's an ointment you can use.

  • +1

    Has anyone received their logins?

    • Not as yet. Waa wondering the same thing

    • Yeah same here (yet to hear back). Just applied again but perhaps should have checked here first.

    • Nope… but I have got some good spam lately that I've never got before.

    • Got mine today.

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    Thanks for signing up to the La Trobe Free leadership program. Just a quick note to say that we have a spike in the number of people registering and it will take us a little longer to get you your login details. I do look forward to seeing you online when you start the program.

    • +1

      Thanks Geraldine, received an email to join a Zoom session this Wed (without details) but no login yet. Very excited to join!

      • No login yet for me, although they sent me a covid-19 update email saying the University has now ceased all on campus teaching :P

        • email them, I received my login details last Wednesday :)

  • looks like it's sold out? Can't access the signup form anymore.

  • Is there a deadline to complete this? I’m swamped at work at the moment and can only start in September.

    • The course closes in December.

  • Anyone looking at everyone in the calls and trying to pick out the ozbargainers? Lol

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