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Staedtler Noris Club School Compass $1 (Was $10) @ Big W ($0.95 W/ OW PB)


Greetings everyone, Big W has dropped the price on this compass down to just $1, think this is the cheapest I've ever seen and perfect for kids going back to school soon :)

Currently $9.77 at Officeworks so can price beat to get it for $0.95 :)

Best to call OW on 1300 633 423 and price match over the phone for pickup.

This Noris Club School Compass contains a precision compass for drawing perfect circles or arcs. It has an obtuse angled safety needle so that you can steadily hold the compass in place while you draw.

  • The compass is perfect for use in technical drawings and mathematical equations.
  • It can draw a circle with a maximum size of 300 mm.
  • It's 124 mm long.
  • it has a durable construction to be long lasting.
  • The obtuse and led safety needle will keep the compass in place.
  • It comes with a handy lead box so you can replace your lead.
  • The compass comes in a hard plastic case so you can store it with ease.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Very good price, but not available for pickup :(

    • Just give Officeworks a call on 1300 OFFICE and price beat over the phone, it's available in-store so they'll match :)

  • YES!

  • Memories of the knife game back in maths class. This may take out a whole finger though…

    • +3

      Not bad for a human.

  • OW won't do price match on competitor's clearance stock. My local store refused to match when I called them.

  • +2

    Are people really trying to price match for 5c? Is it worth the hassle of calling Officeworks?

    • +1

      It's more about time saving in my particular case i.e. my local big W will be 15 min drive while OW is close by and on my way to work.

      • So have you tried? Did it work?
        I'm in the similar situation. OW is 300m away while BigW is 30 minutes

  • How can you look up store stock levels for this item?

  • Thanks OP. Priced matched at Ferntree Gully Officeworks with Winston for 95C

  • Thanks purchased 50

    • Hi Broden

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    Maybe I skipped too many classes, but I don’t remember using a compass even once at school. Not sure what they are even for, except for measuring maps 300 years ago on British sailing ships.

    • +1

      I used them in tech drawing class in the mid 70’s. Would have thought it would be all pc based drawing programs these days.

    • Simplest example is drawing a nice circle - granted not everyone needs to do that or do it "nicely" either. Would beat trying to draw around those random paint cans and lids and stuff I usually end up resorting to …

    • +1

      Used in geometry for example. Can draw perpendicular lines by using a compass:

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  • +1

    Staedtler and Faber Castell used to be reputable brands commanding a premium over similar stationery products, and made in Germany. How things have changed.

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    Much needed in Victoria

    • Compass or moral compass?

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    This is actually a pair of compasses.

    A compass is an instrument with a round dial and a magnetised needle which points to magnetic north.

    • +1

      Shouldn't you be flying by instrument?

  • This brings me back, I used to have the exact same one back when I used to go to high school during math lessons!

  • Thanks OP, Grabbed 2, these are great quality, made of metal and they are made in Germany, not something you see often!

  • Thanks doweyy.. price matched at ow auburn for $.095

  • This kind of lead tip is very hard to manage for young kids. For older kids, this toy is a joke.

  • thank you OP grabbed a couple

  • Will this tell me which way is north?

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