This was posted 2 years 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 3.9 GHz 8-Core AM4 Processor with Wraith Prism Cooler $442.59 Shipped @ Amazon UK via AU


I don't know how but some Amazon UK deals have started showing up on Amazon AU. Its a little tricky to add to cart. To do it you have to click the item and then add it via this "Frequently bought together" section:

Comes up to $442.59 delivered to Melbourne.

After adding in cart:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      I've got the DRS on my 3700X and it seems to do a good job. Looks great and runs silent. Just ran Cinebench R20 now it would hit all core 3.96-7 GHz and 68 degrees C on stock (won't go higher because it's hit PPT limit I am sure it will go past 4.0 Ghz all core if I raise the ceiling via PBO) and obviously won't have any clearance issues.

      • Thanks for your feedback. I might just go buy it, after deciding which case to go for. So many choices -_-

  • +1

    Should I be looking at a new motherboard or updating the bios on my x370 taichi ok for the 3800x?

  • Won't deliver to any address for me

  • What's the cashback process?

  • Has anyone confirmed this works?

    • Mines Waiting shipping. And someone from earlier comment said he's shipped already.

    • Mines shipped.

  • Thanks OP been on the lookout for a CPU, great deal.

  • Cancelled and repurchased to try make use of cashback too. Order now comes up as $440 instead of $442.

    Been looking at second hand 3700xs for ~$420. This will do.

    • What's the cash back process?

    • Under "go to deal" click on cash rewards or shopback, make an account then click on the Amazon link in their website. Then purchase the item .

      Ended up cancelling and getting the 3600. My deal brain was clouding my practical brain.

  • Looks like the loophole is gone….

    • I had it in my cart, and it got moved to "saved items" since the item became unavailable.

      I went in to check up on Amazon au again just now and it's back up. Weird.

  • Damm, mines coming back as $538.
    Shouldn't have gone to bed early

    • Nope! It's dropped now at $426 + postage. :)

  • 3900x is for sale now $642.46 + shipping

  • Still available for $443 if you use the add all to cart method

  • Nope! It's dropped now at $426 + postage. :)

  • This is not expired….

  • still working for me

  • order placed! but do i really want it…

  • whats the difference between this and the ryzen 7 3700x? apparently only 1% ? so not really a deal after all? since ryzen 7 3700x is always around this price.

    • +3

      so not really a deal after all? since ryzen 7 3700x is always around this price.

      Nah, this is a great price, the 3700X is rarely this cheap.

      The difference between the two is negligible enough to not be worth paying the $50-$100 extra it usually goes for, but the slightly higher clock speeds and (silicon lottery willing) better binning/OC headroom is a good bonus.

    • +1

      Whilst the difference isn't that much between them, it is not recommended to look at userbenchmark due to them being biased against AMD. At this price, it definitely is more worth it than the 3700X.

  • Feels like free upgrade from 3700X to 3800X lol.

    • whats the difference between the two tho? isn't it better to wait for the ryzen 7 3700x to go sub 400?

      • They both relatively decent price for the current market condition, 3700x has been selling for around $450.

        This one only slightly better in performance, hence 3700x is more popular, however given 3700x is selling for 431.26 + postage atm and this one only for 428.20, you essentially get an upgrade for slightly cheaper price if you looking for 3700x.

        Ofc if you doesn't need it now, you can always wait till the desired price.

        • so in your opinion do you think the ryzen 7 3700x will go sub 380 tho soon?

          • @ShotzzAU: Well Lisa Su has just confirm that Zen 3 on track to launch later this year,

            If you can wait, prices will come down.

            • @K1D A: On December 31st 2020.. AMD will again confirm that Zen2 is on track to Launch later this year.

  • Just finished building a Ryzen 7 3700x, happy with the price of $456.. and sold the prism cooler for$40.

    Don't think I could tell the difference in speed to the 3800x, nor need it. Could always do mild overclock if I had to down the track not that you gain much, mind you ryzen 9 upgrade would be possible later when they're cheaper.

  • Coming up as $426 for me now? even cheaper.

    • +2

      Yeah but $443.62 including shipping …

      • +1

        Thanks, was a tough choice but went with the i7 10700k deal instead, that's been slashed as well and i think outperforms this one a fair bit. Have an intel mobo setup so saving on that too. Good luck!

  • What mobo? I need tonnes of usb (rear, not front) and min 6 sata. Some pcie slots wouldn't go astray

    No overclocking or future upgrade needs

    • Sounds like you need something robust. Get a decent X570 or a higher end B450.

      • Not so much. But if it has wifi I only need 10 rear usb and 1x pcie1 and 1xpcie16. I prefer usb all on the same chipset for compatibility reasons but that's probably not gonna happen.

        Wow… hating all these chipset fans. Since when was that standard?! Noisy buggers.

        • Perhaps the Aorus Master then?

          11 USB ports, enough PCIe slots, no chipset fan. Not the cheapest option (can probably get it cheaper elsewhere) but has WiFi, NVME, the works. Good if you want to have a board that will still give you options several years down the line.

          • @yoshi864: Thanks. Aorus master or gigabyte vision look good. Missed out on the cpu tho :/

    • Looking for mobo ideas too, wondering if B550 or X570 is the best route.

  • Worth getting the ram as part of the package too?

    Pretty cheap compared to the local prices?

  • Upgrading from 2600. Yes or no… 1440p gaming

  • I am not sure this will work, it states on the UK Amazon page that they cannot ship physical items to Aus or NZ due to GST. Has anyone got a shipping confirmed or something?

    • I saw that too from the link below. Ordered a Ryzen 3600 from Amazon UK.
      I tried to add something to cart using Amazon UK and you cannot check out using Australian address.

      Under International Delivery Restrictions

      Due to Australian and New Zealand GST law, we are currently unable to ship physical items from to New Zealand or Australian shipping addresses. Please check if or sells the item you would like to purchase, or choose a delivery address that is not in New Zealand or Australia to proceed with placing an order.

      • +1

        GST is included if you use the above method.
        Order Summary
        Item(s) Subtotal:$389.27
        Total Before GST:$405.08
        Grand Total:$445.59
        Mine has also shipped already and i have a tracking number with DHL

        • Thanks buddy, good to know. Will pull the trigger on a few Uk items then.

    • My order has just been dispatched :)

  • It is showing 426 now!

    • +1

      without shipping

  • Any ryzen 9 3900x deal?

    • $669.76 exl shipping. Shipping was about $15 for me to WA.

  • Showing as $538.82 for me

  • Is there any methodology on how to actually search for things that come up with this technique ? I just missed out on the WD 10TB that someone else has posted.. but surely there are others out there..

  • Your order has been dispatched ;)

  • +1

    For those who missed this, but still wanted a cheap'ish CPU, the 3700x is still on sale from Amazon UK.

    Same method as above: $429 exl Shipping.

  • ordered last night, still not dispatched. in two minds now whether i should cancel as i pretty much impulse bought it and having a little remorse now knowing my 3300x would do everything i throw at it just fine.

    • What time did you purchase? I ordered mine at 11pm aest. Got shipment email few hours ago.

    • Might be able to arrange a deal, I missed out.

      • +1

        got shipment notification with dhl express tracking now.

        i'll dm you once it arrives and if i don't change my mind about this.

  • Order dispatched. Time to get everything else…

    Going to be interesting making a new build and going from a i5 2500.

  • Anyone else's DHL shipment originating in "SZCZECIN - POLAND"?


    • biggest amazon distribution centre in europe. not so strange.

  • Any impulse buyers in Perth with regrets?

    • Me, sorta. Someone else already offered to buy mine but I much prefer the convenience of a meet up sale if that's why you were asking.

  • anyone else has not got a tracking number?

    "We’ll ship your order as soon as possible"

    • Me, and I ordered when this post was only 1 hr old…

    • That's odd, mine has already shipped from Poland and made it to Amsterdam through Germany.
      Ordered at 10:54AM.

      • PoRKroll's order has already arrived in sydney….

        Hopefully it will be shipped out later today.

        • Did yours ship? Mine still hasn't. What shipping option did you choose? I didn't choose expedited but maybe I should have.

          • @jkim: no, not shipped yet. i chose the "slow" shipping option.

  • +1

    Mine just hit Sydney customs this afternoon, so quick

    Thursday, July 09, 2020 Location Time
    Customs status updated SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA 13:48

  • Anyone getting a We'll email you when we have a delivery date>?

    • Yes, me. I contacted Amazon and they are out of stock. They said I can order from amazon au and they will refund the difference, they also gave me a $10 credit for my trouble.

      • Lucky you, I also spoke to them and they just told me it will be shipped next week and to wait.

        • I sent a confirmation email about the price difference refund and they reneged on it. I will wait for more stock.

          • @Gim: When and how did you contact them?

        • When did you contact Amazon?

          I may try my luck later.

          • @aec: Yesterday, I contacted them through the web page.

            • @Gim: Thank you. I am going to contact them now. Not really need the cpu anytime soon (wont have time to mess up with my current system until mid Aug), but do want to secure the order.

            • @Gim: I just noticed your second comment to jkim that they "reneged" on it. I misread "refunded"…. anyway…

  • +1

    In case it may help someone:

    Contacted Amazon today for the unshipped order. They replied in a couple of hours and suggested to cancel my order and reorder from Amazon-Au. To compensate the price difference, they gave me $200 promotion credit!!! So in the end, I may get my order on Monday at an even lower price!! The service from Amazon is second to none!

    • crazy, let us know how you go

      • received it on that monday.

  • Ordered, onboard and due for delivery today
    A week early

  • I just got delivery today, on a Sunday. Fantastic.

  • +1

    My package delivered today. But to my biggest supprise, the CPU factory sealed box already been opened and NO CPU in the box but only a cooler ! WTF!
    Amazon customer service only offer me return and full refund, they told me since it sold by amazon UK so they don't have an option to create a replacement. I even bought a x570 tomahawk this morning now I don't have a CPU. What should I do? Any suggestion here ?

    • That sucks, assuming you can't get a different response out of a different customer service rep i'd say one option is to return it and instead order a 3700X (US Import) a similar price. There's very little between a 3700X and 3800X.

    • ME TOO! I havejust opened and recieved it the box was opened and the cpu has been stolen? Im so pissed right now. How did you contact amazon?

  • So i actually ended up being able to score one. Thumbs up to OP!
    it arrived on Saturday.
    Brand new sealed box and well packaged too.
    To my surprise the production date was 2019 week 38.
    So my guess is these are old stock CPU's.
    Anyone wanna chime in on their production dates?

    Its the second line of numbers on the CPU itself

    BF 1938SUT

    19 being the year
    38 being the week
    SUT being the factory location. PGT chips are from the Penang, Malaysia and the SUS/SUT chips from Suzhou, China

    • Mine came in today, BF 2004SUS

    • Arrived today. BF 2012SUT

  • +1

    Mine arrived this morning via DHL.

    Amazon box was pretty crushed + ripped in a few places. Minimal padding + packaging inside.

    Retail box appears to be okay.
    Should be fine, right?? xD

    • Was the CPU in your package? Mine was missing like the below comment

      • CPU was sealed.

  • +2

    Mine arrived package was unsealed and CPU was missing/stolen. Something dodgy's going on somewhere

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