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Yale Key Free Smart Lock with Touchscreen Keypad - Works with Apple Homekit $284.54+Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Lock and unlock your door by asking siri or with the Apple home app, when you're at home
Access from anywhere when you have an Apple TV (4TH GEN or later) near your front door
Create daily schedules to ensure your door is locked at the same time each day. Adjustable latch
Fits on standard doors 1 3/8 inch to 2 1/4 inch thick with 2 1/8 inch face bore hole
Enter your 4 8 digit pin code on the backlit touchscreen keypad to unlock create unique pin codes for friends and family within the Yale secure app

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Lol took me a while to read that correctly, I’m like why is it $284 if it’s FREE 🤣

    • Compound adjectives should be hyphenated.

      Yale Key-Free Smart Lock

      Not a knock on OP - the Amazon listing is poorly titled.

  • Need a deadlach HomeKit lock

    • I would like to know too. Plus if it's Fire certified for Strata/Apartment front doors (NSW)

      • Agree… I know some stratas have issue with smart locks

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    It's a good price, especially if you are looking for the Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Polished Brass colours which aren't available locally. The lock works well enough, as long as you are aware of some shortcomings before purchasing:

    • Can't create temporary/once-off/auto expiring PINs
    • Can't create schedules for using PINs, e.g. only M-F 9-5pm
    • Notifications don't tell you who unlocked the door based on the PIN entered (you need to separately open the Yale Secure app each time and check the access history matching up the timestamp)
    • It can't sense the door is in a closed position before engaging the auto-lock feature, this feature is just a simple countdown timer
    • Yale Secure app is pretty slow when reading/updating settings (loading screen takes up to 10 seconds each time)

    Above has been validated with firmware version 1.6.11 and iOS software version 1.0.4(1)P. Now if you use this lock with other 3rd party software/plugins some of these feature gaps go away, but given you're buying a lock with HomeKit I would assume you generally aren't planning on going down that path…

    • curious - what are these 3rd party apps / plugins? and what all can it fix as you listed above?

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        Something like the Lock User Management (LUM) plugin for SmartThings. Obviously for this particular lock it would require you to swap out the iM1 HomeKit module with either the ZigBee or Z-Wave module to connect it via a SmartThings hub. But just an example of what is available out there, you'll need to research what best suits your overall smart home ecosystem depending on what other equipment you have or intend to buy.

        Btw one other feature gap I forgot to mention above:

        • No proximity sensor auto-lock/auto-unlock feature when leaving/arriving home
        • No proximity sensor auto-lock/auto-unlock feature when leaving/arriving home

          HomeKit will lock from memory using a geofence with an appropriate automation won’t it?

          For unlocks last I tested you had to approve that event on your iOS device however.

          • @Smigit: Yes you are right this skipped my mind when I wrote the above, but the action approval is the killer… getting your phone out, unlocking it and approving the event is somewhat more of an inconvenience than entering a 4-digit PIN on the lock keypad itself! I believe Yale locks with the Bluetooth LE module instead of the iM1 Homekit module do have the auto-lock/unlock capability based on proximity without unlocking your phone (Twist & Go), and out of all feature gaps mentioned this one is the smallest but just something people should be aware of.

            • @pavlos: Yeah I agree. The unlock behaviour feels like a real hassle even if it only takes a few seconds.

    • Thanks for your insight. What lock would you recommend that can do most of above?

    • +1

      That's why I prefer the version with the August module. Pretty much solves every one of the issues you raised above. Was as low as $320 a couple weeks ago

  • A mate has one, reckons he has to replace the batteries every 2-3wks which is pretty poor form

    • +1

      I've been testing one for about a month and battery in the Yale Secure app is still showing 100%. One of the few things I can't complain about!

      If I had to guess I would say the WiFi signal is possibly too weak where the lock is installed causing it to continuously search/reconnect all the time, or perhaps they just have a dud unit.

      • +1

        Another big killer for smart lock batteries are if the lock isn’t properly aligned and there’s force required to lock. The device then needs to work extra hard to lock the door.

        The OPs friend should make sure everything is aligned perfectly.

      • I've had mine installed since Jan 2020 and it's currently sitting at 89% if that's worth anything.

  • Question : can anyone point to a current list of Strata Apartment Fire Approved Key-Less locks (NSW) ?

    My strata/Fire people -only- recommended the Verroo smart latch that I can't seem to get much information on & I'm not too keen on their $800+ quote to supply & install it (it looks to be a retrofit)


  • Any Harvard locks available?

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