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LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 $99 Delivered @ Myer eBay Store


First post be gentle.

Those who missed out earlier on the Lego Fiat from Myer now have the chance to get it again @ $99 delivered. Stock is up on Myer Ebay store.

Edit: Seems like Myer official store is back in stock too.

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  • +3

    I want to like this but it really is ugly

    • Paint it green

    • Overall it kinda looks ok but when you start looking at it closely…

  • Bought, thanks Op

  • +1

    How do you double the value of a Fiat 500?

    Fill it up with petrol.

    • +1

      I think the answer now is "make it out of Lego" 😂

    • Brilliant.

  • oos

    • Available on Myer site

  • +5

    Wow someone bought 5x. I bet to resell, and they probably on ozbargain here reading.

    • Ofcourse, happened with the toy sale a few weeks ago as well. People buying x5 of the modular buildings. Makes me wonder if they all got fulfilled while others got theirs cancelled through the official store (non-ebay). The ebay stock came online 8 hours after the official store, yet the official store orders got cancelled lol

      • +2

        They really should sell one per account when it’s on sale. It’s not like these things don’t sell.

        • +1

          I 100% agree. I don't know why they don't do this. At least make it fair for those looking for an item, instead of people hoarding them to make a buck or three.

          • +1

            @shiprekt: And if they can limit it to one per credit card that would be even better.

  • Got Tree House a better buy than this at RRP !
    Will sellout 10 sold in the hr .
    Hehe 1 at a time :)

  • thanks, forgot about the ebay store and managed to snag the dino bones model :-)

  • Tree House gone , I like Idea Series no reprints yet :)

  • +1

    bought 1 again, I wonder if they will cancel it again…

  • Literally less than a week since I got this cancelled last time and they have stock again. I don't think I've even received the refund yet!

  • Merged from LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 $99 Delivered (RRP $139.99) @ Myer eBay

    LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271
    Back in stock. Be fast. Enjoy :)

    • Only 30 sets available every release.

      • They had only three sets of the Downtown Diner modular building on the weekend 😮

        • Wow how did you know?

          • @kurnitb: Checked the Myer eBay page constantly after missing the release on their website - They usually post on their eBay page later in the day.

            I was able to get one of the three - however it is still "processing" so I bet I'll get the famous "Your order has been cancelled" email.

            • @shiprekt: Well well well, the Diner has been shipped! I don't believe it.

              • @shiprekt: Good job! did you get it on sale too?

                • +1

                  @vee_el: Nar Diner was RRP. But been wanting it for ages and missed out three times haha

    • oh really? someone bought 5

      • Possible that that someone buys 30 sets everytime, LOL.

    • -3
      • lol $105 for the lepin set….

        if you really want the lepin you can get it for around $30 on ali….

      • Is that website even legit?

      • They are copy sets - not legit LEGO sets.

        • No, thanks!

    • +1

      Back in stock again

      • 20 sets left for now if they restocked it 30 sets.

  • Welp, second Fiat purchase and second cancellation from Myer (eBay this time). Bought it a week ago and refunded just today. Screw you Myer.

    • had to come back to this post to read if anyone else received the bad news i did earlier… somewhat glad mine was not the only order suddenly cancelled.. and agreed on your state sentiment towards Myer…

      • like wise, cancelled.

        • do I sense a class action suit coming along at some point in the future :P

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