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[Pre Order] Xiaomi 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $636 Shipped @ Allphones eBay


Crazy good price from the team at Allphones, and a whole lot cheaper than this deal - plus local stock & warranty for the sweetener. Apply code P15LIGHT at checkout for the discount. Please note the following:

  • Official AU stock direct from distributor.
  • 2 year replacement warranty.
  • Will dispatch as soon as they receive stock (ETA 31-July). Possibly sooner (ignore eBay estimation).
  • Allphones will provide a full refund or credit before dispatch if a lower price for the same stock is found elsewhere.

Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Original P15LIGHT eBay post here.

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      • Nvm.
        So you should be putting power to the side of that DP port, to make it a single cable?

        • Yeah, I mean there's only a single cable out to the laptop on my desk. There's another USB-C cable from the charger to the port on the connector behind the monitor too.

      • Amazing, how much in maximum can it take power charging?

  • Gosh that's tempting. Very, very tempting.

    • Yes, taking into account IPS panels are like twice the price….

  • Is this monitor good for PS4/XB1?

    • +1

      No, you'll have black bars on the sides

    • Not sure. Another important thing with using a monitor (instead of a TV) for console gaming is it needs to support HDCP, otherwise it most likely won't display anything after the latest OS update. I somehow learnt it the hard way.

  • Xiaomi makes monitors now? Or is it some rebranded OEM product?

    • hard to say

      they own a lot of subsidy brands which may make it or they could make it

      there is also the cheaper redmi brand which xiaomi owns

  • +1

    anyone know if you cancel the pre-order if you change your mind? I've been holding out for a deal on this monitor, and this is a sweet deal.

    • Yes, don't want buyers remorse hahaha… I'm wondering if it's worth even getting a WQHD screen for my current pc set up

    • +1

      From the item description:

      "Pre-Order Cancellation Policy: Cancelled order accepted due to change of mind, price changes or delays prior to order dispatch. After the order is dispatched the standard 2 years warranty or return policy is still accepted."

  • Wish I didn't buy the kogan QHD monitor now…

    • I was tempted to buy one just before June 30, but the thing that put held me back was that it didnt seem like it had the split screen of PBP functionality. Glad I didn't make the impulse buy.

      • It does have split screen PBP, but I haven't been able to get it working properly (it stays as 3440x1440 input, and stretches it down to the 10.5:9 ratio - havent worked out how to get it to take 1720x1440 input).

    • got a link for that monitor?

      how is the kogan monitor quality?

      • I got one (though not for me) - looks nice, lots of dead pixels (probably not Kogan's fault but pretty annoying.)

        • what is the URL for that monitor?

          how long is their warranty and
          dead pixel policy?

          • +1

            @pinkybrain: Both my Kogan monitors and my Kogan TV had a 1 year warranty. One has a stuck pixel, one has terrible input lag and the other the DP input died after a year and a half.

            The first two I could put up with but the other one they refused to do anything about, even if I offered to pay for a fix.

            They're fine if they're significantly cheaper than competing options (mine were so I'm still happy with the purchases), but I'd avoid if there's another option at a similar price.

            • @BenR31415: yeah kogan had some what seem like good prices
              but the 1 year warranty and it being kogan brand
              I just don't know how much i can trust buying them..

              what monitor models were they
              do you have links for models?

              also how much you paid?

              if you paid for the fix for the Display Port problem
              why would you need to bother with sending it back to Kogan?

              • @pinkybrain: These were a few years back no longer any trace of these models on the website.

                ~6 years ago got a 32" FHD TV with an inbuilt DVD player for ~$440 (stuck pixel)

                ~3 years ago got a 27" IPS 1440p monitor for $350, similar models from other companies were going for ~$550 (input lag)

                ~3 years ago got a 24" TN 144Hz 1080p freesync monitor for $219. Similar options were $380. Didn't end up paying to get the DP input fixed, the HDMI port still works and I've been putting up with the lower refresh rate and not having freesync over HDMI.

        • I have no dead pixels on mine, or at least I couldnt find any. They should be relatively obvious switching between white, black, red, green and blue screens, right?

          Their Change of Mind policy is still active for 3 more days. Wondering if I should just return it and buy the Xiaomi… But then I will have $299 in store credit…

          • @ATangk: yeah

            just go through a full screen colour test and you will see it right away if a pixel is dead

            • @pinkybrain: Went through another one and can't find a single dead pixel. So not sure about others' experiences but mine seems to be fine on all ends except brightness.

      • Its alright, I'm just a bit disappointed that its not very bright.


        • This was $299 before EOFY ended

  • as cheap as you buy it from china market plus postage,but you have 2 years local replacement warranty! very nice.

    • Actually posted from China it's only about $450-$500

  • Considering this, but isn't IPS with 144Hz + QHD at 21:9 32" much more expensive? Any options for bit more for the similar monitor but IPS? Everything I'm looking at is over $1000.

    • If you want IPS, cheapest option is X34P but thats usually $1200.

      • Damn, might just go for this, I can probably deal with VA for half the price haha! Thanks for the help!

  • Super good deal!!!

  • +1

    I have it, I love it

    • Do you actually? Can you give more details? Does it have any special software or on screen controls (such as split screen, picture by picture, picture in picture, etc)?

  • Best price. Grabbed one. Thanks

    • So did I just now. haha

  • +1

    Is 21:9 panels mainly suitable for gaming
    but not as good for movies and TV?

    And 16:9 panel is suitable for both gaming and TV/Movies?

    Also how about which is better for desktop usage?
    ie web browsing, word, excel etc..

    is there any scaling needed for this monitor size and resolution?

    • Movies are often 2:1 or something similar so an ultrawide will be better there, although some will be 16:9 and there you just end up with black bars on either side.

      For gaming it's mostly better but some games don't support it well and it's better without. WSGF has a list of well supported / poorly supported games.

      Pixel density is perfect without scaling, exactly the same as a 27" 1440p monitor. If you're going for a single monitor the extra screen space is better for productivity, but the extra width makes multi monitor setups more difficult.

      • yeah i got a multi monitor setup right now..

        so this monitor is already wide
        this would mean i can't add one or two monitors to the side of this monitor on a standard desk?
        or if I did it would be too awkwardly long?

        • Depends on your desk.

          I have the Kogan equivalent of this 34” Ultrawide, and I have a 24” 16:10 on one side and a 19” 5:4 on the other - fits fine on my 1.6m desk. (I’m sure 2x 24” would also fit fine, but I let my wife use the other 24” i was using previously)

        • hey pinky girl, the 21:9 is definitely good for movie and it is perfect for desktop usage like web browsing, word and excel. I am completing my HDR program on my Dell's. The text is just not as sharp as a 27"@4k, but it is still perfectly fine!

  • Got it last time and it's a very nice monitor. Quality is up there with other Xiaomi products meaning simple and solid build quality with minimal branding visible.
    Colours nice and vibrant but bit of ghosting which is normal for VA panels.
    No dead pixels when I got mine.

    • +1

      does windows 10 recommend scaling for this monitor?

      Is the text sharp/crisp and dark for reading?

      is the monitor any good for movie/tv, youtube watching
      and does it have black bars for any of those types of videos?

      • Text looks good on monitors of this size and resolution. Movies in 21:9 are good as they have minimal black bars.

      • Scaling depends on how small you want your text and icons. 100% is fine if you don't mind smallish text (still crisp) and want more real estate or use 150%/200% for more comfortable text size but less real estate.

        Text is pretty crisp. Just keep a normal working distance. It's resolution is similar to 24" 1080P so if that's fine you'll be good.

        For consuming content it just depends on what your watching. Movies are great cause they share the same 21:9 aspect ratio so no black bars. Most of YouTube won't be 21:9 so expect some side vertical bars.

        • yeah but in windows 10, windows would recommend if you should scale or not etc and automatically set the scaling for you..

          so I am interested if windows 10 would recommend scaling this monitor size/resolution by default

          there is some issue with scaling beyond 100% though
          since some apps do not scale properly or don't scale at all.

        • What overdrive settings are you using? If you switch it to high, do you still notice ghosting?

    • Can you confirm whether it has VESA mounting?

      • Yep, currently using VESA mounting with it.

    • Are there any software features that aren't on the product Page? Such as split screen, pbp, reticle, etc?

  • Is this a good option for an office work monitor?

    • It's a fine monitor for everyday use. You may miss the height adjustment though but that's easily solved with a creative hack couple of Yellow Pages phonebooks placed under the monitor.

      • This does have height adjustability.

        • Oops you're right, was reading the spec for the 24 inch model.

    • Not that good as a general work monitor. read the review posted here by another user. Monitor suffers from ghosting etc when scrolling text.

  • +3

    Man this VA vs IPS argument is just so messed up. PC users using a TV for a monitor swear by VA (response time suddenly isn't an issue when they're gaming) and PC user on a normal monitor wear by IPS (backlight bleed and poor black level aren't a thing)…

    • +1

      People are just used to high end monitors being IPS and high end LED TVs being VA.

      It doesn't really matter too much, I'd rather a decent VA panel over a shitty IPS one and vice versa

  • OK i cancelled my order for the AOC and got this instead, seems like its the same Samsung VA panel. Can't be beaten for $640 delivered vs $870….Local warranty is icing on the cake.

    • Which AOC monitor were you considering ?

      • CU34G2X. Stock was arriving in a few days, but managed to cancel it in favour of this one. I did some research, I think the AOC's backlight may be a little different, but this Xiaomi's cable management system is better, and it has height adjustment unlike the Kogan one.

        • +1

          Cheers, I was looking at the same one. The $100 Steam credit was what kept me waiting and stock was supposed to arrive at VIC stores last week but got delayed to next week. I just followed in your footsteps and pulled the trigger on this one too.

          • +1

            @Wickedwings: Yeah, good one. I was waiting for steam credit too, but if you don't get the steam credit the price delta is too great, its over 30% cheaper for whats largely the same panel (sans potentially the backlight). From what i know, the only native 144h 34" 1500R panel is from Samsung. There is a 1800R panel used in an MSI with the same specs, but thats $1.4k.

    • I bought the AOC a few weeks ago sigh. $100 Steam credit softens the blow at least.

  • +1


    Review looks to be very good. Design wise it is also height adjustable and has good cable management.

    If I didn't get the LG 32gk650f-b 2 weeks ago, I would definitely get this monitor!

    • 2 inches more for $100 bucks per inch

    • Similar to you, I got the Samsung LC32JG54 instead, and it delivered just few days ago. I did compare between the it and the same LG model and chose the S brand.

      If this deal came one week earlier I would definitely get one.

  • copped it - thanks!

  • +5

    For anyone wondering on performance, i've got both this monitor and the 27GL850 and would say that it is quite easy to notice the better performance of the lg.

    About the Xiaomi:
    * text scrolling noticibly worse
    * white text scrolling on black backgrounds becomes very faded
    * If running alongside another monitor, this monitors edge isnt straight so there is a gap between the other monitor.
    * Very noticble ghosting (couldnt notice any with lg)

    When playing rocket league performance difference personally doesnt matter compared to the increased aspect ratio, fps games however you would want to go for something like the x34p.

    • +1

      Yes i would agree LG IPS panels would be better, however the big daddy of them all the 34GN850 is like $1.5k……

    • Thanks for the comparison. I have a 27GL850 and just bought this one as the primary monitor for my sim racing setup. The 27GL850 is the benchmark for IPS screens though so it sets a high bar. I'll be doing the majority of my primary FPS gaming with the 27GL850 though.

    • Thanks for the above comments. So you're saying that for work productivity (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc) and Web browsing that this monitor isn't particularly good? Are IPS monitors always going to be better for that?

      • It just depends how picky you are really, if your going to have alot of darkmode apps/sites the text scrolling will probably become super annoying, text scrolling isnt too bad in most cases. But overall it is noticible and I will be trying to upgrade soon most likely.

    • is the height of this monitor and the 27GL850 the same size?

      do you have pic of both monitors side by side with some pic or video (same) to compare

      so in you opinion
      this monitor is not as good as it seems?

      BTW can we get gsync to work on this?
      i read that some free sync monitors can get gsync to work on it

      is there a need for free sync or gsync if the monitor already supports 144hz?
      why would people still use free sync or gsync?

      • Yeah the heights are almost exactly the same, with the tiniest little difference, ill upload a photo when I get the chance.

        This monitor isn't bad by any means at this price, just coupled next to a monitor as good as the 27GL850 it will become hard not to notice all the differences.

        G-sync works for me when I enabled it in the settings no issues there.

        Freesync and Gsync are used to eliminate screen tearing, it only works when its in the fps range however.

  • Is this the QLED version or the normal LED one?

  • +3

    For an extra $100-$150, I got 2 x 32" Samsung monitors from portal.
    One is 144 Hz, and one is 4K UHD. Best of both worlds.

    You will need a huge desk to fit both.

    I decided to go for 2 monitors instead of Ultra wide. No regrets.

  • I got a Samsung CJ791 34 inch wide screen which has developed screen bleeding after 10 months of use. What's Samsung warranty like? Keen to pull the trigger on this while RMAing the sammy monitor . Thoughts?

    • -2

      Don't do it. Read review above. Despite over 150+ positive votes for this deal, it is not a real good deal IMHO.

      • it’s xiaomi …..

  • anyone know what the adjustable height range is?

  • +1

    Nice specs and price but UW curved monitors are a niche. A lot to pay for something that's useful in a few games but not in others, and almost as demanding on GPU as UHD. Go 24" FHD 144 hz for gaming. 27" QHD for work.

    • it’s hard to beat 4k for work …..

  • Any music producers? What screen size and resolution is best? Larger screen, or double screens? I should try some music forums, it's always gaming on here 🤣🤣🤣

  • No USBC port for Mac users…

  • +1

    I got one from the last deal, its not bad but it has some hardcore smearing when compared to my Asus PG279Q.

    • That's what I would be coming from an Asus PG279Q. Would you still recommend it?

      • Hard to say, ive gotten used to it now but its still somewhat noticeable.

    • Could you do us a solid and let me know if the red text shown here is blurry at 144Hz but fine at lower refresh rates e.g. 120Hz?

      Curious as I have this issue with the Kogan 34" from recent deal and I suspect these might use the same panel.

      • +1

        Looks about the same at both to me.

  • Xiaomi sure has a wide range of products while maintaining decent brand reputation despite the general bad quality that's associated with Chinese products. Kind of noticed it this with Ugreen and Kuulaa cables/adaptors that are on Aliexpress as well. More competition is great for consumers but I imagine this is somewhat disconcerting for Western brands.

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