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[PC] Far Cry 5 $10.79 | Far Cry 4 $6.39 | Far Cry 3 $3.59 | 7 Day Uplay Trial $0 @ Ubisoft


Ubisoft have dropped the prices on these games which when stacked with 20% off makes them a great buy.

PS - Far Cry 6 PS4 has leaked

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  • Props for the leak there.

    Strange that Primal even with the extra percentage off is more expensive than the rest of them. Only one I still need to play some day, but $11.99 is a bit rich for it.

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    3 and 5 are great

    • whats wrong with 4?

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    take your pick, play one and youve played them all. 3 is the best though

    • Absolutely loved 3

    • I recently read an article using the term Ubification for games based on the "Far Cry 3" formula. I got about 40% of the way through a modded game of Far Crysis 3 but have to one day return and finish it (currently bogged down in Pillars of Eternity). I was listening to Paper Planes from MIA an hour ago; if you haven't played Far Cry 3, the song plays in the introduction.

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        Far Crysis

        Now that's a game I wanna play!

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    • Much shorter in length than Far Cry 3, but at $2.69, it's definitely worth it… and it's standalone, so you don't need Far Cry 3 in order to play it

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    I just finished Far Cry 5, and it's a fun shooter. Easily worth the price, especially when it's this cheap.

    • Fun??
      Graphically it looked pretty decent on release. But the AI was dumb and it was such a grind. Farcry has been crap for a while. Just like Just Cause. Same handful of moronic enemies to eliminate and bases to liberate. Rinse / repeat for hours.

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        You'll be happier if you dont expect extremely unprecedented scenario from every video game.

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          I must be the only one here who liked all the far cry games.

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            @Blitzfx: The very First one was a milestone in gaming history.

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    Just built a new rig haven't really had time to play many games but will start collecting a few (good when they are cheap or free).

    So is Far cry 3 standard edition the one to go for?

    Thanks op

    • Get 5, great game

      • really? for $5 Far Cry 3 sounds good just want which ever one is the best no need for more than one of them, and IGN said it's a bit repetitive the tasks and most of the goons have the same faces and that Assassin's Creed Origins is better.

        Hanging out for a BF3 remaster wouldn't be bad

        • +3

          Get 3 it’s the best one

          • @piston3461: Done. cheers,
            RTX 2060S would piss it in

            Is the Deluxe version worth the extra few bucks?

            • @G-rig: nah, i played the DLC and it was average. base game is plenty long enough

              • @piston3461: Oh yeah, I ever up getting deluxe as it was only another dollar and people said it's worth it for the soundtrack and there are a few extra guns

  • Is Ghost Recon Breakpoint worth purchasing at the current pricepoint? It's $20 USD for the Gold edition with Year 1 DLCs included.

    • When I played it last on the free weekend it felt like almost a complete regression compared to Wildlands. But for $20, there's a lot of game there and it can be fun with friends. Just set your expectations low, or pickup Wildlands if you haven't tried out the franchise yet.

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    Was just reading about how good FC3 was the other day. Thought "If it goes on sale, I'll grab it."

    Thanks OP.

    • It was really good back then, used to play on a 9500GT with lowest graphics. But I liked FC2 more which was a great improvement than FC1.

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    For anyone preferring to play on Ps4, just to let you know that Far Cry 3 is on sale for $4.99 at the PlayStation store.

  • Has anyone else just got asked for an activation key, was working and playing now hit the wall.
    the one in my ubiplay doesn't get accepted, and something about browser settings, dont think any ad blockers are running
    email support not working

  • Any idea on download size for PC?

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