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3000 Rewards Points for $50 Spend (or X Points for $X Spend) @ Woolworths


Got it this week and now repeating the same offer for next week starting tomorrow

Check your emails


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  • +1

    2300 points for me Thanks!

  • +2

    Thanks for the reminder EC👍
    Was thinking of shopping today with only 2300 pt offer. Offer was a bit too low for me.
    Again received the 3000pts email.
    Always best to check offers before shopping.

  • +3

    No email for me :(… Wonder how they pick who gets it?

    • Not me either. I get Flybuys pretty regularly but not so much Woolworths.

    • +15

      They review ur purchasing history and target impulsive buyers who spend money on crap and don’t know how to save. This makes them go in store and spend big. I never get these cos I mainly buy 1/2 special products and essential items. Never buy veggies or fruit (go to markets instead and save plenty) so I hardly get targeted for these promotions. They’re all Sneaky operators trying to maximize profits by offering these lame “loyalty” promotions

      • Ooo this makes sense because I never scan my card and got the email to use by end of this week.
        Used it mainly on special items and now no more emails…

        Back to coles for me I think

        • +7

          Simple solution - don't scan your Rewards card every time you shop. There is little benefit in points per $ spent compared with these Bonus Points offers!!

          Use it only for these Bonus pt offers.
          Am targeted most (normal) weeks by infrequently using more than 1 Rewards card.

      • +3

        They review ur purchasing history

        They spy on ur purchasing history. Have you notice those camera at the selfcheck out ?

        • +3

          Nah, it's not the cameras. It's data.

        • Have you noticed those cameras in the car park, then entrance, the aisles, the exits and the hallways also???
          Self-checkout cameras don't even record, it's just a mirror image.

          • @Tony-Abbott:

            Self-checkout cameras don't even record, it's just a mirror image.

            Fact or fiction ? Why all of the sudden there is a need for mirror ?!? A tiny low res one

            • +2

              @frewer: It's fact - it's to deter people stealing stuff.

              • @Tony-Abbott: LOL you really dont know how people do their stealing at the supermarket do you.

            • +1

              @frewer: fact! it's just a live stream. I think its based on a psychological study where people were less likely to steal if they can see themselves because it may go against their self-image as a 'good' or 'lawful' person

              • @spotthedog: Is it states on wow site ? Or just your assumption ?

      • +1

        I’m almost always targeted by both Woolworths and Coles.
        My shopping is items at their lowest sale price/home brand essentials, and hardly ever fruit and veggies.

        2 cards for each store and my shopping pattern will seem erratic because I don’t shop unless the points return is 10% or more but generally I’m at 20-25% point return

    • +7

      The famous Woolies Algorithm!

      While the loyalty program offers piddling little amounts to loyal, frequent big spending customers who use their Rewards card all the time…

      These bonus points seem to be designed to retain those who may be spending their $ elsewhere, rarely using their Rewards card.

      It's designed to make us into loyal Woolies shoppers. It's to benefit Woolies profits, not us!

      So don't use your Rewards card every time you shop for few points. Just use it for these Bonus points offers. Make the Woolies Algorithm work for you!

      Easiest way is to have more than 1 Rewards card! Rotate their use. Keep the Woolies Algorithm guessing & rewarding you!

      I'm regularly targeted😉

      • +3

        I have 10 rewards accounts , I usually will get an offer on a few each couple of weeks

        Best offer is 2k points for 1c spend lol, so you buy something on a weight basis like cheapest fruit

        • +4

          Got that offer a few months back on 1 card - bought a banana for 18c & got 2000 bonus pts. Minimum spend is now 5c!!

          Same week received 4000 bonus pts for $50 spend on 4 other cards.
          Next week received 4000 bonus pts for $50 spend on same 5 cards.

          Stack with bonus points per $ offer.
          Pay with discounted Wish eGift card.

          Woolies recently stuffed up an order - refunding $225, but still delivered it!

          So spending has declined since then - stocked up on non-perishables.

        • +1

          How do you manage 10 accounts?

          • +2

            @Ricky83: Nothing to manage. Just choose the best Rewards offer when the emails arrive!

            Only use a Rewards card when you are offered these Bonus Points offers & don't use in between.

            Or use infrequently, rotating the Rewards cards to tease the Woolies Algorithm into offering an incentive to spend more!

            As there are so many offers, I rarely shop with an offer less than this one (3000 bonus pts for $50 spend).

            Have been doing this since the current Rewards system came in years ago. Has been very rewarding😉

          • +2

            @Ricky83: Each pet has a rewards accounts, same as with the kids lol

            • +5

              @easternculture: Today's offer email is in the name of my long dead budgie 🐦
              In life it brought song, in death - savings😉

      • I havent used the woolies card even once, why havent I recieved anything yet?

        • +1

          You have to use it at least once for the algorithm / system to know the card is in operation! It's a "loyalty program" which requires use of card.
          No use = no offers!

          Apparently it needs to be used once a year after that to remain on the system & retain points.

      • +2

        Yes multiple cards are a good idea. I have two and quite happy with the offers received. Currently have one for scan and go, 300 points for each $20 shop and then 5000 points on the fifth shop. Also last week I was asked at the gate to do a quick verbal survey and they scanned my items and they gave me a $25 gift card. I suspect they are worried about theft and trying to see how honest people are who use this system. But I am happy with woolworths rewards, almost always have a $10 credit or good offer on there whereas Coles give bugger all.

        • That's a nice bonus. Hasn't happened to me.

          Only time I have been stopped to check my purchase - security guard thought I had stolen a $2 packet of biscuits! Business was very slow - expect he needed to justify his pay. He had watched me use the automatic checkout.
          As only bought 1 item, I was bullied back to the machine for staff member to print receipt I hadn't bothered with. No apology, just a snort. Never shopped at Woolies in Tasmania again that holiday!

          With these offers, Coles rarely see me.
          Although popped in to pick up FREE stemless wine glasses @Coles a few days ago. Shelf price was $15 for 4, but was charged $16. Straight to service counter - had their scanning policy on phone - FREE glasses. (Next Coles had correct price on shelf.)

      • +1

        Just be careful, they store the payment card number that you use and "background link" your accounts. Best to use discounted gift cards where possible.

        • I would have thought that they are not allowed to store payment card. It's linked to the payment gateway.

          Most companies only keep only last 4 numbers of the credit card

          • +3

            @easternculture: They don't store the card number itself, just an encrypted value that corresponds to the card number.

            When you use the same credit card against a different rewards account, the encrypted values are matched, and on that basis the system will 'connect' the two rewards accounts.

            The actual card number is never stored in a human readable format…or woolies is in deep doodoo

        • Why wouldn't you use discounted eGift cards all the time?? I do.
          Otherwise you're paying too much!

          As all accounts used are at the same family address, I can't see the payment method as the primary means used to check / link accounts. Hasn't been a problem over many years of doing this!

          Family members paying with same payment method would not be unusual!

          • +1

            @the INFIDEL: gift cards can also be linked unless you use a different gift card each time and pay cash to allow for the rounding

            Either way two factor identification with mobile number will eventually come in to identify zombie accounts

            Flybuys has already started

            • @Peanut money: Worry about it if you want to.

              People have been warning about an impending doom with multiple accounts for years!

              Gift cards are quickly used up & replaced.

              As I wrote, there are already means to check duplicate accounts.
              Never been a problem in many years of use for family. Some are on same phone number.

              I contacted Rewards earlier this year, & told them I had scanned the wrong Rewards Card (used card already scanned for 4000 bonus points for family member I was shopping for). They applied the missing 4000 bonus points to my card. Not a problem using multiple Rewards Cards for Rewards!

              I shop for many in my family, using same address, often same phone number & payment. Nothing strange about that! For family they get the shopping done & I get the Rewards.

              I had scanned 5 Rewards Cards that day for 18k bonus points & 20k the next week on same 5 cards😀

              • +1

                @the INFIDEL: Easy, make zombie accounts that aren't linked to your address. You don't actually need the physical card - just the card number and a Barcode app. Just need a few disposable email addresses and bob, Tim, Sam, and Nick are all your uncles.

                • @Choc83: I don't use all the family accounts now - don't need more.
                  Haven't used the physical cards in a long time.
                  Never had a problem with all at same address etc over many years - that's normal in a family!

                  So don't understand why people are now so concerned

  • Got F all. Targeted

  • Bugger, nothing

  • +3

    Actually got targeted for once.

    $100 for 3000 points though, that's optimistic given I usually spend maybe $40 a week

    • I got the same, spend around $50 a week but never a $100!

  • I rarely spend big in one shop at woolies and got a 4400 points for $150 spend…

    • +1

      The Woolies Algorithm knows you have spent big - so it's encouraging you to become a regular big spender.

      I scan card & spend just what is in offers like this, so regularly receive good offers for $50 or less.

      But keep 1 Rewards card for big spends - with monthly 10% discount for Woolies insurance which sometimes stacks with these offers.
      (Comprehensive car insurance offer was $140 for first year on old car, plus $100 added to Rewards card, plus once monthly 10% discount!)

  • Got this offer again this week.

    The email hasn’t updated last weeks points.

    Anyone else in the same situation?

    • Same. But if you look at total points in the email , you will have a adjusted balance after the 2000 point adjustment to dollars

      • The EDMs tend to be bit behind anyway. It's like the person running the marketing offers takes an extract on Wednesday, so by the time you get the offer on Sunday, your points balance has changed.

  • Almost never use my card. But haven't received this offer.

  • 3000 points for $100 (probably coz I used the last 2300 points deal and shop once with woolies every month for the 10% discount)

    • Same for me.

    • +1

      i got this one too… despite i missed the last one too… can ensure you it's not relevant.

  • +1

    Do you get 3000 points, if you use stored reward credit on your card .e.g $50 or do you have to pay with card/cash etc?

    • +2

      There are two discrete events.

      Points are awarded when your expenditure hits the threshold.

      When you hit 'pay now' you're given payment options, you can use any stored woolworths dollars accumulated from previous shops.

      Once your bill is settled, your points are converted to woolies dollars and you can see it on your receipt

  • 4400 points with $150 spend for the week (in one or more shops).
    Happy with that, with all our household panic buying we'll clear that no worries!

  • i ve got 12 flybuys cards and about 3 years ago they just gave me $500 equivalent points to one of cards with no reason, never happened again though

  • +1

    I've got the email for 3000 points on
    spending of $100,spent but didn't receive the 3000 points…

    • Contact support, they should have dates of when it was activated and records of purchases after that date to qualify for the points.

      • Thanks, they said in a week.

  • I never get any of these offers. Suspect it may be because I almost always use discounted 5% gift cards.

    • +2

      Nope, I pay with discounted gift cards too, and I get offers.

      Just have a few cards for family members and just cycle through using them in a manner that leads woolies to offer inducements for you to shop

  • +2

    Interesting that my woolies accounts domiciled in Victoria were not targeted, but my ones in NSW were.

    It's almost like someone at head office went 'fk those Victorians, they'll be buying up anyway', no need to give them anything.

    • +1

      That checks out. During the height of the first wave nationally, there were barely any points offers (or even just regular specials for that matter). Pretty scummy exploitative behaviour from both Coles and Woolies.

    • On the other hand, I think it would be irresponsible for a supermarket to be encouraging people in Victoria to go shopping at this time by offering them reward points.

      • +1

        Reward points can be earned through online shopping and getting delivery or drive thru pick up. The only problem is with offers that can only be used in store such as purchasing the Coles Mastercard, the Vanilla card and many others. I have missed out on several of these because I am not visiting shops. I do not understand why they cannot be purchased online like DJ's.

  • +1

    Do I have to switch to Coles for a few months to receive these offers?

  • I only got 2300 points on same account last week.

  • I got 2300 points last week, and I got it again for next week…

    • I never got 2,300 points for $50 spend this week. Anyone in the same boat?

      • +1

        Me too 😩 i got it last week but nothing yet this week

  • -1

    I got a $100 for 3000 points offer last Sunday. Spent $100 today ($100.05 actually) and didn't get the 3000 points.

    Have submitted a claim online.

    • Does it say you will receive your points instantly?

      Mine came a day after I reached the spend amount

      • At my local, the bonus points are displayed on the POS as soon as you cross the threshold. I wonder if that may not be the case for older sites.

    • +2

      T&C for my 2300 points said they will appear within 5 days of spend.

      • 3000 for $100 spend for me said the same thing. Stacked with a 5x points bonus which said 3 days.

  • Does anyone know if I stack this with my 10% off shop from insurance I need to go over the spend amount before or after applying the discount?

    • Yes, it worked for me last week, got the points today though.

      • -1

        Sorry I didn't get a straight answer to that haha. You can go under the spend amount with the % discount?

        • Yes buy at least $55 worth of stuff at checkout you will get 10% off so you would still hit the min spend of $50. It should trigger the minimum spend for bonus points.
          The above mentioned worked for me and i got the bonus points this morning.

          • @kelasen: Oh so you can't go under the spend amount with the discount then. Bugger

            • +1

              @knobbs: yeah it's final total after all discounts.

              • @CVonC: Yeah thanks for confirming, bugger. I know with the woolworths points for cash you can go under the spend, was hoping this was going to be the same.

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