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hi ,

Was wondering if there are good Melbourne maps online that are printable and shows all suburbs stats like median prices/population schools etc. I can use it to visualize our house hunting. I know online maps are available but we want something to see and stick and mark etc.

Any ideas/help is appreciated.


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    That's a futile way to approach buying a home.

    Proximity to work, proximity to family/friends, and price would be your first consideration.

    No map can plot a algorithmically perfect compromise for you.

    Once you've shortlisted a few suburbs, you'll then consider things like a big house on a small block vs small house on a big block. Old house vs new.

    Realistically, you can very quickly shortlist to a single municipality very quickly and from there, 2-3 suburbs.

    (Unless you don't have to work and you can afford anything… In that case, Toorak for inland, Brighton for Coastal.)

    • Yeah, realistically, you’re not looking at the whole of Melbourne when you’re buying a house. Who cares what the population density of South Morang is if I’m not even interested in buying anywhere near there?

  • There is, but I dont think you'll like the price tag. It's I've seen it at work professionally and it's crazy how much detail they have on suburbs and extremely high resolution aerial photography.

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      +1 use this at work, thank god i don't have to pay for it.
      Otherwise if you're handy at GIS you can quite easily make one.

      I think there are .KMZ files you can download and import into Google Earth that show these figures though.

      • Agree. I used GIS when looking. Did some catchment mapping and plotted my key destinations. It was very useful.

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    ISIS is that you?

    • sorry not them. I was stared upon by officeworks employees as well. we are cool

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        If youre rich, go live in rich areas. If youre poor, live in poor areas.

        If you dont know, youre poor.

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    Free tools like Walkscore may help as they identify proximity to key services. But you need to search by each address.

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    Not the Melbourne stats I had in mind. (thank goodness)

    This might be of some use Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs for 2019 revealed amid a few surprises

    Research on-line and buy an old Melways from the Op shop to mark your choices.

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      Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs

      Fitzroy North
      Carlton North

      lol for hipsters

      • I get all of those except Kooyong. It's like 50 houses next to a freeway, how is it even a suburb?

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    Think this is the closest you'll find. Very useful suburbs stats site:

  • thanks, everyone for commenting. first home buyers so we don't know where we will end up. hence the request. I think we will start with one direction then expand.

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    If you want to mark things up, you might be best to get a melway? They have the front page with metro Melb that you can put little dots, then go into more detail on the actual page?

    Alternatively I think melway sell poster maps too on their website?

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    Not a printed product, but some of the state government data on the points you've highlighted can be mapped online at myVictoria.

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