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Intel i9-9900 CPU $649, Intel i9-9900k $699 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Intel i9-9900 CPU $649

Intel i9-9900k CPU $699

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Combine CPU purchase with Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD @ $214 and get $50 off the order and another $34 cash back, so total $130 for SSD (after claiming the Cash back)

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    Given that the 10th series is out with a comparable price range, it's not really a good idea to buy a dead-end platform.
    Even if you currently have a 9th gen, a 9900 is only a marginal update

    • 9600k - 6c6t

      9900k - 8c16t

      Seems a decent upgrade to me, and you don't have to buy a new mobo.

      • I currently have a 9600K and yeah feeling locked into Z390 this seems like it could be an upgrade path for me. But as others have noted the very comparable 10700 has been on sale for like $100 less so part of me thinks this has to be a good bit cheaper for me to pull the trigger.

        • +1

          10700 might be $100 less but the mobo costs you an extra $300.

          • @MagnamoniousRex: Yep exactly. I’m not going to upgrade motherboard and cpu for one generation just to save some cash on the cpu.

            But if the newer series is the same performance for less, the 9900 needs to match that price at minimum, or be lower considering z390 is as far as these cpus will go.

            If it hits $500 I’ll probably jump on it but otherwise I’ll just struggle along on 6 cores until something far better comes along that is enough to get me to do both mobo and cpu.

      • -1

        You forgot the link in the benchmarks to support your "decent upgrade" statement, but let me help you with it.

        The single-core performance of a 9600 is essentially the same as the 9900

        Games show practically same performance on 9600 vs 9900

        Some synthetic multi-core benchmarks show the higher raw processing speed of 9900 due to the higher number of cores, but you would find it difficult to find real-world apps that benefit from that synthetic result

        Please only respond if you can substantiate your claims, I'm not interested in opinions

    • Not vouching for z370 as a platform. But if you're buying a top end processor like a 9900K, are you really going to pay top dollar for a marginal upgrade? These tiers of systems easily have 5-6 years of life in them. And at that point, are you really going pay the ridiculous markups that the Australian used CPUs demand? I could understand if you bought a placeholder AM4 cpu like a 1600 AF or even 200ge and THEN upgraded to something better, but once you're already up the ladder, sinking more money into an obsolete platform is just not worthwhile.

      I've heard the same argument in 3700x threads, as if 4000 series compatibility after the fact is actually a selling point.

      • +1

        With Intel every motherboard is an obsolete platform.

        If I invest in the 10700+a decent mobo it costs me more and I'll still have to buy another motherboard the next generation. Just want a performance boost for wireless VR.

        • I'll still have to buy another motherboard the next generation

          The same goes if you bought a current gen AM4 CPU, AM5 is just around the corner. Your DDR4 won't be compatible either.

          If you bought a 1st gen AM5 CPU and wanted upgrade down the line, then I could see the point.

          • @TeddyBear: Exactly, so why bother spending extra to upgrade the motherboard on another dead end?

            Both AM4 and the LGA1200 are a dead end.

            This should do me well enough until AMD's AM5 comes out or Intel get their shit together.

            • @MagnamoniousRex: I'm arguing that incremental upgrades on your platform shouldn't be a purchasing factor, mainly when considering high end CPUs.

              I'm not arguing Intel's current offerings are price competitive. Memory overclocking isn't even possible on lower end chipsets.

              Edit: your comment was heavily edited.

              • @TeddyBear:

                I'm arguing that incremental upgrades on your platform shouldn't be a purchasing factor

                That's a good point. If you buy a fast enough CPU today, the next upgrade will be a whole system upgrade anyway. I don't know of anyone who made upgrades to their CPUs within the same gen: the gain is so minimal that it's not worth the time and money.

                Having said that, a GPU upgrade is easy and likely, if you are a gamer. Bigger bang for the bucks.

        • It's not worth ripping apart the old computer to upgrade anyway. Selling the old CPU is a pain in the nether regions. Besides you can pass your old gear to your spouse or child without feeling bad if it's still decent, but not if you've torn it apart.

    • +1

      "Even if you currently have a 9th gen, a 9900 is only a marginal update"

      What does this even mean? There are 9th gen i3s, surely this is more than a marginal upgrade from them?

    • If someone were really keen on 8 cores i'd be looking at the 9700KF.
      Over $100 cheaper than this, and no need to worry about issues related with HT.
      Also keep in mind, HT adds marginal performance in only some cases, many (yes, not all but many) games actually perform better with HT disabled.

  • -1

    i bought my 9700k a few months ago for $599 and now the 9900k is 699. - I'm so sad.

    • The 9900K would not have added $100 worth of performance on top of your 9700K.
      The 9700K is the best pick for in my opinion.

  • +3

    i bought i7 10700 from Amazon for $530.00

    • -1

      ^ the better way to go, getting 9900 levels of performance on a newer platform for less. Unless you're upgrading, definitely not worth building new with a dead end platform.

      • Decent LGA 1200 mobo also cheap as chip - around $190 + with USB 3.2 / C etc

  • +1

    Only makes sense if you are trapped on a Z390 motherboard. The 8C, 16T 10700K is a tiny bit faster than the 9900K but has been on sale for less than this 9900K deal

  • +2

    This is the cheapest in the last 6 months
    Good for anyone with a Z370 or Z390 mobo.
    For new builder, just go for the 10th gen 10700k (or ryzen 3900x)

  • +4

    Make it $400 and $500 and maybe, only maybe it will worth it.

    • +1

      amd 4000 series coming out soon

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