AMD CPU/MOBO upgrade to match 5700XT GPU

Hi everyone. I'm planning a couple of upgrades to my build to increase the FPS I'm able to achieve in 1440p, and I am hoping you guys here are able to help out. I have a GA-AB350-Gaming 3 motherboard currently, with a Ryzen 5 1600 and a GTX 1070, and 16gb of DDR4 3200 RAM. I'm going to pick up a 5700XT very soon (most likely the Thicc III from here, and am wondering if I should also be upgrading the CPU. I'm looking at the Ryzen 5 3300x as a possible upgrade. However, looking at the motherboard's CPU support chart here it would appear that it supports all BUT the R5 3300x:

I see the R3 3300x is there, all other R5 3000 series models are, but not 3300x - I assume this is accurate and for whatever reason the R5 3300x just isn't an option for this board - does anyone know any different on this?

What do you think my best options are to minimise bottlenecks here?
1) Just upgrade the GPU, and stick with the R5 1600/AB350 for now
2) Upgrade GPU and CPU, and go with the R5 3600 as R5 3300x is not supported on this mobo
3) Upgrade GPU, CPU (R5 3300x or 3600) and mobo

Would love to hear what you think - the aim is to minimise bottlenecks and let the 5700xt do it's thing and start getting more out of my 1440p/144hz monitor. Will a Ryzen 5 1600 be a bottleneck for a 5700XT (in a strictly gaming build)? If I can get away with just the GPU upgrade that would be ideal but I don't mind entertaining further upgrades if they're going to have a significant impact.

Many thanks in advance!

Edit: Ignore that part about the mobo not supporting the 3300x - for some reason I had it in my head that it was a Ryzen 5 3300x, not a Ryzen 3 3300x which is totally supported.


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    I'd probably sit on the gtx 1070 till next gen comes out. You're only looking at a 30% or so performance increase and the 5700 XT isn't exactly an "amazing" gpu for high @ 1440/144Hz.

    • Thanks for the response. And yea, I'm not expecting to get close to 144fps, just looking for a nice boost. I love playing TheHunter: COTW, it's bloody beautiful, but I get 40-50fps.
      The problem is I don't think I can afford an "amazing" gpu for 1440/144Hz! There's no official date for when the next gen comes out right - but speculation is end of year? Maybe waiting is the best option - although I wouldn't be surprised if there is another big jump up in cost like with last gen to current gen which doesn't leave me in any better spot really :)

      • Yeah have to agree with Ramba, the RTX 3000 series is about a couple of months away and RDNA 2 / Big Navi / AMDs next GPU series is also around the corner, lots of hype on that, it won't be amazing but it will be better price to performance the the 5000 series from them so, I would just wait.

        1070 is still decent, 8GB of VRAM, turn the settings down a bit and it'll do 1440p no problem.

        2 cents, I'd leave everything if you don't have a hole burning in your pocket, but if you absolutely have to buy something, probably a 3600 will help a bit, and it is basically going to be the newest CPU you can buy since Ryzen 4000 won't be supported on B350, it will on B450 and above but B550 is optimal since they have larger bios chips, so the GUI won't be downsized, which B450 will be.

        Keep everything and wait for the next wave I'd say, we're technically 12 months into this cycle, there was an 3000XT launch for AMD, so when Ryzen 4000 comes out then the 3000 will be cheaper anyway. 3300X is also a solid option, but it's so expensive in Australia, it's meant to be $120US or say $190 with tax in Australia, but it's $30 more which puts it too close to a 3600 for it to make any sense (imo).

        • Cheers mate, lots of great info in here. Really appreciate it!

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    What speed are you able to run your memory at out if interest? I can't apply my DOCP 3200mhZ settings without my system crashing - I know there are some limitations on 1st Gen ryzen. I'm also running a 1600.

    • You know what, I hadn't even looked at my RAM speed since reinstalling Windows on a new ssd a few months ago. It was running by default on 2133 - I've just switched this over to the 3200 profile in the bios now (with 1.45v) and it is stable for me:

    • Oh I see - for some reason I had it in my head that the 3300x was a Ryzen 5 not Ryzen 3. That's good to know - thanks mate!

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    You don't need to upgrade, if you are playing on a high enough resolution (greater than bog standard 1080) most of the work is done by the video card.

    3300x is supported by the BIOS. I have this motherboard and it ran also ran Ryzen 3000 fairly well, with the older BIOS revision I got dozens of WHEA errors but for the most part, the system was stable enough.

    • Thanks mate, appreciate the response

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    I would wait another year and then upgrade to a Ryzen 5 4600, B550, RTX 3070.

    • Thanks for the input. There is just so many unknown's about waiting on stuff where there is so little information on dates, performance, price. It is a conundrum for sure.

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        Well Zen 3 apparently will have 20%+ single thread performance which will be good for gaming. Also new gpus will be new architecture which will likely mean better performance, efficiency and better ray tracing capabilities which the 5700xt doesn't have.

        • Yea i'm curious to see how it all plays out. It all sounds great but if there's also a price bump it's probably going to be out of my budget. On an unrelated note, do you know what a GTX 1070 (Gigabyte Windforce OC) would be worth on the second hand market? Maybe $350?

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