KFC's Hot and Spicy Is Neither Hot or Spicy

As an Asian, KFC's hot and spicy's spicyness is virtually tasteless. Why is Westerners definition of spicy so low?

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      Find some Nashville Hot Chicken. You will find someone making it in every capital city. Sadly the place near my house has been killed by the rona.

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    Most western countries love their spicy food, Australia does seem to be the exception though.

    You can't even get medium taco kits around here, boxes and boxes of mild is all they have.

    • Australia is heavily influenced by the UK. Traditional Australian cuisine is pretty much the same as traditional british food, but with some of the more complex dishes ignored (for example anything that uses offal)

      Chilli is very popular in "white" european and south American food. The stereotype that "white people" can't eat chilli is only popular among Asians who have never travelled anywhere else.

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    Hot n Spicy used to be much spicier years ago, but they seem to have dialed it back over the years, now it's basically just a crunchier original recipe..

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    Also, their 'Supercharged Sauce' is neither super nor charged.

  • As an Asian person, I just reheat my Kfc yesterday with lots of cayenne powder + chilli Dipping sauce

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    I am less concerned about their spicy chicken and more about the gravy. Why is it made of dishwater?? Why is there no flavouring added??

  • Had hot and spicy chicken the other day after many years of being MIA.
    The days of that spicy crunch already burning your mouth before you get into the actual chicken are long gone.
    It used to be atomic a few years ago, but nowadays, be it due to customer feedback or liability, it is not much spicy than a zinger fillet.

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    i beg to differ, i believe the name comes from the after effects, that is ~2-5 hrs after eating it you'll be sitting on the toilet crying with a ring of fire while replicating a paint spray gun….

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    Bring back KFC tabasco chicken. Best KFC recipe of all time. Extra salty and extra hot tabsco goodness.

  • You grew up on kimchi and we grew up on porridge.

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      …The OP said they're Asian. They never specified they were Korean

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    Bring your own hot sauce to KFC? Seems to be a better solution for me

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      Who brings their own sauce bottle to a restaurant?

      • BYO.

        • Nek minnit get charged corkage fees at KFC.

      • I honestly would if I ever had the inclination to dine in at KFC (which I have done the grand total of once)

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        My friends and some family do.

        You must understand, KFC is Asia (or SE Asia at least), they provide chili sauce dispensers at the restaurants.

        My a lot of my friends are used to eating KFC with chili sauce.

        Not just KFC.
        I’ve seen people slather tomato/chili sauce on Pizza Hut pizzas.

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          i equate it to some american friends that dip pizza in ranch dressing.

          i must admit that I've not brought chilli sauce to KFC, but i do use it at home on both KFC and pizza.

      • Beyoncé. I got hot sauce in my bag.. swag.

  • It's relative.

    If it was proper hot it would mean less sales.

  • Wow can't believe OP had to state that he was Asian. I would probably understand if he/she was indian etc. but KFC spicy or that sort flavour isn't a fair comparison to the typical Asian diet or cooking. I believe that this is a troll post to stir up something aka "Race Baiting"

    • I don't think so. It appears to be a genuine question asked in good faith. Not insulting to any race from what I can see.

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        As an Asian, I'd agree with MementoMori's take.

        I'm taking it more as "Is this spicy to you because, to my Asian taste buds, this isn't spicy". Context cues.

        Also…why do you think only Indians have a spice claim to this? Most Asian foods (e.g. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan etc) have at least 10 different kinds of spicy dishes and will use spice/chilli in cooking…

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          Put it this way, the OP doesn't make a reference to what he means by "hot" and "spicy" which is an ambiguous term simply because everyone has their own opinion. It's would be very unusual for anyone to start up a conversation by stating that this is an "Asian" point of view versus a "Westerner" point of view since these terms are very improper in an Australian website. Why couldn't he/she just say that KFC isn't as spicy compared to Sichuan or indian curry etc? Even then a proper comparison would be comparing the spicy between KFC chicken to Korean BBQ chicken for etc.

          The main point is that there have been alot of posts which belittle Asians like the one a few months about some guy's Asian girlfriend. There is no way to confirm that this poster is even Asian. Have you noticed that OP didn't even bother to make any replies. From my personal experience, there have been a lot of Asian imposters who wish to perpetuate some sort of stereotype which definitely not true. The Australian forums have been exploding with unemployed people who wish find fun in mocking the Asian-Australian community.

          • @BeoWulf: I have the say, that this post did get some negative reactions. I don't feel that OP is genuine.

          • @BeoWulf: To the point of their view of "hot" and "spicy", everyone has their own view of how they broach topics that cross race boundaries. I generally do it with dry humour but, it depends on the context of it all. As for why they didn't compare it to Asian curries, I would only imagine that they're more wet spice than fried spice and therefore, the comparison would be more ambiguous. Also, Korean BBQ chicken is grilled and therefore, not quite an accurate comparison.

            I can see that that OP hasn't replied to anything and sure, that is sus to me too. But, somehow, your comment smacks of Asian gatekeeping and it's annoying to me. I have a brain, internet, and a mouth to stand up for myself. Yes, there are people who will always be racist towards the Asian-Australian community (yay for me getting a racist cat call?!?) but that doesn't mean you have to assume everyone will be the same.

            As for the guy with an Asian girlfriend post (which I am wholly unaware of), I am the Asian girlfriend in my relationships so, I know how to handle myself. It won't be the first and it definitely won't be the last time stupid is as stupid does.

          • @BeoWulf: Can someone explain how this post belittles Asians OR Westerners?

            It's only talking about spice (chilli) levels in food and our individual tastes..?

            Chilli is racist now?

            • @MementoMori: Because it mocks Asians being socially inept/awkward and also liking simple things like ramen, soy sauce, kpop etc. durrrh.

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          And you since you are Asian, it's your responsibility to better spot signs of subtle racism. It's something that is prevalent in this country.

          • @BeoWulf: ….how is someone being racist towards me my fault? :/

            Also, I see the subtle racism fine thanks.

            Racism is not a me problem. Someone calling me a "Asian bitch" because I had no idea he was cat calling out of a car towards me is not my fault. Someone calling me a chink and telling me to "go back to your own country" for just existing is not a me problem. Someone speaking Chinese to me as soon as they see me (not even letting me open my mouth) and being angry that I tell them I'm not Chinese is not my fault.

        • Last time I checked, India was part of Asia.

          • @TEER3X: It is but, each Asian country has their own version of spice. That's what I was getting at

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          I don't know why you're being down voted but I agree with you @cathyrrn

          • @bich.light: Thank you <3

            And I have no idea why either. I am more than happy to prove I'm Asian :P

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      I agree. It's sort of like those people who post online who say "my girlfriend is Asian" or "my Chinese wife". No one really cares what race your wife is or how "cool" you think you are because your girlfriend is Asian.

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      Agree. This whole thread is pathetic

      When I make a joke about a Lego Chinese New year set coming with patient zero figurine, I get banned for a week but the mods let this crap continue for days.

      Total BS.

  • I have to agree compares to Asia KFC, Australia KFC is pretty dull and dry and don't have much of varieties which is sad otherwise I'll have KFC every week :)

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    Hmmm… I really need to try this now!

    KFC guerrilla marketing? :)

    I like Wicked Wings. To me they are a nice level of spicy. I imagine Hot n Spicy would be the same as this?

    FWIW, a list of spices. More than just chilli!

    1. Garlic

    2. Onion

    3. Allspice

    4. Oregano

    5. Thyme

    6. Cinnamon

    7. Tarragon

    8. Cumin

    9. Cloves

    10. Lemon grass

    11. Bay leaf

    12. Capsicums

    13. Rosemary

    14. Marjoram

    15. Mustard

    16. Caraway

    17. Mint

    18. Sage

    19. Fennel

    20. Coriander

    21. Dill

    22. Nutmeg

    23. Basil

    24. Parsley

    25. Cardamom

    26. Pepper (white/black)

    27. Ginger

    28. Anise seed

    29. Celery seed

    30. Lemon/lime (doesn't sound like spice but it's on the list!)

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    My philosophy is simple, I just eat what I like, life is too short to eat tasteless food :) But, "tastiness" differs from person to person.

    • This is a highly controversial opinion. :P

      • Learned hard way after arguing with missus. :P

        • I just got to the stage where I argue with the missus to trigger her…It's fun.

  • I also never found H&S spicy, but prefer it for its crunch.

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    It's KFC guys, how spicy do you expect it to be?

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    KFC is disgusting and if you see the way its made you won't want to eat it. Any fast food for that matter

    Esp handling by kid cooks.

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      It’s deep fried. Anything disgusting is long dead before it touches you lips.

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      Just curious, how do you think it is made?

      1. Wash & Sanitize hands
      2. Remove chicken from bag
      3. Check each piece for feathers etc
      4. Dip in water
      5. Place in flour and bread the chicken
      6. Repeat steps 4-5 for Tenders, H&S, Zingers, Wicked Wings
      7. Place chicken in the frying basket
      8. Wash & Sanitize hands
      9. Drop the chicken in the fryer.

      KFC has annual open kitchens (Obviously not this year), you can easily verify this for yourself next time they are doing it.

      • when you dip in water, has the chicken been marinated

        • Hot & Spicy is pre marinated

  • Its not that spicy but it still gives me grief the next day on the toilet.

  • Tried H&S the other day in Dubbo. Forget hot and/or spicy, the chicken was so dry that it felt like chewing a lump of drywall. Has to be up there with the worst KFC experiences I have ever had.

  • I think it’s a bit hot than usual but tasty nether less. A+++ KFC

  • Ask the KFC to cook the marinated hot n spicy chicken using the original recipe flour mix

    Taste so much better with the original recipe

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      There is a reason Hot & Spicy has seperate flour, to prevent hot and spicy marination from ending up in original recipie products, most stores will not do this for you.

  • KFC Hot and Spicy with Franks Extra Hot Sause is the only way to have it.

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    Same reason I hate those nongshim spicy noodles. I can't even savor any flavours. All I'm eating is a bowl of chilli and a numb feeling in my mouth.

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      Nongshim are not for the weak. It takes lots and lots of practice to master one satchel.

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        Agreed and I am Korean, the home of Nongshim :P

        Now, if it's Fire Spicy Chicken Ramen, GTFA from me. That is just pure pain.

        • it's tough the first time, but subsequent times it goes well with leftover KFC ;-)

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            @shakoo: I've tried bits of it 4 times now and my already weak tear ducts go on overdrive :/

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              @Carmen Sandiego: my only complaint with it is that it's got a metallic chemical aftertaste. once you've gotten over the spiciness of it anyway :-D

              • @shakoo: It's all spice for me. Tears and pain and not much else…even the cheese one tastes like pain for me

    • maybe try following some of the changes in this video
      unless you're referring to another nongshim noodle?

      maybe try the kimchi rameon version instead of the shin rameon? admittedly its a bit saltier but less spicy i think.

      personally, i've recently been really enjoying this samyang hot chicken carbonara noodles. they're somewhat spicier, but has a more rounder mouthfeel :-)

    • i once ate a bowl of chilli noodle, that is so spicy, my whole mouth was numb and no longer spicy as i lost my ability to taste.

  • …..and this is why I prefer BELLE'S HOT CHICKEN. :)

    • Belle's are a rip off, though. Their chips are really nice, though. They do fried chicken pretty well too but nothing beats KFC spices.

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      Belles is a whole new playing field. But great…

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    Should read 'As a person with a big red chili schlong KFC hot and spicy chicken taste like icecream, why are most people that order this such pussies. I can eat such spicy food that my anoose is hotter than pompeii and I'm pretty much the most badass chilli spicy guy.' Fixd.

    In all seriousness though, I do agree it's mild but from a majority customer perspective it makes sense. I prefer hot n spicy for the crunch and crispness of the batter vs the sloppy, salty, soggy original one. I can taste the chili and it is pleasant, not strong at all but enjoyable. You don't need everything to be burn my bumhole spicy to enjoy it.

    If you do maybe carry some chili flakes/sauce with you for when you order western spicy food. Then to be really cool, announce to everyone in the restaurant on how weak the chili in given dish is as you proceed add your own chili sauce. You would probably be seen as a god or something of the likes.

  • lol yea agreed - i tried it a year back and was severely disappointed it by it coz i bothered getting it over the wicked wings =.= waste of money, time and brain effort from decision making

    & it tasted less spiced than standard wicked wings

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    "As an Asian, KFC's hot and spicy's spicyness is virtually tasteless. Why is Westerners definition of spicy so low?"

    Has this site devolved into Reddit now, where we just take pot shots at other races and attack white people for no reason?

    Who in their right mind heads out to KFC for "spicy" food?

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      There is no proof that the poster is even Asian. Probably just some random person who hopes to incite some sort of reaction :(

    • "What should we have tonight?"
      "Let's go for spicy."
      "Say no more."

  • I dunno, I find Asian food to not be very spicy. Not enough chilli. :(

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    Also, wasn't the "zinger" supposed to be spicy?
    Cause it aint..

    • never ordered zinger for a long time.

      One day i got received zinger instead of the original reciepe, and to my surprise i didn't know it was a zinger at al, it tasted better with a hint of extra flavour.

  • I find somethings spicy and somethings not spicy.

  • From a person who thinks sweet and chilli potato chips are spicy (I really hate anything hot/spicy, even the slightest burn I really really hate).,….. KCF hot and spicy chicken is just a different type of fried chicken to me……

    I too don't understand why they advertise it as hot and spicy

  • I'm not a highly spice tolerant person, but I reckon my fart stings my eyes more than a thousand hot and spicy pieces on my taste buds. Might as well call White bread sweet and sour if KFC reckon that's hot and spicy.

  • Red Rooster hellfire wings? How do they rate?

    • The wings aren't actually hot, they're just the buttermilk wings and they give you the Hellfire sauce to dip with. The sauce itself is nice though. I'd say the Hellfire burger is much better than the wings.

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    Ok Karen, settle down.

  • Bought a family pack with hot and spicy for dinner. Was delicious.
    Dunno what the fuss is about

    • It's not hot, mang! Not enough chilli and spice.

      • I add my own. Teaspoon of Blair's Mega Death
        It will cure what ails ya

        • does it actually go well together or were you just after the spice?
          I've not had it in a few years but to me, Mega's got a very bbq/hickory like taste to it.
          whereas Ultra has (had?) a certain piquantness that i preferred over Mega, which might go better?

          would be something to try though if/when i next get any. but i'd always wanted to give the 2am reserve a try.

  • Try jolley bees chicken, with KFC chips, why well why not.

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    When it turns your gut in to a liquefaction factory and your sphincter is burning during that thrashing it gets over the next 1.5days - that is termed 'hot and spicy'.

    It is not the input that is the qualifying metric but rather the output that becomes the determinant in the case of calling that form of KFC 'Hot and Spicy'.

    Frankly the local Korean chicken joint is not that much spicier;
    So don't try and make a blanket statement about Asians being better at hot and spicy because that is false. You need to be more specific if you want any cred!

  • I'd assume they lowered the hotness due to too many complaints, my Asian friends would sometime stop to have a breather as they had grabbed a particularly hot one

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    Here is what i've observed while cooking it: Hot and Spicy, Wicked Wings & Zinger Fillets come pre-marinated, so when its being breaded up in store a lot of the spicy flavour is washed off when it is dipped in water.

    That is why some pieces are actually "Hot & Spicy" and others are more "Hot & Crispy". It just depends how much of the marination is washed off during the breading process.

    • hmm, why can't the store have marination on hand to top up?

      • Sounds like way more work and you gotta let marinated chicken sit for a while to let it soak.

        • pieces are already pre-marinated though, so the top up is merely for the hot and spicy flavour to kick in, post rinse/wash, not the "marinade" :) .

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    At least it is real chicken

    • +2

      I just want milk that tastes like real milk

      • Reads like you want 'almond milk'….

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