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[Zip Pay] Corona Extra Bottles 355ml Case of 24 $30.85 Delivered in Metro @ Boozebud via Catch


Pay with Zip Pay to get $20 off - You don't have to be a new member of Zip to get $20 off.

Free Delivery in metropolitan areas.

Combine with Cashrewards to get extra $3 and 20% cashback Expired

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Referee gets $20 off their first order (Min Spend $100). Referrer gets $10 store credit.

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  • Must be your first order with Zip pay.

    • +1

      I have already clarified it in description, that is not the case

      • Havnt placed an order but im pretty sure its only for new customers - went to process it in zippay and it came up full price

        • It's one order per catch account. Have you already gotten a discount using zip pay on your current account?

          • @Pricebeat: Im pretty sure ive used zippay on catch but i dont know if ive gotten any discounts on it

            • -1

              @founchki: Then you will need to use another catch account.

      • I can confirm I got the discount. Had use zippay with amazon before so I'm not new customer but never use zip pay with catch.

        You see it on your cart the discount.

        Maybe bug in the system but it does say new customer and first order.

  • Why can’t we pay with money we have and get the same deal?

    • +1

      Because your own money doesn't give you any discount, but Zippay gives you discount to use your own money via them

      • +2

        Silly buy now pay later schemes

        • not silly, they are just trying to get more customer to pay through them.

  • not my first zippay (first on catch though) but looks like it worked for me.

    • Yeah it works one discount per catch account.

  • Corona time.
    Even weather is demanding

  • +1

    So who's waiting until tonight to stack the 20%. Risky?

    • +1

      yeah kinda, people might run it out of stock.

    • +2

      There seems to be plenty of beer at the $50 price point to get the $20 zippay discount …

  • +1

    does zip pay affect credit score?

  • Been following the ZIP share price and the marketing team seems to be pilling on new subscribers with these offers.

    • As 9% increase in customers was nice but lacking

  • Wouldn't work for my catch account. Used Zippay to get $15 off when it first appeared on Catch

    I used my sisters catch account and my zippay which did work.

  • Apparently Coronas sales are way down this year, I wouldn't care if the product was called "covid" it is just a name. Acceptable beer.

    • +1

      weird, I thought anecdotally they would have skyrocketed

      • -1

        Covid is bringing the stupid out in some people. Beer drinkers (I'm one myself) aren't immune from that stupid.

    • Wasn't that a marketing ploy to get some free exposure?

    • It's crap beer, may as well drink water, has about the same amount of flavour.

      • +3

        I dunno, I heard if you drink this stuff you can drive faster and more furious.

  • Just to clarify, you need to order after 8pm for the 20% Cashback, right?

  • +1

    I don't think any will be left at that time .
    Anyway order a billion times with Zippay and works at total of $30.85 :)

    Master OnHunt !

  • I just ordered and it charged me $50.85…

  • My other account ( Wifey) has a bloody store credit and I can't do it : (

  • +1

    If it's anything over $50, the Roku gin would be a good deal. $54.75 before discounts, -$20 zip, $3 cashrewards, plus 20% cashrewards later on…about $25 for a bottle delivered?

  • Thanks Op, grabbed one

  • -2

    Nice way to catch corona

  • Worked but the sign up process for ZIP is quite long. And the website is confusing and locked when trying to add my debit card up until I turned off my adblocker.

    Also it looks like you can only pay by debit card or possibly bpay.

    • Took me about 5 - 10 minutes to sign up and be verified.

      You can also pay with credt card or other method other than debit card

      • When I go to payment methods all I see is "add debit card".

  • i just order and zippay charged $30.85

    zippay user many times in amazon
    catch customer few times before

    never use zip pay with catch , so add to cart and choose Zip pay, it already showing discount $20 off.

    i suggest if you cant see the discount, try on another device.

    i’m using ipad via browser ordering.



    Order #338XXXXXX
    Purchased on: 15-07-2020
    Items: 1
    Payment Method: zipPay
    Total Paid: $30.85

  • +1

    How the fck is Gold Coast not metro. Signed up to Zippay for nothing.

    • I'm on the Gold Coast and I didn't get charged delivery.

      • It charges me $15

  • thanks worked for me

  • Grabbed it and worked fine, thanks.

  • Haha! Shipping a carton of Corona $14. Single bottle of spirits $18.
    Nice logic.

  • thanks. just ordered. $30.85 delivered to SA

  • can you do 1 order and then another for the $30.85 price? or only 1 time use?

    • My bad for assuming that wouldn't work but no cigar trying that !

    • -1

      You will need two different catch accounts

  • +1

    New to this ZipPay thing, how does it work?

    • Edit: NVM - made a mistake and found the fix. Removed my brainfluff comment.

  • +1

    [Zippay] Corona Extra Bottles 355ml Case of 24 $30.85 Delivered in Metro @ Boozebud via Catch
    Pay with Zip Pay to get extra $20 off - You don't have to be a new member of Zip to get $20 off.

    I took that as it was written, as the beer is 30.85, and with Zippay offering a $20 off deal it would be 10.85 delivered. 30 odd bucks for a slab of this, while not a bad deal considering how much it normally goes for, is a bad deal considering you'd have to drink it.

  • Got one just now. Not the greatest beer but with $3 bonus cashback and 20% cashback a good deal.

  • Got a slab of Leffe for under $60, happy with that.

  • +1

    The best deal for me (in Adelaide) was Vale Ale 330 ml bottles…


    + $8 delivery
    - $20 Zip Pay
    - $5.09 Cash Rewards

    = $32.91 delivered

    • +1

      thanks heaps for this. I ordered case of Vale Ale delivered to Sydney for $38 (cash rewards deal expired). The case retails between $65-$75 if you can actually find it anywhere.

      • No worries, if you register an account here: https://sippify.com.au/ they occasionally have sales with discounted prices which you can view when you are logged in and I am pretty sure they ship interstate.

  • Get pissed pay later? I can do that without Zip.

  • +1

    I think the 30 Can slab of Carlton Dry is better value in Vic (and a better beer).

    $35 after the Zippay deal with free delivery plus 20% cashback:

  • Just got a carton a Stone & Wood for $57 delivered. Cheers

  • Did anyone get their cashrewards tracked already? Still haven't received email.

    • Yes, right after ordering

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