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50pk of 3 Layer Disposable Face Masks $19 with Free Shipping (Metro Areas) - Luxor Linen MyDeal


Hey OZbargainers,

Just quickly wanted to share this, seems like a great price from one of our trusted sellers. Only $0.38 per mask

Local Aussie Stock with Fast Dispatch

50pk of 3 Layer Disposable Face Masks - Only $19 with Free Shipping (Metro Areas)

  • Aldi selling 50 pack for something around $30 and Chemist Warehouse is selling 50 pack for $49

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    • Jezsus you must also believe the vaccines are for controlling the population as well.

      Someone get this guy a tin foil hat deal ASAP.

    • coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles suspended in the air

      What do you think P2/N95 masks are tested against?

      Go buy a proper respirator, fit it properly, then go huff some petrol. Then some paint fumes. Sniff a variety of cleaning fluids.

      What, all you smell is plastic? And you're not high? Maybe genuine, rated masks are designed to greatly filter tiny, non air particles from air. Who would have thought it.

      (The masks in the link look like they will offer very little protection from tiny particles).

    • Still better than nothing…. for my mental health.

    • +1

      Looks like your dad's condom didn't do its job.

    • once you mentioned Bill Gates as part of this and you used the sheep icon, it summed you up.

      YOU are part of the reason why we are back where we are. People like YOU are the ones who have practiced poor hygiene behaviour that has screwed it up for so many people.

      Do some REAL research on Gates.

      As for masks, they are not perfect but they REDUCE the chance of spread as per comments on large droplet sizes.

      Imagine saying I wouldn't wear a hard hat in construction cos it won't help if a steel beam falls on your head. Similar analogy.

      People are so angry with you nut jobs and your right wing conspiracies

  • +9

    Just makes sure that the mask comes from a reputable supplier and not from this location.

    Your health is more important then buying cheap shit.

  • +1

    Looking at the packaging on the website, it look the same mask as the recent ebay listing.

  • +1

    You'll notice the website listing doesn't feature the word "medical" anywhere - except in the product URL … and the word "medical" on the box graphic is blurred (poorly). I believe these wouldn't therefore be medical grade, and are most likely like those that the TGA has acted upon as per the link above.

    Not saying don't buy them, but don't think they're medical-grade like some would automatically assume.

  • +36

    People saying these aren't good enough to protect you are mainly missing the point. To protect yourself from COVID, you need a P2/N95 mask and you need to wear it properly and dispose of them properly - expensive and not super effective for most people.

    But these masks - any masks/face covering - are worthwhile because they help you stop spreading the virus to other people (by catching your sneezes/coughs/droplets expelled while talking/breathing).

    It's not about protecting yourself - it's about protecting everyone (which includes you!)

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      …but Bill Gates and the NWO are putting mind-control drugs in our water that's making the frogs gay!

      Won't SOMEBODY think of the children! /s

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      Finally, someone with common sense.

    • Not quite Birdseye - even superior medical masks and screens don't guarantee protection from Covid19. And, as many experts have said, unless you refrain from touching your face, cover your eyes, wash your hands regularly etc then masks can give people a false sense of security. The efficacy of masks wrt corona virus spread is still highly contentious although anecdotal evidence from Taiwan in particular suggests they may help limit transmission.
      Plenty more articles like this:

      • +2

        These are masks to protect others from you, not the other around.

        They probably work to some extent even if fake (which doesn't mean it is a good buy btw).

        Anything that disrupts the direct airflow coming out of a mouth/nose helps make the droplet clouds smaller, thus reducing transmission even if imperfectly. Something is better than nothing.

        Masks to protect you from other people are just too impractical / expensive/ annoying for daily use, they're hell.

    • Yes, but we touch our face, most people aren't used to using masks properly and PPE is actively socially discouraged by a large portion of the population.

      Social distancing with excellent hygiene is a better message for our population.

    • It's crazy that were not even offered n95 masks when seeing a COVID positive patient and their room is only contact and droplet precaution, not airborn.

    • +1

      I work for NSW Health, the guidelines state, wear only a surgical face mask, eye shield, gloves and apron or gown for COVID19 patients. We are only allowed a P2/N95 mask when involved in an aerosol generating procedure eg intubating a patient to go on a ventilator.

      That means we are dealing with most COVID19 patients wearing a surgical mask. If that’s not enough protection then we’re in big trouble when the Melbourne virus hits us hard.

      These are the current rules

    • On that point keep in mind “vented” respirators including P2/N95 offer little protection to anyone other than the wearer as expired air is unfiltered.

      • +1

        The "medical" N95 masks don't have a valve, so expired air is filtered as well.

        • Absolutely which is why its important to educate people on the point of difference.

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    Need to buy these just to bring down my current avg cost per mask…

  • +50

    I got a pack from last deal, these masks are very poor quality, the first 1 I tried broke instantly, the second and third was already broken out of the box. These were made back during March in Jiangsu China when was the outbreak, obviously overstock and poorly made, you may try your luck with them but if you want quality you should avoid these.

    • +14

      Agree with it. I bought the last deal and surprised when It is delivered. They are totally crap. The mask seems made of 1 layer which split 3 layers. 50 masks for $19 would be the same quality. Do not buy cheap masks imported from China!

      Yesterday, I came across a guy wearing a mask which is similar to mine at Coles and felt pity for him. Hahaha…

      • +3

        I would say do not buy cheap masks anywhere, Vietnam, Indonesia…..

      • +1

        Agree. Avoid.

    • I will try on and if not happy I will ask refund via Paypal.

      • So what’s the best place to buy?

    • Well said.

  • +7

    Question for those who still thinking masks are useless that they are not 100% effective in preventing COVID - does that mean condoms are useless too as they are not 100%?!

    • -5

      Your analogy is wrong.
      Condoms are made from non-penetrable rubber material. No liquid or air can go through the condom walls, inside or outside.

      These masks are designed to let air and atleast some tiny material to go through.
      Especially these ones, without any certification or classifications, are as useful as using your shirt or any cloth material.

      EDIT: btw condoms are 100% protection from pregnancy, tested myself numerous times. Unless you use one that is broken from the start.

      • +7

        While you're not entirely incorrect, you're also not entirely correct.

      • Clearly you used a strong condom or have a weak dick, for number of times i have penetrated the condom barrier and nearly resulted in a life threatening accident!!!

        • +1

          penetrated the condom barrier

          • +2

            @bdl: he's probably gone past the 88pps (Pumps Per Second) barrier lmao

      • +2

        btw drinking coffee is 100% protection from getting swooped by magpies, tested myself numerous times. Unless you drink one that is decaffeinated from the start.

      • +2

        Not using any form of contraception is 100% protection from pregnancy, tested myself numerous times.

    • +9

      You are correct. You should be using comdoms as a face mask. Stretch one over your head all the way down to under your chin and tell us how it works out.

      • +1


    • Can condoms be ironed?

  • Looks similar to the one I paid $75 for 50 from Chinese shop. Ordered one and will check the quality.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, bought one.
    Hoping I won't need to use these, but just in case.
    NSW cases starting to rise :(

    • Suggest u check with Amazon, $30 for 50pcs with good reviews

  • +2

    Amex Shop Small works with this site btw

    • Can't find it in directory. Can you please help? Thanks

      • I didn't expect it to work either

        • +1

          Amex told me My Deal aren’t included in shop small as they aren’t in the list. They said they may have before but are no longer..not sure what to think of that. I hope you get your credit.

          • +1

            @aussiematthew: I got email confirmation from amex my purchase qualified

            • @captain smash: I can confirm I also got Shop Small email confirmation from Amex

            • @captain smash: Yeah, I realise that. I understand the email confirmations are automatic. I asked them what if there is a confirmation once purchased and they still said they aren’t on the shop small listing..They said they might have been, but no longer. I’m only going by what they told may be ineligible because they aren’t participating, yet the system sent the confirmation. The T&C does state participating stores as listed..just a heads up.

  • +14

    I boguht this one
    it's bit expensive but TGA APPROVED(ARTG 334097)

    • Thanks I bought some too.

    • Can I ask where you got that ARTG number from? The ABN for "Decor Innovations Pty Ltd" (on the ARTG certificate) does not match that for "TIME2SHOP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD" so it's not necessarily their product.

      • yeah I got it from virafree website above.
        The business addresses are the same so I guess they opened the new business to sell this kind of product.
        I just searched it before buying them to make sure.

        • This listing is $10AUD more today.
          I was happy with the quality and I wanted more but not at $39.95 / 50.

          • +1

            @Martyroz: Bought the Virafree masks a while ago and only started using them today. They are a horrible fit. All of the nose bend straps aren't aligned to the centre so you won't get a tight seal on top. Really wasted $40 on this. Even the cheaper ones I got for $15 are better fit. Let's hope the costco ones I bought are good.

  • how does Amex shop small work? Found my own answer.

    Thank you for registering!
    You have successfully registered your American Express® Card. All you need to do now is spend $10 or more on that Card, in one transaction, online or in-store at participating small businesses by 31/08/2020, and you will receive one $5 credit. Valid up to 10 times, once per participating business.

  • +3

    Spend a little more on your health than this cheap rubbish.

  • +4

    If you guys don't known how to put on a mask properly, watch this video. Our Federal Health Minister shows you how to correctly

    • This was comedy gold!

  • The cheaper ones can actually damage your health! Careful what you buy.

  • +3

    Be very very cautious when sourcing (disposable) masks from China. The quality of the melt blown used can be often highly questionable, or simply fake. Most people in Asia outside of China (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc.) refrain from buying unbranded Chinese masks. If you look at Chinese marketplaces, the vast majority sell for around 0.30CNY ($0.06). The more decent, branded ones go for around 1.50CNY ($0.30). Even Chinese locals stay away from unbranded ones for the same reason.

    • Covid is almost gone from China and now they have overstocks of face masks and other medical things. Of course outside China the price is quite profitable.

      Their business sense and timing are perfect after this covid disappearing in China.

      Conspiracy theory or not, I don’t know. What I know China is making money again now.

      • They certainly would be if they sold dodgy $0.06/pc masks for $0.40/pc to us.

  • +1

    well well well

    I bought a box of 50 from Amazon via the following link (Guardian brand ; as blurred in the pic)

    costs only 12 bucks delivered

    quality wise: decent , not as thick as the TGA approved ones but decent I would say for everyday use.

    • +1

      As long as you can wait 6+ weeks.

      • oh sorry I didn't notice , prev purchase was shipped locally
        recent orders are coming from China

        • When it passes the delivery date by a week and you still haven't got it, make a claim in amazon. You will get reimbursed straight away. Then if you are lucky those masks may still turn up 8 to 10 weeks later

    • I got the same lot, arrived in a day. Seem decent enough.
      I mean theres only limited use when these don't have a great hermetic seal around your face.
      I also sport stubble so I'm quite stuffed haha.

    • did this burn(fire) test and was a success

  • Was about to buy that Amazon one earlier but the 2 most recent reviews were terrible. I guess, they changed their source. Good luck

  • +1

    It's cheaper on eBay or Amazon with 3~7.5% cashback as well.

  • Purchased St. John’s surgical masks from Officeworks for $54.95. Must say these are way better than I expected. Made in China though.
    Bit costly but still bit of quality in there.

    • +1

      Who’s making the profit here? The factory in China or Australian retailer??

  • I bought a box of this for $14.80 from ebay a month ago. Opened it today and the first piece was lacking an ear strap on the side.

    I'll let you decide what that meant.

    • +4

      The first mask you took out had only one strap.

  • Note this seller is the same seller as the previous $14.80 ebay deal (i.e. Luxor Linen). Received my Medical grade masks that are described as suitable for hospital use today. Ordered another lot from here using AMEX Shop Small to get the masks for $14 after cashback.

    • does the masks come with a packaging inside the box?

      • the masks are in a cardboard box. No plastic shrinkwrap or sealed bag. But I think this is how all of them are?

        They are Guardian brand - like the chemist but NOT the chemist :)

        • some masks do come with packaging to prevent the masks getting moist etc but for this price its great value.

    • Did it say where these were made from?

      • China, just like the virus ;)

        • But the virus almost gone in China. Now with those overstock face masks, time to make profit again, piling up USD, AUD and Euro for their foreign reserves.

  • +1

    I got some. I have reusable cloth masks and I can wear them together. So it doesn’t matter too much if quality isn’t great as they’ll be under another mask.

  • Anything is better than nothing if someone sick sneeze near me!

  • I got the 50pc from amazon for $30. These are still made in China, but at least it has an Australia company behind it.

    • Same, but haven't received yet. Your impression?

  • I dug up a pack of cheapie masks from Daiso or Miniso or something like that obviously bought years ago. Feel quite thin. Is there actually a difference between "proper surgical masks" and these cheapie types? People have said TGA approved and stuff … but for what? Do they actually have a filter standard or something?

  • +1

    bought similar thing from ebay for $22 on Sunday :(

  • -2

    Not all masks help stopping Covid-19. It needs at least marked as surgical masks. And if it is Level 2 Fluid Resistant TGA approved, that is even better.
    Three layers do not mean anything. Personal suggestion.

  • +1

    Does this pass the 'blow the candle light' test? Pretty useless if it doesn't.

    And yes, face masks help protect other people.

  • +1

    I think face masks help slow the spread of the coronavirus
    Read this

  • These masks are as useless, they'd struggle to keep the dust out and in-fact, just left-overs from a massive hoarding operation.

    Don't entertain nor support these sellers.

    There's a video on Youtube on how the 3D/3 Layers masks are made, you'd laugh.

  • Eesh. Glad I checked the comments after I purchased. However, credit where due, I was able to cancel the order by lodging a ticket, and it got cancelled within 5 min.

  • wheres the best place to get high quality maskss??

  • +2

    Unless the masks are up to Australian standards, please do not purchase them.

    Companies (not directing this specifically at this deal) are trying to offload cheap, non-standard masks so you need to be careful about which ones you purchase.

    They should have the Australian Standard on the packaging: AS 4381:2015

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