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Uniden UH750 5 Watt UHF CB Handheld Radio Waterproof $109 Delivered or C&C with Auto Club Membership (Was $206) @ Repco


After some playing around this does seem to work for ALL Auto club memberships. Insert your membership number in the box at checkout. If the discount isn't stacking properly, try clearing browser cache, using incognito mode, a different browser or a different device. Also, of you live in a regional area be sure to change "your store" to a metro store and choose the free delivery option to get the lowest price.

Price is $151 for non auto club members or $166 in regional areas. Still good prices.

Thought this was a good price for a powerful hand held UHF. All the features are in the link.

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  • If you add an Auto Club membership barcode this seems to come to $109 as it applies 20% off before the $55 off :)

    • I added my RACQ membership but it's still $151…

      • Weird, this is what I see without being logged in but with an RACQ card entered. I chose the Virginia store for reference.

        • Very weird. It says "Product is excluded from the SYCS discount" for me…

          • @wombat81: What happens if you clear and re-enter the RACQ number? That might work?

            • @doweyy: Tried a few times. Still the same.

            • @doweyy: It did work for me eventually on a different device. Thanks.

              • @wombat81: Were you ordering it delivered or C&C? I’ve been trying for C&C and can’t get it to work

                • @mapax: Delivery. The price is higher for c&c for me since I'm regional.

          • @wombat81: i also get this :(

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              @adamtuba: Keep trying mate. Try a different device or incognito mode. Worked for me eventually.

      • Try a pc not mobile. I had the same problem but working on pc.

    • Can anyone share their code?

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          Got it down to 121.80. Thanks jv.

  • Worked with my RAC (WA) membership. Far out, what a bargain. The kid is about to start doi g a road trip or two. 109 for a little piece of mind = 😊💐

    • Nice. Did you do anything special to the the RAC card to work?

  • Must have for planning your border crossing

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    If you are handy with computers and don't mind programming it, I'd recommend getting a Baofeng UV5-R handheld radio off ebay. They go for about $35-40 each.

    5W, lots of functionality, and pretty tough as well.

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      Pretty bad idea to recommend something illegal.
      The sub $100 Chinese radios are junk. Just because it appears to work for you doesn't mean it isn't spewing out crappy harmonics.
      This is the very reason they are illegal.

    • I bought one of the Baofengs a few years ago from www.409shop.com (direct from China), took a long time to arrive and worked for about 12 months at which time the display stopped working although was still usable, not long after that it stopped working. In my experience the Chinese knock-off radios don't last all that long, but I used it every day driving to and from work 90km each way on the New England Highway, very handy for knowing where the blue lights were. I wouldn't buy another Chinese radio, was easy to program and worked fine but didn't last very long.
      Just bought the Uniden, got it for $109.80 with free delivery using my NRMA membership number, could only get the discount to work using an Ingognito window in Chrome. Tried to buy another one for my son but back to $151 even after changing store, clearing cookies, switching to Firefox etc.
      It'll be interesting to see if my 12V adaptor for the old radio and a few accessories I bought work with the Uniden, hoping that they fit.

      • Even in incognito i can't get anything but $151 with my RACQ card.

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          I just managed to buy a second one delivered $109.80 after I left it for a while and tried again. It's a bit of a random hit or miss thing with the 20% NRMA discount, maybe try again later, clear cookies, go incognito, change stores. I did all those things and the 20% off eventually worked again.

          • @hoverboardrider: Cheers mate. I'll try again later.

            Edit: got it to work eventually on a different device. Thanks.

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    Just my 5c
    Pretty reasonable price, not over priced, not an absolute bargain.

    Has removable antenna, a larger / external antenna will dramatically boost performance.
    Has removable battery, can carry extras / user replace.
    Backlit keys, nice to have.

    USB charging would have been nice, power banks are everywhere these days and USB charging is cheap and easy to implement.
    Battery is not standard type, 18650 lithium cells would have been great, using a bespoke pack is not consumer friendly (this applies to anything with a low cell count).
    Battery life is a bit meh, if it could deliver it's rated run time at 5W than I'd be happier, they are obviously quoting best case scenario for marketing reasons.

    At under closer to $120 i'd call this a bargain, but at ~$150 it just seems like just a reasonable price.
    With some or all of the above cons addressed it would be a great unit.

    • Looks like some people are getting it for $109. It's hard to argue that price isn't a bargain.

    • I've looked at all of Uniden's and GME's 5w hand held range and none of them have USB charging. That only seems to be available on lower power radios, so not really a fair criticism IMO.

        • 12v chargers are the norm. I'm talking USB charging, which is something old mate mentioned was missing.

      • Agreed it's not common.
        Not really a criticism, just think of it as more of a wish list.
        Most high power portables would fairly typically run from a pair of 18650 cells or prismatic cells either internally or in a proprietary battery case.
        A USB input + boost reg would charge something like that nicely.
        It's sad that no one (as far as i know) does this, it's a missed opportunity for additional functionality.
        Getting fancy, USB PD triggering 9v would be perfect, but that implementation would cost more.

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    What's the warranty like, it case you breaker, breaker?

  • I've been interested in getting a 5W CB radio lately and this is certainly a good price for a bare UH750 but I think I'll wait and pay a little more for a kit that comes with the car 12 power adapter and remote mic/speaker.

    • I'm thinking the same but if i can get the $109 deal to work, that's hard to ignore.

  • Just noticed under the product in my cart “ Product is excluded from the SYCS discount”.
    Anyone else see this?

  • racv says it works but the price is the same.

    how do you use th 10-4 code?

    • 10-4 isn't a code. It's a joke.

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        Well I fell for that one…dry ozbargin humour…

  • how many digits is an racv code?

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      My RACQ number is 16 digits if that helps.

  • If you select NRMA and then type in your RACQ number it it brings the price down to $109.80.

  • Present for my wife sorted. As mentioned above the discount unexpectedly worked after leaving the item in the cart and returning after a few minutes.

    • Is your wife a truck driver?

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        Nah, we use them for 4wding and hunting, not that either of those things can happen at the moment.