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50% off Mirabella Genio Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs - White $10, Colour $15 @ Woolworths


Mirabella Genio Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs are 50% off at Woolworths. $10 for white bulbs, $15 for colour.

Bayonet Cap
* Colour Changing + Warm White B22 - $15
* Warm White B22 - $10
* Cool White B22 - $10

Screw Cap
* Colour Changing + Warm White E27 - $15
* Warm White E27 - $10
* Cool White E27 - $10

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  • -2

    These are on sale on many occasions for only $5. Having said that, I've never use any so can't tell about the quality.

    • excellent quality.

    • +7

      I haven't seen that post for $5. Do you have any link?

    • +2

      Where can you get them for $5?!

      • +3

        Coles clearance like 3 months ago

      • +1

        Some local Coles had them on clearance for 99c even

        • What?! I have to keep an eye out then. Wondering if it's worth getting these haha

    • +5

      I have the color change one. When it is white it is bright as it suppose to be (800 lumens)
      When it is any other color it is very weak.
      Then I understood why they say in the label "color changing + white"
      I wouldn't buy it again, but that is my opinion.

      • Thanks, want an RGB bulb but not one thats weak

        Heard yeelight v2 is pretty good for its price.

        • Yes Yeelight is pretty good but they aren't quite as good as Philips or Lifx. They are more expensive of course but colour is better and Lifx is brighter. Still, I'm using all Yeelight in ky house as it's half to a third of the other two in price.

    • I bought 3 a while back and 2 ended up faulty (died after 5 minutes of use).
      The replacements have been going strong for over a year though

  • I got the last one sunnybank brisbane. Colour Changing + Warm White E27 I was surprised by the quality.

    • so is it good?

      • +1

        Yes it's great. I'm using as my bedroom light and it's plenty bright for a medium/large room. I have it connected to my Google home and you can adjust brightness, colour and on off. 'Hey Google light colour blue' for example.

        • How bright is your bulb in another color, say red or blue? I have 2 smart light bulbs bought from Aldi (Cocoon brand, got 2 for $20) and it's nice and bright on normal white/yellow light, but if I choose a color like green, it's quiet dark, barely illuminating the room.

    • Picked up one of the $10 ones on a whim last night to test, sounds like I should have grabbed more… (haven't got around to testing yet)

      • Next time the sale is on I'll be getting a few. The store guy said some people bought like 10 each first thing in the morning on Wednesday.

  • Whats the difference between these and the ridiculously expensive Phillips?

    • Philips work with homekit

      • Is HomeKit any better than google home etc

        • +1

          Homekit allows use of sensors to trigger automations, which Google Home doesn’t seem to yet.

      • do these work with home kit?

    • Philips is Zigbee, supports homekit, much more stable and best colors.

  • Does anyone know if the colour changing can do both warm and cool white?

    • Yes

      • Yes, just tested that.

        • Awesome. Thank you! Will grab one later this week

          • @Cloudie: Be wary of that advice. I just bought 3 and they can't do cool white, only colours and warm white. You need to flash the firmware for cool white and I'm not sure if we can even do that with these Woolies ones (Kmart ones you can, different firmware)

      • +1

        Interested to know how, my mirrabella colour globes only do warm white. Need to get adjustable white light globes to adjust warmth of white light.

        • +3

          If you flash the firmware on these globes you realize the LEDs can do both cool and warm white, the setting is just locked in the software.

          • +14

            @tyme: Never thought I'd see the day where people are flashing the firmware of a light bulb

            • @Agret: They sure got plenty of time of Thier hand

  • Just purchased the colour chaning B22 from Baldivis WA. Heaps in stock.

    • +1

      sweet, ill be there this arvo!

  • +1

    Was about to post this deal :-)

    Bought a RGB ES today to try in lieu of a Hue bulb.
    Can confirm it works fine with the tuya range of apps, Brilliant in my case.

    And for anyone interested I was able to get the $12 Ikea motion sensor to work with my Hue globe.

    • Brilliant is the only Tuya based app that still works with IFTTT since Smart Life pulled support although in the last few days I saw it back as an option on IFTTT but I’m not sure if it still connects.

      • That's why I switched over to Brilliant. Some of the english translations in the app are better too.

      • I installed Brilliant and connected the globe but I can't get it to work in IFTTT. Won't let me select the globe, gets stuck "loading…".

    • Is that 'Brilliant Smart' by Brilliant Lighting Pty Ltd or 'Brilliant - Smart Home Control' by Brilliant Home?

      • +2

        Brilliant Smart

  • Can you use an app to turn off this light bulb? New to smart lights :)

    • +1

      Yes and scheduling, also you can use google home kit to turn on and off functions including colour changes.

    • +3

      They even have an app for apple watch :)

  • +1

    Can anyone advise how these work when you put a smart dimmable bulb in a socket that already has a manual dimmer switch on the wall?

    • +4

      Just leave the dimmer on the wall at 100 per cent.

    • +1

      Ideally remove the dimmer. If anyone starts playing with it, it may damage the smart bulb as it will be effectively turning on and off the power 25? times per second.

  • Any deals on lamps

  • +1

    I have one of these rgb (b22) bulbs and a yeelight bulb (e27) in the same room (ceiling and lamp) respectively. I have to say the brightness and colour on the yeelight are much better. Not saying this isnt good for the price but I personally wouldnt buy one again

    • Exactly the same experience here.

  • damn they don't carry the 15w! The Woolies pricing structure on these are next level though…9w Whites at Kmart are $13 & RGBW are $25

  • I have bought a few of these and have never been able to set them up.

    • +4

      it works only on 2.4Ghz Wifi. Use Smart Life app instead of Mirabella's app.

      • +1

        I switched to Brilliant's app instead. They've maintained IFTTT integration.

        • I've tried Brilliant app but switched to Smart Life. I bought a PIR sensor from ebay about a year ago. For reasons unknown, the PIR sensor won't work with the Brilliant app but works fine with Smart Life.

          • @trex: Totally new to this, but want to explore… What are you automating with ifttt and these smartlife apps ?

            • @Newbie aussie: I assume,

              PIR sensor -> (maybe some other hub device here? sounds very redundant, though) IFTTT -> some app that the light is wirelessly connected to and controlled by

              • @Trhrd: hub device? don't get what you mean, no hub needed.

            • +2

              @Newbie aussie: Yes. Smart devices needs to be TUYA compatible. Other than the PIR sensor, I also have door sensors that operates Genio smart globes.

              Once PIR sensor is triggered or door sensor is open during night time, smart globe turns on.

      • Do you have to install the apps to make it work? Or you can just connect it to google home?

        Very new to this and I'm not tech savvy.

        • +1

          Install the app on your smart phone and create an account. This allows you to control the smart devices on your phone. You can then link your google home to your smart life/brilliant account to voice control the devices.

  • Good stuff, bought a coloured one, Have a few Lifx, Yeelighs so will good to compare and also how well it works with GoogleHome.

    • Hows the lumens in colour mode compared to the yeelight?

      Also is it v1 or v2 of yeelight?

      • Not sure yet. Bought the Bayonet type and now looking for a fitting to test on. Grr. A lot of spare sockets I have are screw type! Ironic as when I got my first Yeelight it was screw type and struggled to find a fitting for it!

  • +1

    I have half my house on these linked to google nest. All controlled via voice or google home. I even had the power point to turn on my coffee machine ect. I have the cool white and rainbow ones. I’ve never had any issues!

    • Same here

      I wake up in the morning and walk nto the kitchen and tell google to turn on the kettle while I get dressed for work :)

      • +1

        you could create a routine on your google if you wanted!

        I have one on mine where i say 'wake me up' and it turns on my light slowly, tells me the weather, turns off any white noise it was playing, and turns on my coffee machine too :)

  • +1

    Anyone know if these can be programmed to gradually increase in brightness? Id like a cheap alternative to a sunrise alarm.

    • I tried making an automation using the app. From memory it was like:
      Brightness 1
      Brightness 2
      etc. up to 255

      Pain in the ass, and each increase in brightness was a step rather than gradual transition unlike sunrise alarms

      • Urgh that sounds a little painful. Thanks for the reply though.

        • With Smart Life and probably Brilliant app, you can set rule for globe to turn on on Sundown at 20% brightness or turn off on Sunrise. It is no pain at all. You can also add scheduled time where at 12am, brightness drops to 5%. Possibility is endless.

          Ever since using these smart globes and smart plugs, my electricity bill is at least $50 lower than corresponding period last year.

          • +1

            @trex: Is that because you changed from incandescent globes? I find it hard to believe that there is a $50 saving just by adding a bit of timing to LED lighting.

            • @Astronaut Joe: I know, I was very surprised too. Savings in $ is in spite of rate increases by provider and COVID. Never had incandescent globes before this, only CFL or LED ones. Most of the globes I replaced with smart ones were already LED. No other changes to my electrical items that I can think of.

              • @trex: Savings is not just timing to LED lighting, I also bought smart plugs to switch off appliances instead of having them on stand by.

  • Do they provide rain checks if not in stock?

  • Does anyone know what's the voltage range that this buble support? I need some to support 110v. Thx

  • I returned 10 of these light bulbs to Kmart, they would turn on by themselves in the middle of the night. I replaced them with the Lifx lights from Bunnings which have been great https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/546373 but the deal is now expired

    • +1

      I've returned mine and switched to LIFX as well. Much more expensive for sure but my experience with the Mirabella hasn't been good.

      -can't change white colour temperatures for the colour changing ones (warm white only)
      -no fade-in/fade-out function, eg. LIFX can change brightness/colour/turn on/off slowly over any amount of duration you set
      -even the specification says 800 lumens, I find it not quite bright enough, especially in colour mode

      But if these are not a problem for you, $15 for the colour changing one is a great value.

    • I've heard about this issue before, of the Genio lights coming on unexpectedly. That'd freak out the family.

  • It's a shame RGB can't do cool white as well

    EDIT: Nevermind it actually does both

  • +3

    For the more tech savvy out there, you can flash/overwrite the current firmware (Tuya) which is China-based

    Have only tried it on the E14 version but it should work with these as well

    • +1

      They work quite well with ESPhome too.

    • What would be the benefit of doing something like this I'm quite new to all of this and I'm interested in learning

      • +3

        Prevent China from flicking your lights on/off?

    • edit never mind. If anyone gets stuck, do this for the new globe/firmware: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/mirabella-genio-smart-...

      @CheapyTheCheapskate Did you do anything special to get them to work properly after flashing tuya convert?

      Mine seemed to get stuck flashing OTA although I later found that the firmware had not been altered. I couldn't get it back into pairing mode so I opened it up and used the serial connection.

      I was finally able to flash the Tasmota bin and set it up, everything seems to be working properly. But I can't change to coloured mode, and the controls in the web ui don't really work. It just kinda turns the white light on and off randomly as I move the sliders.

      I suspect something was broken before I opened it up rather than any issue with tuya convert, but I just wanted to check if I'm missing something…

  • are they the same as the one Kmart is selling, although the packaging look different?

    • Yes. Exactly the same minus the packaging.

      • +4

        Not actually.
        If you check the product number they're different, which is important to keep under consideration as they use different pins and different firmware revisions.
        For example Kmart sells 1002338 and the supermarkets are selling I002608.
        Both are called "Mirabella Genio 9W 800lm RGBW Bulb" but the ones in the supermarket use the SM2135 chip which is not officially supported by custom firmwares which means while the bulbs you get from Kmart will work flawlessly with all their colours, it can be a real headache tracking down the unofficial driver to get the supermarket version working with its full spectrum.
        I had to troubleshoot to get warm-white working with my bulb for this very reason.

        You want to get the bulbs from Kmart if you can just incase you ever want to flash the bulbs in the future.

        • +1

          That’s interesting. A user also mentioned the difference here. Anyway to the average user to who doesn’t flash the chip, there’s no difference between the 2 variations.

  • +2

    I am used to use lifx and phillips hue. Bought 6 today but returning it. Lot of lag. No home apple HomeKit support. I know Its only $15 but its only good for beginners to play with it and move to more stable lights like Phillips and Lifx, they are not cheap but good for long term use and more stable functionality. I think if any one thinking to convert whole home with smart lighting system the better go with phillips or lifx which is future proof functionality and updates.

    • +1

      What's your experience of Hue vs LifX, especially in terms of reliability and lag? I've got a Nest Wifi mesh that should address congestion, and a bunch of Flic buttons for my LifX, for 6 downlights that I am installing in my home shortly. On the other hand, Hue seems to have pretty much guaranteed function with switches and sensors.

      • It's bevause LifX use WIfi instead of Zigbee to communicate. Zigbee is much better with IOT devices because it only really transmits and recieves as much information as it needs to.

        Wifi bulbs have to have an IP address and a path to route to them on the network, they also need to actually be awake to receive any commands sent to them.

      • I currently have hue, genio, and arlec grid lights and smart things sensors. Hue expensive and mostly just works. I love hue sensors and switches, almost no lag in response and dimmer switch allows full programmable control. I never use hue app, only switches/sensors and scenes. I use smart life, smartthings and ifttt for the other stuff. Smart life app turning on bulb is again almost no lag but smart things sensor to ifttt to smartlife is about 4 second lag. From reviews i've read so far both genio sensors and arlec sensors have similar lag. Sensor lag turning on lights in large room where you're going to spend a long time in is not a problem but if used in something small like a laundry room I'm already in and out before the light comes on.

        If hue sold downlights that were even close to same price and features as arlec/genio I would have stuck with hue. Aftermarket zigbee downlights were also more expensive and hard to find.

      • I am going to explain a bit more in this matter

        If you want really stable connection then phillips is relatively good. Lifx is good as well once you connect one bulb it will automatically create a mash network with other lifx bulb. Yes Hue is more stable then lifx also they have on of / dimmer switch etc which works flawless but you can also use phillips
        on of / dimmer switch with lifx if you have apple home hub setup (if you have ipad/apple tv/Homepod) you can setup home hub and all your lifx and phillips will work together.

        One thing is important to mention that when it comes to light colour brightness then no one comes close to lifx its vibrant colour is mind blowing also lifx strips ,lifx e14 candle bulb, beam can produce different colour in same light and strip where phillips cant do it .Thats why I have choose Lifx. Got couple of lifx light with nigh vision, lifx beam, strips and got one phillips hub and light in my network so that I can use their switch with other lifx bulb.

        I have netgear Rax120 as router which is top of the range also netgear eax80 extender setup as mash with the RAX120 . I have more then 60 smart devices in my unit including Ikea smart light and hub switch, sonos wifi speakers, smart light other goole home amazone echo, trust me I didn’t have any problem in my unit with connection and stability with lifx. You can also buy lifx switch but that's very expensive.

        In conclusion Lifx win. If you have long term future plan with smart lighting and home and starting from scratch then I would suggest start with
        very good router +
        mash extender ( depends how large is your appartment)
        then go for lifx.

        If you don’t want to go that pathway want something simple like (on of switch etc) and don’t bother about too much vibrant colour go for Ikea Smart lighting the have much cheaper, wide and stable option available ,you would be happy (Thank me later).

  • There are no colour changing bayonet light bulbs left at Woolworths Belconnen in the ACT. There are plenty of Edison screw types left.

  • I had a mirabello, runs on tuya, I switched all my lights to one that runs on Magic Home, literally multiple times as fast response for similar price.

  • +2

    My review after having used these for over a year:
    I have three of the warm white. Two of the three stopped working after about 5 minutes, but swapped them over and they been going strong for over a year. They run all night in outdoor light fittings. I just use the smarts to schedule them to turn on and off.
    They run on 2.4ghz wifi directly. Ensure you have a good wifi signal where you plan to place them or they will be unreliable.
    The warm is very warm (about 2700k) similar to a 60w incandescent colour and brightness. I like it, but for kitchen or workspaces, definitely go with the whiter light.
    There is no flicker even at low brightness settings.
    Excellent value bulbs

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