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Custom Printed T-Shirts $15.00 Delivered @ T-Shirt Mall


Custom Printed Tees for only $15.00 Delivered Australia Wide.
Upload your own or choose from our library of over 500 designs.
We will do high quality printing on our Brother DTG Printer which is the best in the market for direct to garment printing.
Printing will be done on Sportage Surf Tee, this tee has been tried, tested and used by a number of Printers.
Surf Tee is190 gm 100% Combed Cotton and is an extremely soft version of cotton made by specially treating the cotton fibres before they are spun into yarn.
It produces a great digital print so your design will stand out.

Terms & Conditions of Offer
Offer ends Sunday, 19th July 2020.
Artwork has to be in vector format or minimum of 300dpi for best results, if unsure, please email the sales team.
Printing on Black Or White Tees only.
We reserve the right to cancel orders for incorrect artwork.
Orders will be processed and shipped within 7 business days by Australia Post Eparcel.
Offer valid for 1 Print on front of the Tee, additional back print will cost $8.97 INC GST
Refer to Bulk Discounts tab for orders above 6 units.
Please refer size guide for choosing your size, incorrect selection will not be liable for refund or exchange.

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  • -1

    Looks like the normal price.

  • ETA from order to delivery?

    I’m interested but need a reasonably quick turnaround. Couldn’t see anything on the website that indicated timeframes.

    • Orders will be processed and shipped within 7 business days by Australia Post Eparcel.

      So just add an extra week for Aussie post.

    • HI There,
      We have said 7 business days to ship the item but will be shipped in 3-4 business days.


    Is this a credit card harvesting website?

    • Dont understand what that means but no, legit Aussie business based in Moorabbin, Melbourne. Address on the footer of the website, welcome to walk into store with appointment.

      • +1

        Get PayPal as payment, easy and secure

    • +1

      Paypal Enabled

    otherwise i was buying 2 t-shirts, oh well….

    • Hi There,
      Payment is through Stripe https://stripe.com/au and fully secured. We dont store any credit card details. Choice is yours.

    • +1

      Thank you,

      You added Paypal, so I bought the 2 shirts I said I was going to buy.

      Well done

  • -1

    Got this offer on their site:

    Be Happy ☺ Get Extra 5% OFF ☺ Coupon Code : HAPPY5

    • There's nowhere to put this coupon… hm.

  • Hope you manage to sell a few. That printer looks like it costs $25k 🙃

    • -1

      Will have 100's of credit card details, who cares about $25k…..

      • +3

        Are you as insecure with life as you are with anything other than PayPal? Give it a rest lol

    • +3

      Thanks for your comment, sure does. We have invested 50K on the entire infrastructure and are looking into building our DTG business.

  • +1

    Nice. I need a t-shirt printer in the next few months, I'll definitely keep you in mind. Be great if you could also use a paypal option.

    • +1

      Thanks, will try to enable paypal, last when we tried there were issues and that is why we disabled It.

  • All these negative credit card comments….just scroll on. So there's no paypal. I'll just use my reloadable Aus post mastercard. No worries.

    All the best to this small business for having a crack!.

    • Thank you so much for your support. Trying to enable Paypal.

  • +7

    PayPal Enabled Now, thanks for pushing us!

    • Thanks for that. Also, I just noticed that your site emails the password in plain text upon registration. Can you modify your site so it doesn't do that? It's a major no-no when it comes to security. There's no reason for it when people can use the "Forgot your password" link if they've forgotten their password.

  • +3

    Do you do custom printed facemasks?

    I didnt see it on the website .. but hey doesnt hurt to ask given the current situation and times :D

  • Thanks mate. I'll give one a try.

  • I see mention of embroidery on the site? Will this Be an option?

  • How does Sportage quality compare to Gildan shirts? I'm after a high number of prints, I normally get Gildan but the company has jacked up their prices so I'm after a new printer, and a local one the better!

    • Sportage is good for DTG as it is softer cotton more like the Gildan Softstyle Tees. We can do Gildan as well for you, please request a quote and we will do our best.

      • +3

        What is the maximum print size on the shirt itself? Using the shirt builder it indicates a very small area, roughly 12cm x 17cm according to the dimensions, will be printed whereas the rectangle of the print area on the shirt gives the impression a much larger proportion of the shirt will be filled.

        Can you please clarify?


        • +1

          The print size was tiny, your dimensions are about right. The preview of my artwork was a good size, but what I was sent was almost less than half of that size. Bit disappointed!

  • I ordered mine. Good price and free shipping. I wished you will have more colours to choose and other style like tank or hoodies as well with similar offer like the current one. I could not find you on FB search or neither on wedsite. Thanks

    • +1

      Thanks for the order, we are taking baby steps, launched the site with 2 colours (Black & White) DTG print. Next week we will add other colours and extend the printing on other products as well. Facebook page will be up tomorrow. Dint expect such an overwhelming response on Oz Bargain :-)

  • Can you specify print image size limits?

    • +2

      A4 for front and back.In about two weeks, we will add other positions including A3 size.

      • Decent, thanks 👍🏽

      • That's great if you can do A3, will make you stand out in the market place. I'll get some of these though to try you out today.

  • Facebook page is now published;Thank you all for the orders! Dint expect such a phenomenal response.

  • +2

    I bought 3 and it was $45.01 What! Ripped off by 1 cent! Lol, gotta love computer rounding. Hey OP seriously though, I need more shirts, but I did 3 to test you out. So make sure once you have shipped them all out and given us a couple weeks to wear and wash a few times, you offer another deal on here for a similar price where those of us who ordered can give real OzB community feedback. With feedback you may get another big push from us! I need about 10 more Ts for work myself.

    • +1

      Yeh same here, ordered a couple "test shirts" as I have been stooged in the past with various companies. If they hold the print and size after a few washers, I'll be back if any future deals pop up. But even at the full price of $20 isn't too bad if it's fast turn around and free postage. Bit concerned as I placed my order quite fast and now it says "awaiting stock" on my order. Was really hoping to have them by end of this week.

      • mine still says Awaiting stock. i've just emailed them to see whats up..i am in the same boat as the 2 of you. first test order to see time-frame, sizing and quality. I've had some awful DTG prints from reputable companies in the past.

        • So far it's not looking too good, I haven't even had a response to my email. "Orders will be processed and shipped within 7 business days" hrmmm willllllllll they though? You'd think placing an ad on a bargain site like this that you would have the stock ready to go. Bit suss now!

          Yeh I've had some DTG shockers in the past!

  • Has anyone received their shirt or had notification of it being posted?

    • Mine is still under "awaiting stock"… Still

      • Did they reply to your email?

        • Nope I emailed them via OzB a few days ago and then to their website today. If it weren't for the lockdown, I'd have travelled to 4/35 Levanswell Road, Moorabbin already

          • @ExtraSalt: I had a job in Rye today and was planning to go on my way back but was delayed by police checks on fwy. Note to self, avoid fwy next Rye job.

            • +1

              @torface: Yeah not looking good mate. The least they could do is check in with the very critical community with a note saying they are overwhelmed with response and stock is delayed by XX days or something, but to leave us hanging after said promises really just puts a virtual strike 1 to the business.

              • +2

                @ExtraSalt: @torface
                Appreciate your concerns, but we did mention turn around of 7 business days. Will ensure that most if not all oredrs are shipped on Monday.
                Yes any of you are welcome to visit, 4/35 Levanswell Road, Moorabbin to see the machine and printing in action. I do have a few photos and videos but not posting due to privacy concerns of some of the images as customers may not be happy about their order being posted online.

                • +1

                  @workwearfella: I don't think the issue is the wait time, the issue was that many people purchased with the understanding it was a start up promo and with a short turnaround time that you'd have stock on hand but to be sitting here days in and it not seeing any progress, update or acknowledgment it's totally understandable for buyers to be uneasy.

                  Like I mentioned, I don't think anybody would have you at the throat if you simply checked in and said "sorry we didn't expect such a positive response and have under-stocked prior to launch" or something on those lines and that would ideally buy you another 5-7 days. Like this by no means greys you out as a seller in my books but it does look bad to go MIA like that. Take it as constructive criticism.

                  • +1

                    @ExtraSalt: Absolutely in agreement and I take this as feedback for future posts. With regards to stock, we did have most of the items except a few larger sizes, 2XL and above which had to come from the supplier.
                    I have now updated the portal with stock received and production complete for all those orders that are done. We can also update the shipping details with a tracking code but nothing will show up till it does not picked up by Australia Post on Monday.

                • @workwearfella: Fair enough, just some updates or replies would be good. We understand the "up to 7 day" turnaround time but the lack of response was a bit concerning. How are the orders looking? We understand you can't post them but how would you rate them?

                  • +1

                    @torface: Most of them have printed very well, I would rate 8 on 10 as it comes down to the quality of artwork that has been uploaded. We made a few mistakes too but have learnt in that process. Overall very happy with the outcome, wanted to have a go at the DTG business plus (DecoNetwork) after having success in embroidery and vinyl printing on our other shopify stores.

                    • +1

                      @workwearfella: Just some advice from myself, if you have any issues with the image print quality, contact the customer before shipping to give them a chance to chose what they want to do if it comes down to a case of a bad print. Saves headaches for everyone. I've had a few issues with DTG printing. Only once was due to image quality. It's a pain when the program you use to upload says the image is fine yet the print comes out blurry or low quality. Maybe let the customer know early if possible.

                      Hope my shirt turned out great 🙃

                      • @torface: mine finally arrived not 5mins ago. Print looks sharp but nothing like what i was expecting. The online visual that i approved had the print at least 40-50% larger than the end product. Also my print is partially cut off unexpectedly on the RHS of both prints where my supplied art was not.

                        Has anybody had the same issue?

                        • @ExtraSalt: They are quick to respond and really helpful to resolve. Might be another learning curve with the software.

                          • @ExtraSalt: Received my 2 shirts today, wow the print is so small. It's just a tiny image in the middle, nothing like what the website showed me when I uploaded image. I might send them an email, did they fix it for you? I'm so over all these DTG places muffing shirts. We have to suffer and be guinea pigs for their lack of skill.

                            • @torface: Their response seems to be ready and willing but i wonder how this lockdown will affect their business.

                              I've sent art via the same online portal before and never had an issue so idk what the issue was exactly. Tee quality seems nice and heavy, good for winter but probably a bit thick for summer. Feels like the MyCustomTees $10 Tees (+delivery) promo. I think these guys are at the right price point but they need to fix a few things behind the scenes.

                              All in all, they are replacing my prints and i'll see how they turn out. I'll try and stay positive but they need to realise there is a tonne of competition in the DTG world.

                              • @ExtraSalt: That's good to hear, hopefully your replacement prints are better. Yeh I like the quality of the shirt, but the small print is a downer. Just makes the shirt look weird. I took a photo and put it side by side with the version I was sent online and the difference is massive. Hopefully the print lasts after a few washes but I doubt I'll even use mine. It grinds my gears just looking at it haha.

      • Hi There,
        We are new to the deconetwork platform and still learning the platform regarding updates. Will update at some point today on what stock has been received and what has been printed. Please be assured that they are all under process and most orders will ship on Monday.

  • not yet

  • +2

    Hi Guys,
    We have printed most of the orders on Thursday and Friday will be shipping on Monday.

  • +1

    Got the t-shirt. very nice print, nicely packed with a ribbon no less, and the shirt is a heavy quality cotton not nasty at all

    Awaiting your next sale for more purchases!


    • +1

      Thanks for the review and I am glad you have liked the tee.

  • Still bloody waiting…………………………

    • All orders have been shipped and we have notified customers. Can you give me your order number please?

  • 145921

    • Just emailed you tracking details.

  • finally arrived, good quality

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